Governor’s Meeting Siege Perilous​

The Meeting was already in progress when Kenzie arrived, seems there was a glitch with the Gating system to get to the Governor’s meeting, and she had to use the crystal portal to get to Serpent’s Hold Mint and then race down to the Governor’s Palace, good timer on her part as there were no Orcs in protest outside when she did get there. Any fool that may have followed after this, however?
5-19-18 Siege Meeting.jpg
King Blackthorn: and not a quiet one in the kingdom. I hear gangs of Orcs are still troubling you here and there. Why just this week a few plagued Luna.

(Kenzie reported the problem she had with the gating)

King Blackthorn: Not? I shall report that to the gate technicians
Kenzie Mori: thank you
King Blackthorn: but, to the Orcs… Soon, we will return to the newly discovered kingdom of the Meer, to aid them further against the Orcs.

(Thru out the entire meeting more and more Ores continue to show, chest after chest were stacked outside with offers of great wealth, the Ores sought to lure all within outside. Good thing the Royal guards are down fast loyal to his highness and the kingdom. Kenzie was so tempted to leave the chamber when there was a cry of one of the island’s inhabitances being held just outside, but another went ahead before she could react and quickly cleared the area of the protesting Orcs and freed this local citizen. Yay for the good side)

King Blackthorn: It seems most of our troubles are coming from that direction, after all.
For the moment, the gateway has been closed by an Orcish attack. We feared they might breach the gate, and flood into our kingdom. But our forces have driven them back, for now.
Magichands: hurray for us!
5-19-18 Siege Meeting1.jpg
King Blackthorn: Soon, we will strike at them again. This time next week, we will teach them the folly of opposing Britanian steel! King Blackthorn: That brings me to another, rather depressing point. For, while we can drive the Orcs back for a time… well…
Nightwind: *shakes head*

King Blackthorn: For years, it has been a point of pride for the Royal guard that our land has been free of thieves. I ask you, when did you last see a thief in these lands?
Blind Otto: Never!!!!

Magichands: thief? What is a thief?
Talia: I dunno what you’re talking about
5-19-18 Siege Meeting2.jpg
King Blackthorn: You see? Even the blind man confirms it!
Blind Otto: I have never seen a thief, or a baker (etc..)
King Blackthorn: yes, yes regardless. Our loyal guards worked long and hard to impress upon the population that stealing would not be allowed. Sadly, it seems that, while their vigilance has greatly benefited our lands, we lack the means to aid our new allies. You see, the Orcs have stolen rare items from the Meer – items which are vital for their defenses.

Blind Otto: So…. the Orcs ARE thieves?
King Blackthorn: *glares at Otto* there are no thieves!!!! *regains composure* So, while I know stealing is, thankfully, a lost art to our kingdom, I must ask you to search your homes, your libraries, anywhere, for the hope that records to these forbidden practices have survived. So that scouts might go forth, and find where the Orcs have hidden these treasures. To find them, retrieve them, and return them to the Meer! Sometime within the next three to four weeks, we will strike! If we cannot find this knowledge, our only option will be to hope we have the strength of arms to overcome the Orcs!

King Blackthorn: It will not be easy. I hear tell that they are training great beasts from the Abyss to defend them. A legion of Slashers. A squadron of Stygian dragons. A horde of Medusas. This is what will sweep forth across our lands if we are not able to retrieve the artifacts for the Meer!

Blind Otto: I fear I am busy that day
Kenzie Mori: *wonders how many are in a Legion?*
((A division of the Roman army, usually comprising 3000 to 6000 soldiers. I may join Otto on that day))

King Blackthorn: So, unless we want to see every house reduced to rubble
Talia: a bevvy of primeval lich?
King Blackthorn: every shop burned to the ground
Talia: liches?
King Blackthorn: and every tavern sunk into a pit
Talia: no, lich
King Blackthorn: aye, even the taverns
Magichands: Argh taverns! We have to protect taverns!

