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Your name sake?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Renee TSO, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    As you can tell from the time stamp, i cant sleep and im missing TSO. Most nights when i cant sleep i would log in...but... I went to a chat room hopeing that would help...blah...not the same. So i went to you tube to watch everyones good bye videos and i was noticeing most of the names of the posters. The names were (example) blah blah TSO and so on. That made me think of my name and really got me thinking of everyone elses names. So tell me how did you come up with your name? Did you change it when the name change came? I look forward to your storys!

    Man i miss TSO...right now i would either be talking to a friend that noticed that i wasnt sleeping or meeting new people. I havent met new people in weeks now! The best part was meeting people from different countrys at this time. Most of the people relocated to a different part of the world and missed america so this was their "link" home. Did i mention that i missed TSO? *sigh*
  2. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    My name was made by my sister about 10 years ago when she made my first e-mail for me, and I stuck with it, still use it too!

    I miss TSO too, I was playing The Sims yesterday and putting simmys everywhere and a help icon popped up in the right corner, I thought someone IMed me lol
  3. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    My name was my alias in high school...you know for times I didnt want to get in trouble. ;) Nicole is my middle name it was supposed to be my first name but my parents said no one could spell it so they changed it. I always wished they hadnt done that. My moms last name was King, thus Niki King was born. I've been going by Niki for so long that I sometimes use it in RL too. I much prefer it. :D
  4. Sapphy

    Sapphy Guest

    Mine is actually short for the name of my first Sim... Sapphyre... where I got that I am not entirely sure lol but it stuck and I use it at least once in every game I played. For awhile when we were DJing my phone would ring and people would ask for Sapphy lol. Even my kids knew to give me the phone. I will answer to it irl now even though there are not many left who call me that.

  5. Starrfoxx

    Starrfoxx Guest

    My name dates back to when I first started playing Everquest. My first character was a High Elf Wizard, and I wanted to call him "Starfox" since I really liked the Super Nintendo game. The name was taken, so I tried two "r's" and two "x's". It looked kind of cool spelled like that, and luckily I got the name.

    Ever since then, I have gone by "Starrfoxx".
  6. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Trish The-Dish was born in Alphaville because of the View Askew themed offbeat lot a few of us made. 5 years later, if I hear someone call "Trish" I turn around still.
  7. KChan

    KChan Guest

    I had been making sims left and right and at the time had just begun studying Japanese. So I decided to use the word Kawaii (it means cute/pretty) and threw on the "chan" suffix to make it more like a name. I landed in IH and ended up staying, so Kawaii-chan it was. When we moved to these boards I had a friend in game who had started calling me K-Chan. So my board name became KChan.

    Even though I was mostly KC because explaining how to say Kawaii just took too much effort :lick:
  8. Polly

    Polly Guest

    My first sim during beta was called Holly Golightly from the book and film Breakfast at Tiffanys.

    I soon got a second account as my other half at the time also played and there was too much bloodshed when we were sharing the one account. So Holly gained a sister Polly Golightly.

    I was terrible for recreating sims at the beginning and during one recreate (might even have been the big wipe) I dropped the surname and went with just Polly. By this stage she had pretty much become my main sim. Eventually I also recreated Holly without the surname.

  9. In Beta, for a while, during sim creation, if a sim's head was oversized (such as a bug-head, with those big antennae), instead of having the top part of the head be out of the frame in the picture of the sim it would put the whole head in and shrink the size of the sims body to fit. This gave the impression that the sim would then appear to be kid-sized in the game, even though once in the game this was not the case.

    So, I wanted to play a kid, but the only kid-sized sim I could find was a goofy bug-headed dude. And yes, despite all my roleplaying over the last six years, this was my very first roleplay sim, and I was ticked that the only kid in the game was a goofy bughead kid. Little did I know that this would be my identity beyond even TSO.

