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Your Sunday reading: Ask a Sonoman.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Hecubus, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Breaking from the norm. Escaping our shell, our shelters, our circles. This can be a frightening thing for most people. It really isn’t instinctual to want to hear opinions that might be different from your own, especially from complete strangers.

    But this author seeks just that.

    The idea is simple enough: ask a Sonoman. Preferrably, one I don’t know. Hopefully, one with an opinion.

    And the one that I did find was that, and possibly more.

    I ran into a man known as Khan while I attended an EM event a couple of weeks ago. Several things instantly struck me about this man. One- he was quite vocal with EM Masara about the PvP event we were participating in, and two, I did notice a bit of tension with some participants wanting to be rid of this man as soon as possible.

    Before this interview I knew nothing of Khan. Our brief exchange led me to the conclusion that being indifferent about someone like Khan isn’t a common reaction to him. His sharp, deliberate tone, and his powerful, often controversial view are what separates this man from your average murderer or moongate bandit. Love him or hate him, it’s hard to feel neither for someone as pointed and direct as he is. I picked a safe location for the two of us to sit down and chat. First, Khan gave me a historical synopsis of his career here on Sonoma, beginning with his early desire to pierce the flesh of the innocent as a career killer, to his days now- a warrior seeking to silence the numerous and wild boasts of the self-proclaimed deities of the fighting and murdering profession. From my limited experience, it would appear that Khan is seeking the challenge of personally “dethroning” all who would claim to be the best.

    My poor skills as a reporter would show here, as I lost my scribe notes from this part of our interview. I pick up with the dialogue directed by my questions about his views on the current state of our shard and community.


    T: Are you interested in large scale PvP or fighting?
    K: I am not- mainly because I tend to find myself alone when being attacked by several opponents
    T: I see
    T: What about large scale player run events in general?
    K: In general, I enjoy them
    K: Yesterday’s fall festival was a tremendous success
    K: as for seer or EM organized events, I think they’re fine with monster scenarios
    K:But when it comes to PvP like tonight’s free-for-all contest, the EM’s don’t know their brass from their oboe
    T: What might you change if you were trying to run a similar type of event?
    K: for one, I would have scrutinized the contestants more thoroughly. EM Masara should have forseen that Fel guildmates would band together
    K: It requires an intimacy with the community that Masara has yet to achieve.
    K: Knowing which guilds are which
    K: Knowing what to expect from a guild, that sort of thing.
    T: Are you concerned that this intimacy might lead to accusations of favoritism?
    K: Not at all.
    K: Knowing people does not require friendship
    K: Nor does it preclude equal treatment
    T: Now as far as community is concerned
    T: How do you feel about the present state of visible players
    T: The “voice” of Sonoma as it were
    K: Hmm
    K: Right now- there isn’t much of a community that I see
    K: Most of it occurs online at Stratics
    K: Yes, you do have occasional EM quests and player-run events like the festivals
    K: Everyone comes together for one big bash
    K: There’s nothing lasting until the next event, whenever it may be.
    K: Now, I give a lot of credit to those like Queen Mum who have planned the festivals
    K: Great work for bringing everyone together
    K: On the other hand, you have a few people on Stratics who seem more interested
    K: in self- aggrandizement than promoting the community
    T: Interesting
    K: Sonoma has always had its cliques
    K I remember times when, as a relative newcomer to the YMCA, I would see something happening
    K: I’d ask what was going on, and not being part of the clique, nobody would bother
    K: Telling me what was going on
    T: Does this still occur today?
    K: Oh definitely
    K: There have always been people warming their way into visible “community” positions
    T: And how do you feel about that?
    K: But too many are seeking those positions for themselves, not for the community
    K: The limelight is a powerful and addictive drug
    T: This is excellent stuff
    K: I’m just trying to say it as I see it.
    T: *nods*
    K: One thing people don’t like about me is that I call a spade a spade
    K: I don’t pull punches
    K: If I think you’re a hypocrite, I let you know
    T: I see.
    K: There’s always a lot of hypocrisy in the community.
    T: Well, I have at least 10,000 other questions
    T: I’d like to ask
    T: But I’ll ask one final question
    K: People and their artificial niceties because they want to use each other.
    K: Ok
    T: Finally, who or what has had the most influence on you and your journey here in Sonoma?
    T: MOST influential
    K: If I gave you an answer, I guarantee it would get your thread deleted immediately.
    T: *laughs*
    K: The most influence is my best friend, who I will keep anonymous
    K: There is a reason I rarely mention her by name except to my closest friends
    K: There are those who hate me but cannot touch me, so they’ll go after my friends.
    K: My best friend is a little… incapable of defending herself
    K: If someone has a beef with me, he can take it up with me.
    T: Understood. I respect her right to privacy.
    T: Thanks again for spending so much of your time
    T: I don’t know what will become of this interview, but at least
    T: you’ve given me a lot to think about.
    K: No trouble at all, glad to help.

    With that- the man known as Khan gathered himself to bring aid to one of his friends. I collected my hastily scribbled notes while I digested the views expressed by one Sonoman.

    Until I encounter another Sonoman....

    I am Jack's televised revolution.

    - Hec
  2. T'ari

    T'ari Guest

    *smiles* Nice interview with Khan. It does surprise me he sat still so long in one place to answer your questions.
  3. Kolian

    Kolian Guest

    Woo, a REAL interview! =P

    I've met Khan once or twice. The most notable thing about him, I found, was that I had a strong desire to stay off of his bad side...