King Blackthorn: Then we need to learn the ways of the thief! And there are words I had hoped I would never have to utter see what those Orcs reduce us to?
Kenzie Mori: *looks at Victim*
Magichands: maybe we can find something in that old and legendary town near Minoc
King Blackthorn: *nods* possibly
Tanager: Ah yes, what was the name? Slap it around Bartertown
Kenzie Mori: Bardertown?
Blind Otto: Blattertown I think
Magichands: lol
Blind Otto: or was it Bladdertown? *wonders where the gents is*
Tanager: *giggle*
King Blackthorn: On a happier note, Commander Bhaltair tells me he is planning new training exercises. Once a month, he will lead
Kenzie Mori: *wonder where she last saw her jester hat??*
Magichands: maybe digging around that place we can find some old knowledge
King Blackthorn: any who wish to be trained against the more fearsome creatures of our land. You will be notified of more details later. But for now, our biggest task is to find any knowledge that you can of the ways of the thief. I implore you not to put them into practice – just study

But now, let us turn our attention to the state of the nation’s towns and cities. Shall we start with our newest governor? Lady Tanager, how fares Jhelom?

((It was here that those Governors that were presented gave a brief report and/or request for their city needs/requirements.))

Governor Tanager reported all is well in Jhelom and made a request of additional personnel in the City’s Library. She was quick to rebutter any claims of nudists etc.. Any Citizen of Jhelom that wishes the entire transcript of her speech do let us know.

King Blackthorn: thank you for your first report! Keep up the good work!
Nightwind: *claps*

King Blackthorn: and now, let us hear from the Duke and Governor of New Magincia
Ol’Rac Nnod: *applauds*
Morgan Ironfist: *wakes up from nap*
King Blackthorn: I trust matters are still stable, and the town is flourishing as ever?
Morgan Ironfist: *rubs eyes* Business is good in the city gem that is called New Magincia. The trade deal is running with the Assassin’s Guild

Governor Morgan Ironfist went on to report that the city coffers had 16 million and that there would be more items at the monthly auction to boost it even more soon. He also put in a request for additional personnel. Citizens of New Magincia may request a transcript as well.

King Blackthorn: the scoundrel who last took the job absconded with one of the ladies in waiting. I shall see what can be done! Thank you for your report
Morgan Ironfist: I thank thee me king

Next up was Governor Blind Otto;
King Blackthorn: and now… oh. Oh, it’s you.
Blind Otto: Good evening, your majesty! I trust you are keeping well and did not suffer frostbite on your recent trip to Wintermoor.
King Blackthorn: No, I am well. What of your non-musical report?
Blind Otto: Ah. Well. You see… *clears throat* Your majesty, a travesty, I must report a crime! No fantasy, nor perjury, this – we have little time!

Governor Otto went on in great detail of how even musical instrument he had was now damaged, demolished by person/persons unknown, he had been knocked unconscious before this and had no clue to whom the guilted party was. Once more Citizens of Minoc may request the transcript of his speech.

King Blackthorn: *is speechless*
Magichands: we’ll find them don’t worry Lord Otto!

King Blackthorn: So – someone knocked you out, and broke all your instruments?
Blind Otto: Aye!!!!
King Blackthorn: How wonder… terrible.
Talia: sounds like an inside job
King Blackthorn: We cannot have our elderly citizens harassed in this manner
Starcon: probably someone from one of these meetings
Kenzie Mori: *I would be checking that parrot*
Magichands: I bet some Orcs !
King Blackthorn: You there- in the corner – Sir Victor! See to it that this matter is investigated and when the assailant is found, see to it that a handsome reward is paid

Talia: look at him go!
King Blackthorn: *coughs* to the one who catches him, of course
Tanager: heh
Talia: that’s why they call him victor the swift

King Blackthorn: *gives thanks to the virtues for some peace and quiet*
Magichands: *laughs*
Blind Otto: thank you, your majesty
Morgan Ironfist: Orcs tried to get into the meeting hall…..they have been repelled
Blind Otto: and fear not, I’ll be able to craft some new ones before next month’s meeting
King Blackthorn: Oh no, I wouldn’t hear of it
Tanager: good to stretch your legs, sir!

