Beware what you say in General Chat on Baja – EM (Evil Minion – her own words) Crysania has created a special “zoo” in New Magincia, Trammel.

New Magincia Zoo 2015 1.jpg

New Magincia Zoo 2015 2.jpg

She will take your comment, pick an animal, give it a phase (or two), and place it in her special Zoo….all done with affection, of course *smiles*.

In the current “zoo”, there is Walter the Zookeeper, his two assistants – Phillippe and Dennys, and the following players/animals: Amber Witch (Cow), Fig the Ancient (Pack Llama), James (Sheep), Mama Faith (Reaper), Sluggy Freelance (Red Bloodworm), Spell Breaker (Pig), TOBY the Bar (Grizzly Bear), and WildStar (Polar Bear).

Amber Witch: *snorts*
Fig the Ancient:
Need more space! Lockdown..*faints* * precious….*
James: I have a Enormous……….BAAAAAAAAA!!!
Mama Faith: *wiggles branches* I love Reapers!
Sluggy: Not the Salt!! Aaaaiieeeeeee!!!!
I am a Slug with a Mission!
Spell Breaker: Pork!! Greasy Pork!
TOBY the Bear: I want to meet Smokey The Bear!!
WildStar: Mind Bleach..need more Mind Bleach!

It was originally placed in 2014 and was taken down due to complaints. Amber Witch, former governor of Moonglow, pleaded passionately at a Governors Meeting and it was recreated. Here are screenshots of the 2014 New Magincia Zoo.

New Magincia Zoo 2014 1.jpg

New Magincia Zoo 2014 2.jpg

New Magincia Zoo 2014 3.jpg

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