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You know what I will miss...

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Shari, May 17, 2008.

  1. Shari

    Shari Guest

    snow... at christmas I LOVED just sitting in city view and watching the snowflakes. when the 90 days was announced I thought I was over the game even though I was sad, but going thru my screenshots I came across one I'd taken of snow in city view and realized I will not be able to see that this year... maybe we can get a day or week of christmas in July... I would love that...

    so we all know that people, and friends are things people will miss most. but what in game OTHER than people will you miss most? pizza? snow? flamingos? as much fun as other games are there are some things about TSO that you don't really get anywhere else even offline sims (like snow...)

    The pic is in the album in my profile and I added it to the EALand memories group also.
  2. Milton

    Milton Guest

    There was nothing as thrilling as a round of Leaderless Bubble pizza with an experienced group. It's like a precision machine working at full capacity. And the money was good too (I'm talking TSO, not EAL).
  3. Actually Milton, I think we did that in TC3 before the payouts were cut, too. It was so much fun, plus we had a "bubble n00b" in the group and still did great! :D

    I think I'll miss my home, Positively Fourth Street, in Jolly Pines the very most. It's where I spent hours upon hours teaching newbies the ropes and working my way up from barely being able to afford a bamboo chair to buying a bull just for the hell of it. And that was before stores came along...all bought at catalog full price!

    I need to get some good screenies of it soon. :(
  4. Cherri Bear

    Cherri Bear Guest

    I will miss seeing the pets with monkey heads on April 1st. :D

    And burping back at the carnivorous vines, and getting shot by the
    bad bear's cannon at Funny Money Farm.

    yeah yeah, I know...simple minds..simple pleasures :p
  5. Aster

    Aster Guest

    I loved talking to people with city view up, watching it snow ... at sim night.

    I also loved the moment when sim night came through, and all the lights suddenly glowed.

    I liked very much trying to break things, then replicating it, then sending in bug reports. I liked it so much, I wondered how to get a real life job doing it.

    I liked "flying" over the map, looking for online houses and then dropping in like a sim superwoman.

    I liked how every single game change or design proposal was fought over on the boards, and how passionate people were about not just the game as it stood, but the game's direction and meaning.

    I loved to maze before it was taken over by bots. I especially liked finding the cadre of nuts in-game who were just as obsessed with it as I was.

    I very much wish I had a zillion dollars in-game right now, because I would like to build a funny farm built around the bugs and quirks the game revealed and introduce them to people who might have missed them during the game's heyday.

    But the lighting thing coming on a sim sunset and the snow at night - those are hard to beat.
  6. Dali Dalinza

    Dali Dalinza Guest

    I will miss chatting over a cup of coffee in a virtual kitchen with friends who are half a world away.

    There are so many people who impacted my life. We have shared births, sicknessess, and loss. We have commiserated over family woes and celebrated happy events. I have watched young players grow into maturity. I have learned from this community, and had times when I drew strength from you.

    Yeah, I'm gonna miss the sim world, alot.
  7. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    I will miss snow* in city view, too. :(
    As well as the environment sounds of a wolf howl, thunderstorms, babbling brook.
    I will miss the beach music from the jukebox, and whistling while I water the plants.
    I will miss the plants....they just are much more limited in the offline, especially Sim2
    I will miss the newbies, the roleplayers, and the many nice people in the game....I will not be sorry if I never have to listen to another line of chat on boyfriend troubles. rolleyes:

    *In my opinion, Sims2 is worth getting just for the weather (great snow) in the Seasons expansion pack.
  8. Ziara

    Ziara Guest

    One of the things, I will miss, is Chalkboards. They have been a part of my simmy life for a long time. Oh the Faerie costume in the Old World Trunk hehe. I'll miss my roomies, and our guests - the people who made me laugh,and brightened my day every day.
    I'll miss my Mystic Tree, Serenade, Revitalize, and Jitterbug,and Slow Dancing amongst many interactions, playing a game of chess using the game pieces with a friend. And playing the piano, I will miss skilling Creativity, my white piano & teddy bears that were given to me by my Mime.

    This is a little something, for everyone who will miss the snow. It was taken a couple of years ago over Blazing Falls. It's been cropped as a Signature Size, for size purposes. :)

  9. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I will really miss my park. I hang out there alot its so tranquil, especially after a long day of simming! I'll be building a new one in Kaneva. :)

    More then my park I'll miss my Turk. She was the first one born in IH and she is the dearest sweetest cat ever. Even on my res lots she always wants to rub legs. I have several cats on the res lots and shes the only one who does it. :(

    I will miss building, one of my sim passions. I really hope I can learn to build in other games so I continue to enjoy it as much.