King Blackthorn: you have been through a terrible ordeal you should rest no crafting for … let’s call it a decade, shall we.
Blind Otto: well – I suppose you know best, your majesty *looks dubious*
King Blackthorn: indeed.

King Blackthorn: Lord Starcon! I trust your instruments are in fine shape? No singing required?

Blind Otto: *raises eyebrow* *starts wondering if Starcon attacked him*
Starcon: no singing ever
King Blackthorn: excellent! How fares Britain?

Governor Starcon report was swift no fan-play here, once more if any Citizen of Britain wishes a transcript do let us know, a speeded massager shall bring it to you right away.

Starcon: Britain’s treasury is at 31 million
King Blackthorn: That is impressive
Starcon: we continue to run the Bardic Coligum trade deal. Both castles are cleaned up and almost all of those parade goers have gone
King Blackthorn: Good. I believe the last few stragglers will be removed shortly
Starcon: Thank You
King Blackthorn: thank you for another fine report. I must say I am impressed with your handling of the treasury
Starcon: the citizens of Britain have been helping with it

Trinsic Governor was Absent;

Governor of Moonglow was called upon;
King Blackthorn: Well then, let us hear from the good governor of Moonglow!

Talia: Moonglow is fairing well. I have had some hassle with the Mongbats interfering with the trade which I have kept the readers of the Town Crier abreast of with a series of Haiku
King Blackthorn: Ah, the mongbats. A stealthy exterminator was dispatched just this morning.

Talia: even though I am dubious that the town crier has any readers nonetheless, it amuses me so I will continue writing a weekly haiku. (Citizens of Moonglow are ENCOURAGED to check with the town crier for these weekly posts. Again if there be any Citizen of Moonglow that wishes a transcript of Governor Report be sure to set loose a pigeon to us.)

King Blackthorn: Now, it would seem that Skara Brae’s governor has forgotten this meeting
Victim: the cad
King Blackthorn: and so, shall we hear from the governor for Vesper?
Victim: Governor Possum sends his apologies he is still recovering from a bender, I mean an unfortunate cold
King Blackthorn: ah. He should spend some time in the healer’s hut
Victim: do they have a hangover remedy?
King Blackthorn: Perhaps Grizelda’s hut, then?
Victim: Vesper is having a hard time of it lately the coffers are low and there have been shady mongbats hanging around the stables
King Blackthorn: well, we all know what the previous governor got up to
Victim: I have doubled the coffers this term, but as it is only at 4 million

((Note Citizens of the Land, Vesper could use your help with trade))

King Blackthorn: well, it is a start, rather 4 million in the bank than 4 million owed, I always say
Victim: But Possum is brewing up some moonshine that he hopes to sell in order to start filling the town fund the fighters in Jhelom have already bought 50 cases

((Note that the Governors of Jhelom and Moonglow both sat up at this remark.))

Victim: Possum has also requested that any citizens try to run at least one trade run a week if there are any citizens left that is all

King Blackthorn: thank you for that report
You see: Futgarek
King Blackthorn: I note Yew is not represented either unless one of those Orcs outside is from Yew?
Victim: I think the dead one was

King Blackthorn: So, let us move on to the outlying towns and cities. Are any of their representatives here tonight?
Kenzie Mori: *looks to Magic*

Magichands: I’m here for UWSP Town Your Majesty
(Magic gave his report in full) Members of UWSP can request the full transcript)

King Blackthorn: thank you! Are there representatives for any of the other towns here?
Gilfane or Safehaven, perhaps?

