The Royal Spies​

Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
Sarah Paumera: Second in Command

Royal spies 10-8-19.jpg

Magnus Grey: Hello all.
Sarah Paumera: *smiles at everyone*
Magnus Grey: Any news to report?

*No one had anything to report*
Magnus Grey: Tonight, I’m sending you to look into a report from Moonglow.
Vixen: ooo *listens*
Magnus Grey: There have been several strange reports this past week. Strange magical effects, disappearing mages, and people having odd dreams.

Malag aste: Other than the usual strange pumpkins and weird graveyard beings?
Duncan: Ain’t that normal for Moonglow? 8chuckles*
Ronan: an alchemist?
Magnus Grey: Yes, Malag, beyond the graveyard issues. Tonight, there are reports of daemons in one part of the island. Biscuit Kreuger: uh oh
Magnus Grey: When mages from the Lycaeum were sent to investigate, they were forced to flee because they said that magic no longer worked in that area.
Destinie Moon: Oh we have to take care of this right away I love Moonglow
Kittie: *raises a brow*
Vixen: what!?
Ronan: the other dimension?
Malag aste: Hum… Mages probably started it.
maints magic: breaks out bow ut oh
Kittie: HUH?!
Magnus Grey: I would like you to investigate this disruption and protect the people of Moonglow.
Deavous: it still smells like a sewer in here *laughs*
Magnus Grey: You are to follow any leads you find.
Biscuit Kreuger: protect Kittie’s House!
Destinie Moon: They are breaking your city Kittie
Magnus Grey: Your magic may not work on parts of the island.
Kittie: *nods* they are.. *growls*
Watcher: rut roh
Destinie Moon: Vandals!!
maints magic: ummm
Duncan: Any headless horsemen?

*Duncan where do you keep that crystal ball?*
Vixen: some sort of damper field??
Magnus Grey: If you are a mage or other arcane user, I suggest a tactical retreat
Kris: so cant even heal that’s not good
Magnus Grey: I haven’t heard about any particulars, headless or otherwise. Hopefully, you can get to the bottom of this. Good luck.

*A gate was made, on a road on Moonglow isle. The chief’s luck with the gate was good as we were not far from the location we had been sent to investigate*

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*As we moved forward we saw what we been sent to deal with, At first all was well, as we moved further up mages prepared to cast, tamers went to command their pets to attack, all were muted, none could say a single word. Tamers had to use hand signals to command pets to attack, while the mages withdrew, archers and warriors charged*

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Duncan: *yelling from just outside the zone* It’s narrow….Cast or command from just outside
Royal spies 10-8-19C.jpg
*As the last Daemon fell, several went scouting in the two houses here, one of the house it was discovery that it was the location of the summoning. Evidence would later show that it had been a young mage casting the spell*

Royal spies 10-8-19D.jpg

Kittie: *waves everyone over*
Ronan: how do we get to ethereal void lycaeum?
Destinie Moon: Kittie
Kittie: Yes?

Door Bat: Gilforn’s Voice: “You have reached my home. I can’t come to the door right now.” “If you wish to leave a message, please go ahead.” “The Seers of the Moonstone can be found in the Ethereal Void Lycaeum.” “If for some reason you don’t have the address, um…ask nicely?”

Ronan: Dr. Owl! *outside the field*
Dr. Owl: *motions you to follow*
Duncan: *Yelling really loud* Everyone! Over here with Doctor Owl! W e can talk over here!
Dr. Owl: *tests magic* It works here.

Kittie: Who was summoning these daemons?!
Dr. Owl: I was picking up a change of clothing for Gilforn.
Kittie: And why didn’t anyone TELL me?!
Destinie Moon: Magic worked there, it was the ability to talk to our pets that was not able to be done
Dr. Owl: Daemons? Not us. But we aren’t the only mages in Moonglow.
Kittie: *points to the house across from Gilforns*
Dr. Owl: Gilforn and bathing are not always friends. Brilliant, but forgetful.
Kittie: In the house across from Gilforns.. Someone was summoning them..
Dr. Owl: I don’t know Gilforn’s neighbors.
Vixen: There is blood and a body there
Dr. Owl: I will take a look.
Kittie: *nods*
Dr. Owl: But magic is strange these days.
Kittie: *nods*
Destinie Moon: well specially when one is dabling in things they shouldn’t
Kittie: Indeed..
Dr. Owl: My order has noticed times where our magic fails for no reason.
Kittie: Whomever summoned them.. must be stopped..
Duncan: Am I remembering’ it right that there was something bad in that house a few weeks ago too? or’m I getting confused again?
Kittie: We can’t have magic acting so finicky.. Especially here..
Dr. Owl: Moonglow mages are sometimes a fickle lot, Duncan.