    So I suddenly imagined him like Bart Simpson, but going around saying stuff like "I'm Billy Bughead -- who the heck are you?" He was going to be mischevious, but then cry about missing his mommy and the rest of the hive whenever his bars went red. But upon seeing he wasn't kid-sized, I changed him into a mutant teenager.

    As to William B. Head, well...obviously, that's not my real name, but just expanding upon what someone named Billy Bughead would say his real name was if asked for his real name when signing up for a website :D The B is for Bud, but everybody calls me Bug lol

    Which is sad, because over the years there's probably been a whole bunch of dudes named William Head getting prank calls at three in the morning :sleep2: :mf_prop::rant2:

    My real name is Mortimer J. Fuddlestick.

    My other sims?

    Well, Apey was called Apey because he was...well...an Ape.

    Darmok was from the Star Trek episode of the same name, a fitting name for my goofy-talking lizzardman considering we already had a guy being Gorn.

    "Darmok and Piccard on a shopping lot. Arms open wide, their wallets empty."

    Sorry, Darmok -- the game's over.

    "Shaka! When the pizza burned!"

    Burned indeed, my friend.

    The rest I just made up from common names, for the most part, except for the occasional celeb impersonation (like Borat). And a few more I'm STILL not gonna tell ya about even after the game being over :D

    My final sim, in EA-land, was a play on words, as part of me felt this was the dawn of a new beggining, and part of me felt we'd be getting the 90-day "sunset" notice in a few months.

    Her name? Dawn Sunset. Here's her sim's description:

    "Has SimNation seen better days?
    Is our Sunset at hand?
    Or is it the Dawn of a new way?
    Welcome to EA-Land.
    What will be will be.
    Will it be Heaven...or Hell?
    Will I like you and will you like me?
    Only time will tell..."
  10. fajjaa

    fajjaa Guest

    My login name here was the same login I used for the game. fajjaa, is a mispelled spelling of Austin Powers' dad... "oh, your father", in the movie Goldmember. That movie came out originally about the same time the game came into my life.

    My first sims name was Dune in Alpha, yes from the movie Dune. Which is actually the name of the planet in the movie. A very early sci-fi movie, but like most movies, the hero gets the girl as well as the universe.

    My girlfriend took the initiative to come up with new names. We started out with Dune and Ninna, and she came up with the idea of Spanish names, so she came up with Felice for herself. She found out that the spanish version of Dune was Medano. So Medano became my main sim that started out on day one in Dragons Cove. I could always find sims that were original Dragons Cove sims, because they had the same age as Medano.

    If someone starts a post about all the names we had as sims, I would be curious to see how many of the 48 names I can remember.
  11. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    My name has real-life connections. Katheryne, the sim, was born in Jolly Pines on December 27th, 2002, Japan Standard Time, after a freak accident involving her previous incarnation named Katheryn. Katheryne has lived in Jolly Pines, Calvin's Creek, Alphaville, Dan's Grove, Interhogan, and Dragon's Cove, before being laid to rest in EA-Land on April 30th, 2008. Her life may have ended in EA-Land, but continues on in Second Life (how aptly named, under the circumstances) as Katheryne Helendale.

    While in Dan's Grove, Katheryne enjoyed occasional visits from her alt, named Paige Turner, who, as her name implies, tended to spend a lot of time with her nose in the books and not saying much.
  12. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    I would have never guessed on any of your names. Im glad i asked!

    As for my name, i came up with it due to the lack of creativity. I used Renee because i was afraid i wouldnt answer anyone but that was already taken. So i got up...walked around...thought awhile. Blah i couldnt wait anymore to play so i just added TSO. I was picked on for the first few months but that was ok. Many people thought i worked for TSO and i never thought of that. When the sim move/name change came about i noticed (in AV) lots of TSO's running around. That didnt last long because everyone thought we were family. I never knew any of the other TSO's.

