Looking for a good spot for the circus, I decided to check the fairgrounds.
By one of the ponds, I found formations of strange black glass. Remembering the strange voices from touching black rock I put my hands behind my back and I gazed into it. At once shivers ran up my spine and a feeling of death took hold.


Hurrying back to the meeting hall to tell Harriet, I found others already there.

“Thank you all for coming.” Harriet greeted us. ” As you know, we have been working on getting a Circus to town for our enjoyment.”

Nodding several of us smiled.

“The king had ordered a spot cleared out,” Harriet explained. So that we may break ground and build our area up with tents and acrobats and all the circus things.”

“Have the Circus folks found a place to live yet?” I asked remembering the last spot we?”

Not answering, Harriet continued. “Well, there has been a development. An ancient vein of rock has been unearthed. It is said that this rock can be used in many different ways.”

‘Hum, different ways?” I asked with a feeling of dread.

Thinking of possibilities Demoss smiled, “OOO.”

“Sounds like silver to me,” Tim added.

“Well it’s not a rock exactly,” Harriet shook her head. “Perhaps more of a mineral. I am no geologist.

“Just as long as it can’t blow up stuff. ” I commented, others muttered in agreement. All of us remembered Maginica and Haven.

“The problem is this substance was outlawed many moons ago before Eodon even.” Harriet frowned. “Because its power corrupts. It darkens the minds of certain species who wield it.”

I shuddered, “Oh, worse than Blackrock then.

“Probably Gargoyles,” Tim suggested.

“What is it?” Venekor asked.

“What do you call it?” Melodie asked.

“Only the dragons may touch it without succumbing to its power,” Harriet replied. “So it garnered the nickname Dragon Glass.”
Melodie smiled. “Nice.”

“Oh, I have seen that before. “Tim said.

Harriet studied Tim, “The King has ordered, in his wisdom, we guard the area. So that the substance can be removed and destroyed. “

Muttering started. “Destroy it, but weapons we could use.” Death to all lichs and undead. Keep the dragon glass.”

Tim whispered to me. ” I’d make a few swords.”

Harriet waited for quiet. “There are already enemies arriving on the scene. The undead want it removed for the obvious reason.
She looked at some of the people who had been whispering.


“Harriet, dragons can touch it but what effect does it have on them?” I glanced at the door.​

Harriet shrugged. ” I do not know all the side effects of this material. It was even before my own time here.”

Shivering I looked again at the door and pictured the all the dragons attacking me.

“We fear that may just be the case Tamais,” Harriet said reading my mind. “It may drive modern dragons mad or it may cull them.”


“There have been only secret stashes protected well by guards. I will be destroyed before it can get out to the public,” Harriet informed us. “We have been requested to remove all enemy beings from the area.”

“We better get there fast.” Demoss check his supplies.”

“Do not think of picking any of it up.” “Harriet insisted. ” We do not know what effect it has on human hands…elf hands…Gargoyle hands. We fear the worst.”

I nodded, No touching. Boy, that could have been a close call when I first found it.

I frowned at Tim who was suggesting “Just try with a pinky finger.”

“I have hired EMTs for tonight,” Harriet assured us. Should you be injured seek them out right away. Don’t let the dragon glass touch and empty wound. We don’t know what may happen.”

Harriet walked to the door. “Please everyone head into the blue vortex to the EM Hall it is there you will set eyes on the first dragon glass of our time.”

Demoss flew to the door. “To Arms!”

I sat, reluctant to go. Think I need to go get more wine instead. Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and into the gate.

We were back at the pond where I had found the glass. But we were not alone. Seekers of the glass, Lichs, were already there.​

6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

Soon others arrived to join the battle, Hunters of the glass, Dark wisps, Glass dragons, and Controllers of the Glass We indeed had our work cut out this night.

13.jpg 14.jpg


With a trumpeting from the dragons brave, Calagon appeared. Black as the dragon glass bringing dread…fear…death.
To arms, the dragons trumpeted again. Warriors, mages, tamers answered the call.
Long through the night, the battle raged. Death robes piling high. Would this battle be lost?
Ground shaking as flashes filled the air, Calagon’s rage to be feared.
At last in despair, a cry for the Dark Mistress Mesanna filled the lands. To Harriet’s plea, our Dark lady paid heed driving Calgon back to the stars.
Alas with the greying world, Calagon returned. Yet all was not lost. Gathering us around, Harriet lead the charge. The battlefield quiet at last.
Heros all to the pubs fast. A toast to victory again. All hail the heroes of Britainna.

26.jpg 25.jpg

Back at the hall, Harriet caught her breath, “Whew, my goodness!! What a night we are having.”

Laughter filled the room. Harriet scowled and shook her finger at us. “Some sneaky sneakersons got away with a small token.”
We looked at each other. “Not I!” people shouted.

“Someone take some glass?” Melian said in shock.

Trinidaddy winked, “I may have pocketed a bit.”

“I was kidding.” Harriet winked.” Since I warned everyone not to touch the glass.”

I shivered. “I don’t even want to think of dragon glass in the world. I sure don’t want to relieve BlackRock.”

*** Harriet modeling to night’s drop ** 41.jpg