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You really have to read this.....

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Bob the Scribe, Feb 25, 2003.

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  1. Well you didn't really have to read it, but now you are here:-

    We’ve all been waiting patiently,
    For Age of Shadows to come,
    We sat and thought for hours,
    About the changes they’d done.

    They added lots of land,
    They covered it in grass,
    There’s loads of housing spaces,
    In the land they call Malas.

    We all waited quietly,
    For them to publish the code,
    But when we tried to get on,
    The servers hit overload,

    The mass of land they gave us,
    Didn’t last very long,
    Most of us placed a large house,
    All that space had gone.

    And then we started to explore,
    The dungeon they called doom,
    Instant death to anyone,
    Who dared to enter the room.

    The magic resist you had,
    Will protect you all no more,
    You have to wear your armour,
    That’s what it is now for.

    You can have lots of bonuses,
    In the armour that you wear,
    It gives you lots of protection,
    And luck if you really care.

    But then it had to happen,
    The bugs they did arrive,
    Within a few short hours,
    Of the new code going live.

    The Dev team they started rushing,
    To get it all sorted out,
    They’d fix the bugs you asked for,
    While letting others out.

    It’s seem to be getting better,
    They fix them one by one,
    But when will the day arrive,
    When all the bugs have gone.

    My house has now been built,
    It stand so tall and stout,
    But I have a small problem,
    The doors won’t let me out.

    I have a teleporter in stalled now,
    Instead of using stairs,
    But I didn’t quite realise,
    They need to be in pairs.

    I stood up on the square pad,
    To go to the floor above,
    My god it isn’t working,
    Someone give me a shove.

    The walls they have gaps,
    That let the spells come in,
    I came in here to hide away,
    Now that’s another thing.

    I thought that I could hide here,
    I’d disappear from view,
    But I am still visible,
    No matter what I do.

    My containers are full,
    They will hold no more
    But items keep disappearing,
    When I drop them on the floor,

    My containers are secure,
    My things were safe inside,
    Buy where is my sword of power,
    It’s decided it wants to hide,

    Now what about my spell book,
    I locked it on the floor,
    But what about the spells it had,
    They’ve gone, they are no more.

    I bought myself a fire steed,
    I thought that they were neat,
    But now when I invis myself,
    All you see are its flaming feet.

    These are just a few problems,
    We’ve encountered in the game,
    With all the added features,
    Will it ever be the same.
  2. You're right...I really had to read that. *grins*

    Huzzah for the Poemster! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No wonder they changed your name though they changed it wrong. It should have been changed into:
    Bob the bard.
  4. PrettymeSi

    PrettymeSi Guest

    LMAO!! Very good /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Thanks for the laugh
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