Greetings Folks

Ever since the pet revamp was announced, we have been toying with the idea to make a calculator for it. However it took some time to get the basics straight and to do the creating of the calctulator.

Since the pet training is for some rather complex, for me at first too, we could see the need for such a thing. and tried to keep it as user friendly as possible. However with the rather notable amount of variables involved, it was no easy task to create it.

BUT! .. It is now available!

To just explain how the mentality it was created by, ill go over the features of it in greater deatil:

Desgined for per tier (slot) point allocation. But you can modify the weight to plan ahead, likewise If you already spent some points of the tier fear not, it can be modified. Also features a creature database with most common creatures and their available attributes (is not fully complete yet).

To draw it out in steps how to use it: ..

1. Select a pet type
2. Enter values of existing values (only values that are being modified (raised) are needed. And submit those to the actual calculator.
3. In the calculator it self, regarding skills, you can find both the mastery (skill unlock – should all be in “magic abilities”) and individual skill improvement (should be in “magical sills” or “lore & knowledge skills”).
4. Adjust values to your likings and repeat ingame.

There is some more features coming. Stay tuned!

You can find it at Pet Imbuing Calculator | Knuckleheads.dk

– The Knuckleheads

PS: If you have any suggestions, find bugs or just want to tell us something, because reasons; toss me a pm or use one of the other contact methods.