Governor’s Meeting 4-20-18

Tonight’s meeting was very short;


Roll call:

King Blackthorn
Gov Dezerai Moonglow
Gov Clym of Clough Skara Brea

Our normal meetings are on Sunday, but due to events outside the control of HRM, it had to be rescheduled for this Friday. HRM states that it will go back to Sunday for the next meeting and he was very sorry to have to reschedule this month.

As you can plainly see, we were missing several of the Governors for this event. Again that monster (Real Life) rear it heads for those that could not make it tonight.

The two Governors that were present were asked by HRM to present their reports.

Dezerai: Overall Moonglow is doing very well. Trade is up, city treasures are well. we doing good.

HRM was pleased to hear this;

Clym of Clough: We are doing well I believe. Everyone is excited about this newfangled “wheelbarrow”. Well everyone has been so involved with the farm spring plantings that it is very quiet in the town and they’re loving the new plants to grow or to decor with but no strange happenings.

King Blackthorn: I’ve stated in the past that I will do Sundays unless I have to change it but I will keep Sundays if I can help it. Send my apologies to the governors

2 things.jpg
There are 2 things on my agenda for tonight first on the agenda is the Soul stone Graveyard Xanthus has not been able to as of yet begin the process. He will do so soon.

Hope he begins next week sometime but he will need to reach out to Miri to get things going
thou I will say that it may not begin until next Saturday there is something that has come up
news I received this early afternoon that may take most of my time next week and also with other things within the kingdom.

Now the other thing on the agenda. It has come to my attention That Trinsic Jones has gone missing And with him, so has the Book of Ancients.

I fear the worst. He has spent a lot of time decoding the book

Gov Dezerai asked how did they get the book from the bank?

From what the Trinsic League of Explorers have informed me he has been periodically taking it and attempting to decode it to get a better understanding of its use

Gov Dezerai I see they must have been watching him and the location of the book. Sire, we will also alert our guards and triple efforts to check for clues in our cities

Gov Clym of Clough states; oh my

I’ll peek around the town and see if there are any strange things in Skara also

HRM: I have asked my Captain of the guards to deal with them in trying to locate him

but haven’t had much luck it seems. When the time comes, I am sure my Captain of the guards will call on the citizens and the royal guard to come to his aid in finding Trinsic Jones and the book

Gov Dezerai: I shall post a message at the Bank board first then send runners
Gov Clym of Clough: Good idea on the bulletin board

HRM: He has been a great help to us all and I wish to find him and get him back to us
I will make sure that more info is given out as it is provided. He has been a good friend and has helped save our towns from trouble.

Well, governors that is all I have for us tonight do you have anything else to add?

Gov’s Dezerai and Clym of Clough both replied: No

The meeting was called and all parties left the meeting room.