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A smaller than normal crowd had gathered in the Castle Blackthorn Courtyard. Some of the Knights looked a little unsure if such a small crowd would be able to take on whatever task we would be put to. As we stood around making small talk we saw Charlotte Wellings riding in on her steed, a rather large golden shield in her left hand.

“Lots of people across the bridge, are we under siege?” she asked. Immediate sighs of relief could be heard from some, secure in the fact there were reinforcements.

“I had to go for a ride today, had to get out of the castle.” She continued. “Stuffy today, and lots of yelling.”

A curious Knight from the ranks asked, “Who is yelling?” Then others followed along.

“The King and my mother aren’t exactly on good terms right now.” She said with a concerned look on her face. “They are debating in ‘harsh and loud manner’.”

“Because of the humanist fiasco?” the Knights continued.

“Mmmm Hmmm. She even burned my book, the King doesn’t like that sort of thing.”

“If I may ask, what is your take on the book?” asked another Knight.

To which she replied, “I… I would rather not comment on political views. But, I certainly understand the point of view of the Humanists.” With a slight shrug she continued, “I can see where they are coming from.”

Quickly steering clear of the subject and with a certain level of excitement she said, “I met a very strange fellow earlier today.” She continued with her story. “I was riding through Haven and met a man calling himself a Golden Prophet. Said he had a way to reach the divine. He was quite convincing. But very strange. He is probably still in Haven, if you wanted to talk to him.”

As the Knights began preparing to leave they asked how they would know the man and Charlotte replied, “The man is head to toe in gold. He should be easy to find. Have fun.” We said our fairwells and mounted up.

When we arrived in Haven the self-proclaimed ‘Golden Prophet’ stood out as badly as a Hell Hound in a snow drift. Charlotte did not exaggerate when she said he was covered head to toe in gold. It was almost blinding to look in his direction. As I approached closer I could hear he was already speaking.

“They walk among golden halls, in golden streets! The Divine is real! The divine is close, but so very far! But I know the way to bring him, I know the way to return our world to the light of the Divine!”

He paused for just a few seconds as if he were collecting his thoughts. “Well, first, I should explain. I was not always the wise prophet of golden shimmer you see before you! I was once a scribe, in the temple of Teorot Skitas! I was witness to many things, that would seem strange to Britannians. Among them the skull of a creature, beyond Sosaria. The skull of a divine creature! I heard many tales of the creature arrving, injured to Sosaria, as if it had fallen from the skies! His words stuck fear in those that found him. And they killed him. But if I can retrieve the skull and his words from Teorot Skitas, I think I can open… A doorway that may shine the divines light upon Sosaria once more!”

Many Knights were more than willing to give him a hand as they are always up for a good fight or a few good deaths. A few voiced apprehension about opening any doorways as history had shown them it usually leads to problems. However, once the Golden fellow proclaimed, “Then come, if you are willing to help.”, popped a gate and Knights began piling in, even those few followed along with their apprehension in tow.

Arriving outside of Sorcerer’s Dungeon he began digging under a large rock while screaming for people to not enter the caves. I found myself wondering what kind of crackpot we were following. Dressed in gold, digging around a boulder up to his elbows and telling tales of divine creatures. As I wondered I found myself backing a few steps away from the rock on the off chance he unearthed something unexpected.

Finally pulling a golden crystal from the ground he asked us all to use the crystal. We quickly found ourselves teleported up to Teorot Skitas. With the Knights following closely he made his way to the back and found a book he was looking for.

“Come, we must venture, briefly, inside.” He said. He led us down the steps into Sorcerer’s Dungeon and around to the back where a skull set atop a pedestal. Taking a bag of sand from his pack, and taking a handful out to attempt to match the weight he asked, “Do you think there may be some traps?” Which caused the Knights to all go into further guard mode. Once another gate appeared the Knights could not get through it quickly enough.

We found ourselves well outside of Sanctuary which is where he said the Divine first entered Sosaria. By then most in the Crux knew we had a nice little march all the way to the back where Sanctuary was. With the thick mud and littered terrain that is already there causing a slow, slogging trip at times.. we knew the addition of a herd of Dragons and the massive mob of Knights would only make the trip that much more difficult, but we pressed forward.

Once we reached the altar he placed the skull on it and began to loudly speak the words the Divine had spoken into it once before. “WHERE IS THIS PLACE?! THIS IS NOT THE GOLDEN HALL! THIS IS THE PERVERSION, THE DIRTY PLACE! BROTHERS, I AM HERE! THESE VERMIN ARE KILLING ME! HELP, BROTHERS, PLEASE!”

Yet another magical gate appeared. This time however it was a golden gate. The Knights hollered for their dragons to follow and guard them as they began rushing toward the gate, not knowing what was on the other side. Knight after Knight ran to the gate and were magically transported….. absolutely nowhere. The man in the Golden attire seemed to be laughing as he shook his head and said, “You are not divine, of course it wouldn’t work for you! Clear the altar we must call the divine.”

Knight after Knight, some visibly embarrassed, walked slowly off the altar and back to the grassy area to the laughter and friendly chiding of other Knights. As soon as the last Knight stepped from the step the Conjurer said, “Divine, come to us!”

Almost immediately a Golden Incarnation appeared through the gate. He hovered over the gate staring out at those gathered, seemingly measuring them up for size. Then some of his friends came through the gate. The Knights, and the Golden Prophet himself stood in either absolute awe… or absolute terror for a good thirty seconds. None of them could move, none of them could speak.. the awe or the terror [or that lag monster] had them frozen in their tracks. Finally the awe or terror passed and the battle was on. Dragons dropped quickly, some Knights even quicker. The battle raged for quite some time and once again The Knights of the Crux Ansata prevailed.

I for one am not sure what happened to the Golden Prophet. I do not know if he ran off in fright.. or if he somehow found his way through the golden gate. I lost track of him and could not find him nor his corpse after the battle was won. As I made my way back to Britain I found myself deep in thought. The golden book on the pedestal in the Courtyard the other day, Charlotte “understanding” the point of view in it, her seemingly new Golden Shield and the Golden Prophet himself… it all seems to be related but where will it lead us?