    Interactions are big for me. Most games have nothing like what we do. I'll miss dipkisses and dancing, flying hugs and extreme tickle! I love the personal actions too...lately I do them for no reason other then for my own personal amusement.

    So many items in the game that I love, I often think how lame other worlds are for their lack of interaction with the world. But items that are special to me, (in no particular order) bubble blowers, cannons, pizza, sprinklers, lovetubs, campfires, mystic trees, my simmy, pinatas, my gnomes, kicking flamingos! OMG how I will miss taking my agression out on flamingos, sigh.

    I will miss picking random houses to visit, where I've met some of the most interesting people over the years.

    I will miss interacting with my friends in game, like hide and seek with gensi, dipkissing everyone else, and most of all the long conversations with so many special people who have come into my life.

    I will miss so many things...and I treasure every moment.
  10. I hope you don't think I'm nuts, but I will miss greenings. LOL I have been trying all kinds of games to replace sims but none can compare. Sims is the closest to the real world. most game you just stand around and look pretty. Only on sims can you turn red and fall on your face near death. I will also miss Lady Irelyn.
    W/we spent nearly 3 years together in this game. She was a lovely women and a wonderful person. Love You dearly Mistress Irelyn. I hope You are well.

    Your boy always,
  11. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    yes me too .. yesterday i saw someone posted a pioc of snowy city view i just had to cry when i saw that ...

    And ill miss Parizad sooo bad pary and her jokes always made my day ..
  12. Rachel Red

    Rachel Red Guest

    I am going to miss my Castle with the wolves howling and playing with my lizard. Going to gracies to see what new path shes done to get to the bathroom. Dancing at Mist and Cruisers place at the Blue Lagoon. Making Robots with Friends and trying not to get blown up and skilling at homes with trivia. Dressing like clowns and pile driving each other. Most of all I will miss my friends Ive made here.
  13. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    Ill miss me not getting my cream bear suit!
  14. debslee

    debslee Guest

    This is my list:

    ** I will miss Monkey bear continually asking Pari for his cream bear suits :D
    ** Slow dancing.
    ** Doing my flower deliveries and seeing peoples reactions to getting a surprise gift.(my favorite)
    ** My Saint Bernard - Winston, given to me by a dear and special friend.
    ** Eating Mystic fruit and seeing what skill I get - which was never the one I needed LOL
    ** Snow at Christmas time.
    ** Meeting new people and just chilling with old ones.
    ** Gate crashing weddings!
    ** Man Im gonna miss everything! [​IMG]
  15. I will miss when the game was actually fun.
    I will miss when the game was a priority.
    I will miss logging in every morning in the winter, and on summer break.

    I will miss all those extra chances I had to get in touch with my friends lost when Dragon's Cove and Betaville split everyone up.

    I'll even miss skilling. It may have been boring but it was still entertaining in some magical way that only TSO can provide. The way a Sim talking to a mirror could connect people...so weird.

    As I become an adult things will inevitably change, but in my heart I'll still be the little kid playing TSO with my awesome online pals.

    Instead of logging into TSO this summer, I'll be doing other things. Instead of logging into .Calm, I'll be doing other things.

    I just wish I could've went down with the ship. I guess that's just life. I have high school to worry about...I have a future to worry about. Even if the game were still alive, it wouldn't matter. I'd have grown up with more responsibility and less time, anyways.

    I won't miss one thing, however...
    The customer service.

    It's pretty bad if you get into a fight with a customer service rep!
  16. fire_storm

    fire_storm Guest

    I will miss the blame Gracie thread.
    I will miss Guy doing all the things that he does (locking up the Garage, etc) lol
    I will miss bashing pinatas at Tuesday's.
    I will miss making a gnome army to invade AV or BV...or BF :D
    I will miss Fugly's hot kisses and his greeting..."HI SEXY FIRE" lol
    I will miss not going to Rizzo's amusement park in Gracieville.
    I will miss Cujo, my St Bernard
    Most of all, I will miss all the good times I had with the great friends I've made over the years :(
  17. Jimoh

    Jimoh Guest

    I'm going to miss stalking Polly!!! lol :blushing: Guess I'll have to select a new discription for myself, and begin the task of finding a new game to play.
  18. aceman

    aceman Guest

    I'll miss...

    All the drama that happens when I'm not around and then get dragged into stuff I know absolutely nothing about...

    People that can't differentiate sim life to real life and take things too seriously...

    People that don't realize it's just a game and that the way other people act in there does not reflect their real life personality...

    Being kicked out as a roomie through no apparent reason...

