Governor’s Meeting Sept 8th 2019​

King Blackthorn
Queen Mum. Britain
Cinderella, Minoc
Dezerai, Moonglow
Meche, Trinsic
New Magincia
Skara Brae

Trinsic Rose

gov meeting sept 2019.jpg

King Blackthorn: Thank you all for coming tonight. As per our usual start, let us get a report on each town represented here tonight. Cinderella what have you to report tonight?

Cinderella: Minoc is doing good Sire the miners have taken a break from the mines a little bit and have gone down to Vesper on their beach mining for sand, helping out, all shall be ready for when its needed
King Blackthorn: Ahh, always hard at work those miners.
Cinderella: aye
King Blackthorn: Good to hear
Cinderella: thus ends my report
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Cinderella: your welcome

King Blackthorn: Queen Mum, what have you to report tonight?
Queen Mum: *smiles* Well, we are doing our best to investigate the Fellowship and figure out if they are friend or foe along with having the raven tell us by message that there was a murder. Iolo is also assisting us. He said something to do with gargoyle Forskis, other then that we have been preparing for fall harvest
King Blackthorn: Nasty business those Gargoyles……
Queen Mum: that is all for Britain this time
Queen Mum: that is all for Britain this time
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report Queen Mum

King Blackthorn: Meche what have you to report on Trinsic?
Meche: Hail Good Sir, the town of Trinsic reports full coffers and plenty of fish in the sea with everyone fighting pirates the fishing is plentiful for any and all to assist with. The Paladins returned from their time spent in Moonglow and are decidedly unhappy with their new orders of digging up sand for a future shipment to Minoc. Requests have been made to assist Britain in their endeavors to research the Fellowship but I feel at this point Minoc needs the assistance more.
Meche: but as a reminder to all my fellow Leaders we are here and will respond to any and all assistance requests.
Meche: That is all Sir.
King Blackthorn: glad to hear the coffers are full and the citizens are keeping the pirates at bay. It is important to keep in mind however that we should all help where help is needed! Together we are strong
Queen Mum: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report.
Meche: you are welcome sir

King Blackthorn: Dezerai, what have you to report on Moonglow?
Dezerai: We thank the Governor of Trinsic for the aid she sent, Sire. Mine report is a bit longer then normal. Right now the city’s treasury balance is well over 900 million. Well over 900 million. The city’s buff is a +2 MR, Merchant’s Association. The Guardian of Moonglow, The Void Dragon stills sleeps. Chief Giggey is always on Duty to protect the Citizens of the City.

Dezerai: The Zoo is once more asking assistance to capture the Escaped Mutant Turkey roaming the halls, Iakas The Zoologist says, it has scared off all the visitors and of course all the animals.

Dezerai: We fear that the Menace of the Moonglow graveyard will once again Arise soon, far to many times escapes from the graves there have causes great stress on our citizens. All we can do now is wish for salvation from the heroes of the land should they arise again.

Dezerai: The Lone Gold Hungry Mongbat statue is still attracting it share of Visitors, mostly mongbats. Willebrord and Selcius the astronomers are still star gazing up at the heavens above at the Moonglow Telescope.

Dezerai: The Encylopedia Magicka, Portal to our sister city Papua is clear (Resdu) as well as the return to the portal (Recsu) . The Lycaeum, Moonglow’s school of Magic is doing well, Herald the Wise reports over 1100 students have graduated, sadly one of those students is still missing, all that was found was the graduation robe and blood, Chief Giggey is still investigating this, still searching for clues. He has reported that there was a Skeleton found, last month, in a large house on the northern side of the island Blood and a large amount refuse found and the room was tossed, as if searching for something.

Dezerai: The apartment behind the Lycaeum had another strange visitor, possible mate of the escaped Mutant Turkey, the Zoo has been asked to capture this one as well, I ask that the zoo place them both in one of the pens at the zoo.

Dezerai: The true book of truth is still well guarded under the Lycaeum. The Lycaeum Annex, Tower of Sorcery, reports that the advance night courses are also doing very well, for those that have no clue where the Tower is, it is due north of Encylopedia Magicka. Jamitos the Ogre still guards the bridge. Students must stable their mounts with Varsuvious the sea serpent. In the Tower there is a full banking option, however there are no city guards as the tower is outside the guard zone wards, but Mesanna’s Puppy still sleeps, er guards that area very well.

Dezerai: Thus ends my report this date Sept 9th.

King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. I will have the royal guard captain look into some of those matters
Dezerai: thank you
King Blackthorn: You are welcome. Now I do have something to report as well. The Trinsic League of Explorers have approached me asking for the royal scholars to help them locate an ancient artifact that has been lost long ago. I have very little more to go on but they may require the help of the royal guard in finding and recovering said artifact. Once more is known, I will have the Captain to call for help from the guards and other adventurers to retrieve it. So expect more info to come real soon
Queen Mum: Aye Sire

King Blackthorn: now let’s open the floor to our audience tonight
Trinsic Rose: Good Evening
King Blackthorn: Trinsic Rose, do you have anything or us tonight?
King Blackthorn: You have the floor =)
Trinsic Rose: I just wanted to say thank you to all the hard work being put into our towns but alas the luna trash can is missing again. I was wondering when it might reappear.
You see: Trinsic Rose
Dezerai: *smiles* Like you? heh he
Trinsic Rose: I’m a shy person

King Blackthorn: The Luna Trash can is currently being replaced. Expect it to return back to Luna soon
Dezerai: *smiles*
Queen Mum: *memories of old pass by of our once Librarian named Trinsic Rose*
Trinsic Rose: May I suggest a metal can I have heard rumor that an ax and a jokester is the cause of it being missing on some areas
Queen Mum: *hmm that is interesting*
Dezerai: *gasp*
Trinsic Rose: my souls misses her as well

King Blackthorn: I will ensure that it will return. The person responsible just needs a reminder. It can not be returned in the state that it is in.
Trinsic Rose: fair enough good sir
King Blackthorn: Is there anything else you would like to discuss tonight?
Trinsic Rose: no thank you

King Blackthorn: Very well, thank you for your time
King Blackthorn: Does anyone else have anything more to add tonight? Governors?
Dezerai: No sir
Cinderella: No Sire
Meche: nope
Queen Mum: Not I Sire
King Blackthorn: Very well, I will go ahead and call the meeting to an end, as short as it was….

*Short chat with EM Xanadar in the courtyard followed* Mostly about the Luna Trash Can, Any Trash Can placed by the EM is only good fro two weeks, for now we wait till the problem is fixed.