    Lucy Diamond was my favorite sim name! lol One night after going out with friends i wanted to watch tv before i went to bed. So i strated to watch this movie and Lucy Diamond was an international thief. Every time she would rob a bank or something she would leave a trail of diamonds as her calling card. So many that i thought what was the point in robbing the place. I never laughed so hard at a movie in my life so Lucy Diamond became a sim name. Only two people ever guessed who lucy was...everyone else thought i was a beatles fan
  13. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    Oh man I forgot my very first name in TSO lol thats how long it was for me lol. But my husband used it for me as a nickname so it stuck but I can't remember for the life of me what my first name was lol
  14. Joel Robert

    Joel Robert Guest

    Many eons ago, as a freshman in high school, I had a senior acquantance named Joel. It wasn't a common name, but I liked the sound of it. I decided then that it would be my first born son's name (if agreeable to my spouse, of course.)

    Years later when I realized I'd never have a child, I took on Joel Robert as my pen name. Robert is my middle name but I like that it works as a last name, too.

    As to my sign on, "mameloot." Again - eons ago in high school a friend stuttered while saying my full name. It came out "Mike-alot Mam-aloot.) Everyone thought it was a hoot, and it became a regular nickname for me. When I entered college it was the very early days of the internet and my university assigned us webaddresses. The one they gave me was "mameloot." I thought it was wild that they happened to come up with my old high school nickname, and so have kept it as a pseudonym ever since.
  15. Gracie Nito

    Gracie Nito Guest

    In 1995, I called a local ISP to set up my first internet service. They asked me what username I would like to use. After they explained to me what a "username" was, I had total brain freeze. Gracie was the first thing that popped into my head because I had just been to my grandmother's the day before and heard stories about George Burns and Gracie Allen. Over the years, Gracie became my online personality for just about anything related to the internet. I also learned that Gracie was not a very unique user name and often had to use variations of it.

    When I created my sim in Dan's Grove during beta I had more time to think about a name. I chose Gracie Nito because I was sure it would be a unique name. From time to time, I even held contests to let people guess my hidden middle name. My sim's full name was Gracie Incog Nito.:)

    I expect Gracie Nito will always be a sim. I'll let her retire. Gracie Nito's final resting place seems to be on Facebook. All of her facebook friends were former sims.

  17. My name came about with Betaville.

    Originally I had a different Stratics account name, named after my Lily Bear in Jolly Pines. I forgot the password to that...

    So when Betaville comes about, I resigned up with the name KupKake_family. Then ThePieFamily...and finally TheCookieFamily. My friends are the ones who totally gave me the push to join Stratics. They said they needed more support, so I took the plunge into the world of Stratics.

    I named my BV families after sweet foods of course, and I gave each of my family members a corresponding name. For example, what type of cookie? It was pretty fun :)
  18. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    Hmm...Paige Turner? I used to room with a person named Paige Turner in Blazing Falls....with Ophelia Payne, Brandi, and Mario Mote. Could this be the same person?

    Anyway, my first Sim name was Alejandro Frederick...way back in my trial August of 2006. Stopped playing until around February of 2007, subscribed and created Caesar Weezer in BF (eventually he got moved to EAL)...Caesar Frederick in AV...and Caesar Clean in JP. Created Caesar Weezer in TC3 when it was opened, and met Brittany Scorpio, Toots Scorpio, and Matthew Scorpio...and eventually joined their family...changing my name to Caesar Scorpio, and keeping it that way until Sunset.

    The name Caesar came from the fact I worked at a Little Caesar's, and that was the only unique name I could think of. After that, it kinda stuck. I also had alts in BF named Caesar Sneezer (same sim bod, just lighter hair), AV named Jonesy Scott (after Josey Scott of Saliva), IH named...I cant remember but he was there. Also created 4 alts in TC3 named Wayne Static, Caesar Frederick, Builder Bearski, and Samantha Scorpio (was created for my GF to use).
  19. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    I'm afraid not. BF was one of the few cities I had not had a chance to visit. My Paige Turner was unique to Dan's Grove. I have to admit, I was surprised when I tried that name and it came up as available; I'm not surprised that there were others running around the simiverse.
  20. fajjaa

    fajjaa Guest

    Ok, Ive been taking my ginko biloba and CoQ10, so hopefully my memory will kick into gear here.