maints magic: aye
Dr. Owl: We get into trouble.
Duncan: Think so eh?
Dr. Owl: Maybe I should let you talk to other members of my order while I check the house.
Kittie: *nods* Please.. I would be interested to speak to them..
Dr. Owl: *casts a gate* *goes to check the house*

*Next Stop Ethereal Void Lycaeum*

Royal spies 10-8-19E.jpg

Duncan: “Are these fires new?’
You see: Soulbound Horror *Yep you guess it, another battle only this time we were not hampered with the inability to speak*

Royal spies 10-8-19F.jpg

Fyrgen: The rose will lose its thorn to madness. The ranger has already fallen. The bedlam born on the eventide rises. The nibbling spirits consume your heart. I can hear the Voice too clearly now. No dreams are safe…

Vixen: who are they where are they
Bridgette: I think the ranger is at the well of souls not dead
Vixen: who are they where are they
Duncan: “How did the ranger fall?’
Biscuit Kreuger: Voice of Who?
Biscuit Kreuger: Vixen run your hand through him is it another projection?
You see: Dr. Owl
Kittie: Dr Owl..
Ronan: Dr. Owl!
Dr. Owl: My friend, are you well?

Duncan: Well’s the least thing he is, Owl.
Dr. Owl: How long has he been like this?
Kittie: I don’t think your friend is..
Biscuit Kreuger: his needle is skipping
Dr. Owl: Fyrgen is a dream-walker, a seer.
Duncan: The Time Lord said similar words to us not too long ago.

Royal spies 10-8-19G.jpg

Vixen: he is foreseeing?
You see: Bandit the Marvelous
Dr. Owl: Yes, I believe he is seeing something.
You see: Bandit the Marvelous
Duncan: But it sounds like things’r happening way quicker than we thought.
Kittie: I see.. are they foreseeing the same as the time lord?

Vixen: is there a way to know?
Destinie Moon: When did Shamino fall?
Biscuit Kreuger: the time lord was an image
Dr. Owl: This place feels strange…
Biscuit Kreuger: is this one too?
Kittie: *frowns and looks around*

Duncan: “Could be…”
Dr. Owl: Can you describe it for this blind man? What has changed?
Duncan: Fires and undead monstrosities.
Vixen: I see ghost flames there and there and here and there

Dr. Owl: Fires?
Vixen: yes white flames
Dr. Owl: Fires and undead?
Kittie: *nods*
Dr. Owl: Gilforn was tracking eight spirit migrations. It seems our work was not unnoticed.
Vixen: they may all be here’
Kittie: *frowns*
Dr. Owl: I looked into the mage who summoned the daemons…
Destinie Moon: Have they been tracking you in return and hunting you to stop us
Vixen: and?
Dr. Owl: A young man tried a new spell…
Kittie: And?

Vixen: is he well??
Dr. Owl: But then magic broke…
Kittie: *sighs*
maints magic: many times it seems
Dr. Owl: He is dead before his time.
Vixen: *sad*
Dr. Owl: Daemons are hard to control with binding circles. And when the mana of the circle snaps…
Duncan: Magic broke…What broke it.
Dr. Owl: Something is affecting magic all over Sosaria.

Glycerine: how does it break
Kittie: So.. how can we stop this and make the island safe for it’s residents again?
Dr. Owl: It is hard to predict, but the effect is growing.
Vixen: any way y to fine out what it is?
maints magic: “sighs”
Destinie Moon: Not a what, a they, I think we know who broke the magic.
Dr. Owl: Possibly there is a way to find the source.
Kittie: Well, how can we stop it?
Destinie Moon: who has been using it in un natural ways
Kittie: How
Destinie Moon: even for necromancy
maints magic: “listens”
Dr. Owl: But with my mages weakened or broken like Fyrgen here, it is difficult.
Vixen: *waits*

Dr. Owl: Fyrgen won’t be the first broken seer.
Kittie: I will give all that I have to make the island safe again!
maints magic: mages are in abundance in this group
Kittie: I will give all that I have to make the island safe again!
Dr. Owl: If it gets worse, all mages may suffer.
Destinie Moon: Can we isolate him and put him in a status like area to freeze him from any further damage?
Dr. Owl: I have an idea for a potion.
Vixen: Moonglow is also mine home. I also will help
Dr. Owl: With a base of Caddellite.

Castaholic: I don’t like this no magic talk
Kittie: *nods* Whatever you need, consider it done.
Kedias: Khaldun?
Dr. Owl: If I send you my notes, could you help me collect some possible ingredients?
Kittie: I won’t let Moonglow fall to this.. Not now.. not ever.

Martyna Z’muir: You want to feed him a rare metal?
Vixen: *nods*
Dr. Owl: If I send you my notes, could you help me collect some possible ingredients?

Kittie: Of course.
Destinie Moon: Yes
Dr. Owl: The metal will need to be treated correctly, Martyna. Otherwise, you are correct that it is poison. I will send you my notes later. Sadly, I am at a loss for what you do next.