    No, wait.. I won't! :lick:
  19. Parizad

    Parizad VIP
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Audrey and I were quietly working on that. :(

    I absolutely could not wait until the day it would be patched into TC3. You would ask about the suits. Everyone would chuckle waiting for me to shut you down again. Instead I would be like "YESSSSSSSS!!!" and the universe would rejoice.

    Back to the thread.

    Margaret and I were talking about this long before we knew about the game being sunset. I will miss the music. I love the funky jungle music when you sign in, and I love that first piano song when you enter a city.

    I'm also going to miss all of you. We have a nice little community here. Although we constantly bicker, we all know each other. We know who is the town drunk, the jester, etc.

    That is the part I'm still in denial about. Seriously guys, I can't imagine life without you. :(
  20. Will you still be getting paid?


    I know that when my neighbor died I kept mowing his grass but I wasn't getting paid.


    I have a fantabuloustimistyciosis idea! Why not "mow the grass" without a "paycheck" You'll be amazed at how less stressful it is when you don't have a fancy little VIP badge ;)

    And best of all, if you stop mowing, you won't get fired! Assuming that mowing the grass=communicating with online pals like Cookie. But if you don't mow every once in a while it'll get kinda tall and harder to mow. And if it all turns into a desert well then we'll all be screwed because there won't be any grass to mow.

    See where I'm getting at?

    I will miss not mowing my grass in TSO. Assuming my grass is a pixel, in which case it would be impossible to mow in theeee first place. So then HOW CAN I FRIGGIN MISS something that I could never do in the first place? Life may be complicated but mowing the grass is even more harder. GOLLY GOSH...
  21. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    We should get married last day in august :D

    We gonna miss u so much Pary im afraid we will never get to talk again :(
  22. Polly

    Polly Guest

    I'm going to miss a whole bunch of stuff.

    I'll miss my sim, my various houses, my pets, my cannon. I'll miss dipkisses and slow dances, finding a fish at the factory when I really needed nanites.

    I'll miss bookmarks beeping and wondering who just logged on. Doorbells ringing and checking out bios to find about the cute guy that just arrived on the same lot as me. Redlights flashing when I hover in city view.

    I'm miss snow at christmas and melted snowman. I'll miss Wednesday updates, server outages and forum parties.

    I'll miss the fact that for more than 5 and a half years, TSO was always there if I chose to log in. Sometimes I'd play all night for days on end, sometimes I'd go for a week or two hardly logging in, but it was always there when I wanted to play.

    And I'll miss these forums and the community that has been here for so many years (well maybe not all of it, but most of it !).

  23. aidanm

    aidanm Guest

    I will never forget this. I remember the one day my in game sister was having billing problems. So I called for her and the guy asked for CC info and I told her to call. So she calls and the rep says "You wouldn't happen to be Dominick's brother?" The guy is nice, but EA Lucy don't even get me started!

    I'll miss getting into fight with IH's most "Friendly" girl.
    I'll miss the ability of how easy it was to make new friends.
    I'll miss those sleepless nights of pizzaing.
    I'll miss the fact that when I have a bad day I can't simply login and my troubles go into a haze.
    I'll miss that how boring game could of been we all made the best of it.

    What I'll miss the most and have been missing, is logging in at night and going to Boo's Hideaway in Blazing Falls. I still talk to Sarah but I miss our roomies and guests.
  24. dianj

    dianj Guest

    I will miss lurking at the boards, Jackiee never failed to make me spit out what ever I was drinking.

    I will miss watching cherri bear pile drive bad bear or bad bear trap cherri. Knew I should have stock piled those puppets ... ;/

    I have always missed the first 2 years of TSO.

    I will miss all of the many character's that I have played over the years. TSO was more than just a game it was a social experiment, that allowed each and every one of us to explore aspects of our personality that most of us dare not explore in our real lives.

    I will miss all of the wonderfull people that I would not have met otherwise.

    But mostly I will miss finding out what a terrific job the Dev's had done in reviving our game.
  25. Im going to keep this short and sweet

    EVERYTHING, the good and the bad....

    :wall: hopes this is all a bad dream
  26. i will miss seducing lonely bored sim-ettes ;-)
  27. I will miss many things.
    *Free greening on holidays*
    *Visitor bonus*
    *Being on the top 100 of the Meanest Sims(at least I made it on one of the list)*
    *up all night laughing so hard I cry*
    *The friends and Familys that were created in game*
    *The Buggy Bed at Logically Boards*
    *Running thru Shana's house trying to use her vibrating bed and not being able to but my sim kept running and trying*
    *Last but not least Jaming for hours for very little money but great company*

    I will miss this game so much, but I will miss seeing my little scottie all happy to see me even if its a NPC pet he was happy to see me every time I let him out.