Victim: I can handle Safehaven
King Blackthorn: Good to hear!
Victim: Safehaven is barren of late, our Governess has disappeared lured away by an evil so vile something called a Browser game?
Magichands: we have to organize a rescue mission!
King Blackthorn: it sounds most vile
Victim: other than that Safehaven is hunky dory and full of thiev, err entrepreneurs that bring wares from across the lands

King Blackthorn: We must send our best negotiators to free her from captivity
Tanager: Stockholm Syndrome, surely, to keep her so long
Victim: I have tried sire, she has been brainwashed by this vile thing, that is all to report from our little community.
King Blackthorn: How terrible! Then perhaps the team of negotiators should take a legion of her friends, to jog her memory. But thank you for your report. Is there a representative for Gilfane or Motherlode here?

Blind Otto: I might have a song about hat…
King Blackthorn: Nay sir Otto. You have been through a trauma Is there any OTHER representative for Gilfane about?

Torin of GIL spoke up for Gilfane. His report was also swift and sweet (No singing). To short for most.
King Blackthorn: Ah, the keeper of the Hub! Excellent!
Joline Maza: I well Gilfane is doing well and still growing..
Blind Otto: *tries to assemble a very small harp out of napkins*
Joline Maza: even that USWP is taking all nowadays in their guild..
Victim: is that vicious killer Sara Dale still about?
Ol’Rac Nnod: lol
Magichands: lol
Joline Maza: yes…
King Blackthorn: good to hear
Kenzie Mori: *nods*
Joline Maza: all are still with us..
King Blackthorn: I hear you had a leadership contest, or election recently
Joline Maza: nah.. just a small contest…
King Blackthorn: I trust that ended amicably?
Joline Maza: for the houses. Silvanus and High Lord Az… is still the ruling house
King Blackthorn: *makes note*
Joline Maza: so we have time now… to get back to the normal business and fight for the good
Joline Maza: and truth…
King Blackthorn: Good to hear!
Joline Maza: that’s all I can say for Gilfane..
King Blackthorn: There are many orcs about that need fighting off. Thank you very much

Joline Maza: for my personal… any news from the architect? about the road to hub?
King Blackthorn: Well, I have replaced the architect twice now
Victim: the Orcs ate him and the plans
King Blackthorn: both were slain by orcs
Joline Maza: dang…
King Blackthorn: But a request for better guards for the next one were sent just this morning
Joline Maza: I shall guard the hub more… again..
King Blackthorn: I hope to hear something very soon
Joline Maza: thank you

King Blackthorn: It seems that most of the guards were busy with a very long journey almost endless, you might say
Joline Maza: *nods*
King Blackthorn: but they should be able to focus on other tasks a bit more now
Joline Maza: but everything will find once an end.. awesom.. if you need any support from me.. let me know..
King Blackthorn: If nothing comes of this request, I will appoint a guard to stand near the gate and give directions to passers-by
Joline Maza: thank you…
King Blackthorn: No, thank you for all your hard work.
Joline Maza: hub was not growing the last weeks..
Victim: what’s that pay?
Joline Maza: if you see the house owner … which are at dungeon entrances
King Blackthorn: Word of your efforts has been bandied about the palace
Joline Maza: let them know … I would be happy to connect their houses
King Blackthorn: *nods* thank you

King Blackthorn: Now, are there any other matters of business this eve?
Talia: I have a note. Babydoll had asked about the continuance of the SPHS interviews. Lord Calavera has taken it upon himself to climb a mountain
King Blackthorn: Most commendable.
Talia: in a far off land, and as such he has begun intense preparations he will be absent for most of the coming season and while I conducted one interview, he has far more prolific than I

King Blackthorn: I hope he has taken proper precautions, and all the climbing gear he needs
Talia: I may take it upon myself to do more but I can’t make any guarantees
King Blackthorn: Do your best. I hear Otto used to do interviews – perhaps that would keep him out of trouble?
Talia: I wanted to pass along that Cal would be back eventually
King Blackthorn: *nods* good to hear well, are there any other matters for the council?

The Orcs did try, but >

King Blackthorn: well, if there are no other matters for discussion…. I declare this meeting adjourned!

We all quickly left and killed any Orcs outside.