    Some Fel players snap at you for any reason and act like morons: Khan has a certain plain-spoken character that makes a person think he means what he says.
  4. TheBeerMan

    TheBeerMan Guest

    This is interesting, There is a similar thing like this going on the GL forum called "The Unoffical News" where they interview 1-2 usually pvpers a week and most there Q&A. It is one of the reasons i vist that forum daily to see if there is a new interview. This is a good idea Hec if u could keep it up or get some help interviewing people, With the x sharders jsut pooring in i doubt u will run out of interviewies.
  5. Well Done, Hec!

    Khan is indeed very outspoken.. The best thing about Khan is that he keeps his attacks in-game with a weapon. Like Kolian said, I would never want to get on his bad side while in game and have done a great job so far! Besides, I know alot of his friends.. it'd be very difficult to hide from him! Yeep! *arches an eye at Khan on another forum*
  6. Bronwyn

    Bronwyn Guest

    Very nice article Hec..and a great idea. I join the others in hoping you continue with this. And your observations about Khan are very interesting. *smile*
  7. I concur with Bronwyn! Keep them coming! I chat with people I don't know in game all the time and its a very rewarding experience. Half the friends I've made on Sonoma were a result of casual conversation. And, as in Hec's case, you'll always run into somebody very interesting from time to time. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  8. Thanks folks. Honestly- I can't much credit for the interview part at all...I just sat down with Khan and barely managed to keep up with him!

    This kind of dialogue is the type of thing we're trying to achieve with the Guildcon idea. People have ideas and opinions that are different, and it isn't until you try to get these people to sit face to face that you can decide which direction you personally want to go. Planning meetings are public and there is one TONIGHT at 7pm PST....[/shameless, blatant plug]

    I was reading Lefty's idea and to me that sort of thing is exactly what we're looking for- not that exact idea but the fact that he would like to attempt to do something, and be able to voice that to various leaders and individuals looking in that direction.

    It isn't about trying to get everyone to move in the same direction- it's about getting them to see one another and make those types of decisions for themselves.

    I am Jack's buttery croissant.

    - Hec
  9. <blockquote><hr>

    It isn't about trying to get everyone to move in the same direction- it's about getting them to see one another and make those types of decisions for themselves.


    *nods* I have to admit, interaction is usually night and day in-game from those that take place here in the forums. For example, I get along marvelously in-game with those who I have "bumped heads" with on Stratics.

    I'm going to try and make Guildcon tonite.. still at the Y right?
  10. Hexxes

    Hexxes Guest

    *edited to bring you back to the center of the topic... and not on my tangent*
  11. Hexxes

    Hexxes Guest

    *edited to bring you back to the center of the topic... and not on my tangent*

    P.S. The offer to test Khan's meddle still stands... whatever the wager.
    P.S.S. my KRYSS is BIGGER than YOURS!
  12. *laughs*

    I was just wondering how long it would take before this became a pi**'n contest.
  13. Hexxes

    Hexxes Guest

    Not long.
    I'm sure I won't be the first one to attack Khan in this thread either. There's a world of PVP'ers that know his true colors.
    Not that anyone could be expected to outwit Khan on the first chat and realize em' for what he is. The author just commented on what his impressions were after a single sit down.
    I know the impression would be different if you interviewed him from the other side of a battlefield.
  14. Whether or not Khan is the best or worst pvp'er is no concern of mine. It's simply given here to provide background of what type of player I am interviewing.

    Shifting the focus of this thread to real or actual pvp skill is short-sighted if in fact you agree that there needs to be more of this type material on the forums. It's these types of responses that get the threads eventually locked and in the end NO ONE WINS.

    That is of course, unless you'd rather be reading a forum with no diversity of thought- where people can say "yay" and "whee" to the endless self-promotion of certain individuals and groups herein.

    Otherwise- PVPer's- STOP SHOOTING YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT. Keep your skill in game- and trash talk on threads about trash talking.

    I am Jack's 2 missed calls.

    - Hec
  15. Hexxes

    Hexxes Guest

    Alright... point taken.
    Truth is I wouldn't have attacked ANY other person you could have interviewed.
    But I'll keep that on the sidelines and out of these threads from here out.

    Again, real props to you for this.
    I do want to see more interviews (and more so I want you to do them).

    I also need a new pair of blaze sandles... these have bullet holes in them.
  16. *smiles*

    Now THAT is the kind of maturity I like to see in these posts. My hat's off to both of you. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  17. Awesome- I appreciate it.

    It was brought up when we did the interview that the name alone would draw a lot of fire. Still- it's good to meet anyone really who has something to say, and if by some chance you run into someone that wants to randomly interview you- go for it!

    Because I'll be on the lookout for Sonomans. Of all types really. And I do mean all types.[/hint that you might not want to read an interview I do with a prominent banksitter, for instance /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif]

    I am Jack's finger with splinters in it. How did that happen?

    - Hec
  18. Great Job.
    I hope you continue these type of interviews.
  19. <blockquote><hr>

    [/hint that you might not want to read an interview I do with a prominent banksitter, for instance ]


    Or an event Griefer.. I'd really love to hear their perspective! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I now return ye'all to yer regularly scheduled compost.
  21. <blockquote><hr>



    We interrupt this program to bring you another productive post by Leurnid Hand.. Literally.
  22. Drex NThrak

    Drex NThrak Guest

    Thank you so much for your input!!! LOL
  23. Ztal

    Ztal Guest

    WHo was hand vomiting on???

    I get so confused!!!
  24. Hexxes

    Hexxes Guest

    Do I at least get a Mum's Cookie for having the most posts in this thread ?
    Fine then... I'll go PK some cookies off some peeps :p
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well in fairness, it was a totally different post, but I was feeling a bit poopy at work today, and decided to edit the post... and edited it with how I was feeling.

    Luckily, and ye should all be happy to know, I did not spew after all.