Kittie: I see..
Fyrgen: *looks up* The Rider stalks Lady Tory on the Isle of Deeds.
Destinie Moon: Lady Tory
Dr. Owl: Oh no…
Destinie Moon: we need to go NOW
Dr. Owl: You must hurry…
Vixen: we need to go there now
maints magic: that may be what we need to “go to” now

*Another gate, this time we were on Serpent’s Hold*

*(I am sorry but I failed to get any snaps, I will say it was a quick, brutal battle with the forces of Evil, and the Headless rider made a appearance)*

Lady Tory: No… It must happen like this…
Destinie Moon: Why
Kittie: Wh-What? What do you mean?!
Destinie Moon: You must not have any harm come to you
Kittie: You surely don’t mean Moonglow must suffer?!?!
Lady Tory: I know what will happen if I resist.
Kittie: W-What?? Lady Tory..
Lady Tory: My son… My son…
Kittie: I would give my LIFE for Moonglow
Lady Tory: I must protect him…

Destinie Moon: where is your baby. Where is your son
Vixen: where is he was he taken who took him
Lady Tory: No…he is with his grandmother for now…

Kittie: Tell us where he is.. we will bring him back.. safely.
Destinie Moon: where are they so we can protect them

Lady Tory: If I flee, I put him in danger…
Kittie: We’re not asking you to flee..
Destinie Moon: you won’t flee but you don’t need to die

*(I wanted to ask “flee from whom?”, but I was really busy trying to keep the dragon up, I found out later the whom*)

You see: Headless Rider

Kittie: Lady Tory..
Duncan: LOOK OUT!!!!
Lady Tory: *whispers* He is a pawn on the board.
Kittie: The headless rider?!
Destinie Moon: You are NOT going with him
Kittie: A pawn?
Vixen: chess board?
Lady Tory: The Eventide is mortal.

Kittie: Okay.. But what of Moonglow?
Lady Tory: After I’m gone, follow the trail.
Duncan: *Yelling* “If it’s mortal we can kill it!’
Destinie Moon: You are not going
Lady Tory: Moonglow is a square on the board.
Kittie: What?!
Kedias: If it bleeds? Eh…?
Destinie Moon: your a game piece? he is a pawn
Duncan: “Aye, if it bleeds.” *winks*
Spoonman: shall we play a game?

Vixen: when she is gone follow the trail what trail??
Kittie: *nods* but she’s also saying that Moonglow is only a square on the board.. I don’t let it become a part of this wicked game.
Lady Tory: Names on pumpkins… ***
Vixen: when she is gone follow the trail what trail??
Lady Tory: Stories in towns… A Vesper Moon rises..***

You see: Headless Rider
Headless Rider: All will serve the Eventide.
Kittie: *growls*

Lady Tory: He will come in the night if I do not leave with him…
Malag aste: No think not
Headless Rider: All will serve the Eventide.
Kittie: I’m about to serve you to a scalis!
Vixen: you!!! *charges forward*

Lady Tory: My son…my light…all for him… *runs out of the fort*
Duncan: Whatever ya think you’re doin’ lady you don’t gotta do it.
Kittie: YOU!!!!!
Duncan: *punches with buckler*
Lady Tory: *screams*
Headless Rider: *grabs Lady Tory*
Kittie: *Attempts to pounce him off the horse!* DANG IT!!!!!

*And they gone*
Duncan: * sighs*
Spoonman: follow the trail… trail of what?
Duncan: A trail we can’t follow. “A missing diplomat and a trail we can’t follow. “
Malag aste: *brushes his sleeve* I think you were shedding twigs on me.

*Back at the HQ*
Kittie: *Growling lowly*
*in disbelief* Vixen: was the headless there ??

Destinie Moon: he was there and gone and there
Magnus Grey: How did it go?
Destinie Moon: taunting us
Kittie: *Growls* ..
maints magic: Lady tory was nabbed by a headless dude
Destinie Moon: Who was Jack

Magnus Grey: Lady Tory?
Queen Lara: Forul Solum – Enemy of One
Magnus Grey: *frowns*
Destinie Moon: why is that name important
Queen Lara: definitely feel I was toyed with
Vixen: not good damper is still there and we met the headless a second time and lost
Magnus Grey: Jack? Name sounds familiar.
Watcher: Headless Rider kidnaped her
Destinie Moon: why do i feel he is the headless horseman

Spoonman: jack the pumpkin king?
Duncan: I think….Wasn’t that the thing that took over one of the Ilsh dungeons last year?
Magnus Grey: Didn’t he take over the Sorcerers Dungeon a few years ago?
Duncan: Aye spoon if it’s what we’re thinkin’.
Destinie Moon: Well he is back
Malag aste: That would be the guy.

