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Your first day of TSO/EA-Land.

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by oXTheSicknessXo, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. This thread is about discussing peoples first encounters with TSO or EA-Land

    Here's my story :]

    It was someday of April 2003. I was on my hour lunch break from school and I was really hyped up that hour. I was so excited to get my hands on that green TSO box that I loved. Rotating the heads and reading the quotes behind the flip cover. My dad dropped me off at Future Shop (canadian best buy type story) and I RAN for it. I bought it, Then we went for some lunch. As we sat down at the table I was anxiously reading the manual. I obviously had no time to install it as the hour was up. I was counting down the hours left of school to go home and install this awesome game on my computer. 3:00 arrived. My dad picked me up from school and off to home I was. Took a while to install from the discs but I was pretty content reading the slides during the installation. Of course, I couldn't play it JUST yet. I had to wait for my mom to come home and let me use her credit card hehe. So i was stuck there anxiously looking at the lil TSO icon on my desktop. Yes, I had no life back then. 5 o'clock finally arrived. I quickly grabbed the card from my mom (kissed her on the cheek for appreciation of course) and inserted my personal information on the ea website. DONE!...At least.. I thought so? Oh those damn updates.. Took a while. Back then we didn't have much of high speed for our computer [​IMG] Took about another hour to install those updates. During that hour my mom wanted to go to Sears so I figured "What the hell.. Waste some time while it's updating." At the end? Well.. TSO finally finished updating. and boy did I have fun playing. I didn't know how to input my chat though.. Thank god I landed on this property. There was this woman sim on the lot. Just me and her. And shockingly! She told me how to chat. I was how "How the hell did she know I didn't know how to type into the game?" haha.

    Great times back then.. Wish I could go back and enjoy them again. But I am right now. EA-Land has replaced TSO and I am really liking the improvements [​IMG]

    So, enough of me. Lets here your story [​IMG]