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Yomatsu Mines Question

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Seeing a request for a fire beetle on my shard boards I thought I would go look at the mines to see how they were laid out.I have a mage stealther so I thought I would take her out there. I found out that you can't mark a rune when in the mines which makes going there to tame a fire beetle more hazardous. Is there only the one level of the mine? I saw a platform in the lower right side but couldn't get it to operate. Then I saw a daemon statue but couldn't get that to do anything. Am I missing something or is there only the one level and the back upper part of the mine is where the beetles are?
  2. I only know of one level.

    the beetles spawn in the deepest part. It can be a little hazardous to tame them, but I find it to be pretty easy on a peace/tamer.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, there is only one level to Yamotsu Mines and, yes, the fire beetle spawns only at the very end of the Mines. There is no recall or marking inside the Mines.

    I tend to take a mage/tamer down there and simply run past the spawn - invis to break aggro as necessary. Since there is seldom anyone up that end, it's not usually a problem to move the surrounding spawn a little south which has the effect of clearing a taming area so it's just me one on one with the fire beetle. I cast one e.v. to subjugate the beetle and immediately pre-cast mass dispel so my e.v. doesn't inadvertently kill it. I dispel my e.v. on receiving the "subjugation" message and lead tame as usual.

    If I am particularly unlucky and I fail often enough to need to subjugate the beetle again, I simply ping it with magic arrow spells to subjugation point again, and recommence lead taming. Mount up and ride it out of the Mines, running past all spawn again and invising where needed to break aggro.

    It's really no biggie if you do accidentally kill the fire beetle while perfecting your e.v./subjugation technique since there is there is no significant delay in respawn, and it only ever spawns in that immediate area.

    If you're on Europa, I'll gladly show you.

    Good luck & good hunting!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thank both Sarphus and Lady Nico for this added information. When I found the beetle today on Cats there was both a priest and a warrior in the room. I thought that would make it more challenging. Maybe I caught it at a wrong time. I marked a rune outside in a secluded area for the revisit.