Magnus Grey: I will have James pull the file on him. I may ask you to investigate his past more.
Kittie: *digging her claws into her chair*
Vixen: bet you its a huge file

Magnus Grey: What was happening in Moonglow?
maints magic: Dr Owl and his mages are a bit flustered about loss of magic randomly
Destinie Moon: He was mentioned as a pawn, and that Moonglow is a piece on the board
Biscuit Kreuger: people summoning demons
Kittie: Summoning of Daemons.. Magic being sporadically lost..

Duncan: Magic broke at the wrong time. Decent odds’r it’s the Eventide, Jack, who broke it.
Kittie: And Moonglow is only a tile on a chess board.
Magnus Grey: Magic loss a the wrong time could be disastrous.
Vixen: a young mage sought to cast the spell of summon and it went wrong, he is dead

Kittie: Especially on the isle of Mages.
Magnus Grey: I will send some people to clean up the mess. I wish people would summon less lethal creatures.

Destinie Moon: I think we need to investigate the fellowship more, see who they are playing with. I have a very bad feeling
Queen Lara: yeah
maints magic: chipmunks?
Vixen: I do to
Duncan: *nods*

Kittie: thank you Magnus.. otherwise, I can help clean it up as well..
Magnus Grey: Destinie, I share your worries.
Destinie Moon: This wasn’t so common before them
Magnus Grey: So after Moonglow, where did your investigation lead?

Magnus Grey: Lady Tory was taken from Serpent’s Hold?
Malag aste: Well to the alternate area and then Serpents Hold.
Vixen: yes that where the headless was
Malag aste: Aye
maints magic: by headless dude
Malag aste: Thats where the Headless was making threats

Spoonman: she told us to follow the trail after she is gone…
maints magic: we need to grab that monster
Vixen: Mine hand was shaking while trying to take notes I have to read and rewrite them
maints magic: haha
Magnus Grey: *nods*
Destinie Moon: So this maybe un orthodox and very un lady like of me
Magnus Grey: We will follow the trail. Do not worry .
Duncan: Me too Vix…Can barely read mine. *sighs*
Destinie Moon: but cant we just clean slate the fellowship
maints magic: follow the names

Vixen: follow the trail’ she said
Destinie Moon: then see if things reset
maints magic: smiles

Destinie Moon: *smiles politely*
Kittie: I agree..
Magnus Grey: Like Ter Mur? I have asked for permission to do that. The King has his own thoughts on the matter.
Destinie Moon: well I will ask the governor I am sure they will agree with the towns *smiles*
Kittie: *nods* I already agree it’s a good idea..
Destinie Moon: they are like a plague
Magnus Grey: *nods*

Destinie Moon: worse than the pirates
Magnus Grey: I will pass this information on to the King.
Kittie: *nods*
Magnus Grey: Is there anything else I should share with him?

Duncan: How’s His grace these days by the way. *lights a pipe*
Magnus Grey: The King seems his usual private self.
maints magic: opinionated it seems
Duncan: *nods*
Biscuit Kreuger: am I the only one who feels that part about the rose has to do with Blackthorns dungeon?

Duncan: How’s His grace these days by the way. *lights a pipe*
Magnus Grey: The King seems his usual private self.
maints magic: opionated it seems
Duncan: *nods* No you’re not, Biscuit. *chuckles*
Magnus Grey: The ranger has fallen? *frowns*

Duncan: One of Owl’s people said that.
Magnus Grey: Dr. Owl?
Duncan: Probably means Shamino but wasn’t clear on how he fell.
Magnus Grey: He mentioned he was sending some notes on a potion he wants help with.
Duncan: One of his people. I forget the name.
Vixen: yes *looks tru her notes
Magnus Grey: Something to help mages.
maints magic: wonders if that is Shamino reference
Magnus Grey: But that he hasn’t finished getting them transcribed for all of you.

Biscuit Kreuger: was close to fergusen
maints magic: well of souls and all that
Biscuit Kreuger: heh
Destinie Moon: *ponders*
Magnus Grey: *nods to maints magic*
Magnus Grey: Something to look into as well.
Biscuit Kreuger: blind man transcribing…
Syranox: what about owl saying something about an ingredient list would send…
Magnus Grey: Dr. Owl has lots of people working for him.

maints magic: caddelite required
Magnus Grey: Syranox, he said he would send it soon. While tonight had a loss, you still did good work. We will rescue Lady Tory if we can. And De Snel

Vixen: our mission is to save and protect we fail that part tonight
Biscuit Kreuger: maybe fix that seer in the lycaeum needs a good bonk on the head or something
Magnus Grey: You protected Moonglow from daemons, Vixen.
Vixen: headless has two strike on us
Magnus Grey: Sadly, we cannot save everyone always. I release you.

Thus ends this report!