    My 3 original sims are easy to remember, Dune, Ian and Orion. So there was Dune and Ninna, Ian and (')Jazmine('), there were several different Jaz's. While my girlfriend was on vacation on a cruise, the only thing we had in contact was veiwing the constallation, Orion, so she had Bright Star.

    Three down, 45 to go. My other more popular sims were mainly EA sims, I had Fader and his store, selling about 1000 pet carriers I brought from the original cities, I think I still had about 50 left when EA announced the end. Fader is named after someone that makes a wager opposite of what he sees you wager. (fade). Huh, you thought it was another "father" misspelling.

    Ok, various names, Doc Holliday, Steely, Harrison, Marlboro Man, before I knew of Gracie Nito, I had Ian Cognito along with Lilly Cognito, they were definitely from the '60's.

    Ok, Im gonna cheat. Heres more, Big Brother- my robot, a few variations of Inspector...Inspector Clouseau, Captain, MayISeeYourIDPlease, Major Tom, Hightower, Clyde, Dragonslayer, The Gardner, The Disector, Clark Kent, Santa Clause, along with Dune II and Medano II .

    Had a few bears, my favorite, El Bearto along with Googly Bear, Yogie, Seymour, Gosha, Uncle Grizzly, Whitey and Harry Bear.

    I might have purchased one of your accounts...These include several female sims, mainly Teagen, Rain, Raini, Lorri and I made Rosannadana.

    Wow, thats 37, missing 11 that may not ever be remembered. Kinda glad EA didnt want my 60 bucks every month anymore now. Although I do wish I was playing code or hogging a factory.
  21. Gamer Anon

    Gamer Anon Guest

    I started off TSO with a Sim in Calvin's Creek named after me in RL. I wanted to try making pizza and other group money objects anonymously so I created Gamer Anonymous in IH. After a bad personal experience in IH, I fled to AV and shortened Anonymous to Anon. I met Beth there and she surprised me by paying money to change her name to Beth Anon and we were together for over 5 years.
  22. T-man

    T-man Guest

    My namesake is a pretty bad one. Wayyyyyyyyyyy back when I was just learning what fourms were, I decided to sign up for one for a website I favor. (Pkmn.net, if you must know), So I was thinking of what to call myself. Seeing as how my Real Life name starts with T (Thomas), and that I had found a nifty new key that I liked ( - ) and that I was male....


    And ever since then, I've been running around the Internet under T-man or a form of it.
  23. Fool at TC

    Fool at TC Guest

    My name sake is not very exciting, I came here more to say how much I miss TSO. All other games suck after you've played the best. There is no place like home and I'll never forget how much TSO changed my life and my personality. It even helped me find out what I want to do in life, it showed me how much I love business and architecture, and it's made me want to aspire to become an architect.

    My first name was Fool because I was a silly little kid and my email was "fool4chubaca".
  24. About 2 weeks, if that, after I started, they did a data wipe in which they wiped all the city data but we got to keep our sims, minus stuff, skills, friends etc. So in reality, we got to keep our name and looks. Just before logging of the last night before the wipe, I decided I didn't like my name, so was sitting around at the cafe discussing ideas.

    Not sure what brought it to mind, but a song came to my mind and I took the character from it, and without realizing it, misspelled it, LOL. The song is and old old old gospel tune, The Baptism of Jesse Taylor.

    So after the wipe, I deleted my sim, and recreated as a misspelled Jesse Taylor. So have been Jessie Taylor ever since. I say that in present tense as I still am in TS1 and TS2. and in THERE. I could have fixed it when name change came along, but by then I'd been Jessie so long, that I wasn't about to. I think more people know me as Jess or Jessie than know my by my real name. Even the few people from TSO that know my RL name still call me Jess.