Minutes from last night’s meeting​

Present for the Meeting:
Gov Cinderella (Minoc)
Gov Dezerai (Moonglow)
Gov Kristoff (New Magincia)
Gov Lavendar (Vesper)
Gov Meche (Trinsic)

meeting started.jpg

Note: The seat for Yew is still Vacant, if you wish to be the Governor for that city then petition the King now, or wait till December 1st as then the Nomination Period will start for a week, and right after that one week for voting.

Absent from the Meeting:
Gov for Britain
Gov for Jhelom
Gov for Skara Brae

Special Guest: Rayce [HELP]

Below are the minutes from the short meeting the Governors had this evening.

Dezerai: Seems the King is absent yet. I shall start the meeting with my report if that is alright with you?
Meche: go ahead and start the meeting so that our Governors can proceed

Dezerai: *clears throat* Here is mine report, right now the city’s treasury balance is well over
900 million. The city’s buff is a +2 MR, Merchant’s Association. The Guardian of Moonglow, The Void Dragon stills sleeps. Chief Giggey is always on Duty to protect the Citizens of the City. The Lone Gold Hungry Mongbat statue is still attracting it share of Visitors, mostly mongbats.

Willebrord and Selcius the astronomers are still star gazing up at the heavens above at the Moonglow Telescope. The Encylopedia Magicka, Portal to our sister city Papua is clear (Resdu) as well as the return to the portal (Recsu) .

The Lycaeum, Moonglow’s school of Magic is doing well, Herald the Wise reports over another 1000 students have graduated.

Chief Giggey is still investigating the kidnaping of three key err People, all from the Tower of Sorcery, all are still missing. Lazarus the human fisher, Zanby the Mongbat Banker, and Reebon the undead mage innkeeper.

Thus ends my report this date B.Y.9/37/399 (11-10-19).

Meche: next Sonya can you report on New Magincia
Sonya Kristoff: Currently we have over 480 million in the city coffers, currently we are experiencing a lull in pirate activity’s in our area due to citizens fighting. This is all that I have to report at this time

Meche: thank you Sonya. Cinderella will you report on Minoc?

Cinderella: Minoc is getting prepared for the festivities of next month. The women are preparing the wine and making chocolates. The miners love this time of year, for their product is in high demand. We are so excited to host the Artisan Festival when it gets to our city. And can not wait for all the month will hold. At this time, Minoc is keeping busy, thus ends my report.

Meche: Thank you Cinderella. Lavendar will you now report on Vesper?

Lavendar: Thank you. Vesper is experiencing the first bit of chill in the air which makes me very excited as it means the holidays are near!

I too am excited about the Artisan Festival and all the holiday festivities that are coming up.

We are happy to report that the demon butchers are no longer attacking innocent people going to visit the cemetery. They seem to have moved away.

Our coffers are well stocked, thanks to the help of many, including some of our dear governors. Thank you all for the help. I hope to see you all next term, and perhaps we can get a few more active governors!

I have no more to report this evening. Thank you all for coming

Meche: Thank you very much. I shall report on Trinsic now. At this time Trinsic city coffers are over 500 million. I would love to say we are in partnership with a trade alliance but at this time it is not so it seems with the disappearance of Citizens from the Tower of Sorcery and Butchers roaming the Cemeteries that they have gone into hiding and are worried for their safety

I have dispatched the noble Paladins to stand guard and once again offer their services to any town which needs it. We as many others are preparing for the upcoming Artisan Festival and look forward to the coming snow.

With elections coming up in 17 days I remind you to get out and campaign for your towns and if you wish to step down please remember to still vote for a replacement

That concludes my report on Trinsic at this time

Is there any other business that needs to be discussed before we adjourn this meeting tonight?

Lavendar: Rayce we would love to have you talk to us

Rayce [HELP] : Thank you, it would be an honor. I admire the way the way your meeting is conducted. You are concise and straight to the point. I am glad to see that the cities of Sonoma shard in such good hands. I do plan attending more meetings and maybe even become a Governor of your council, aye, with elections upon us, now would be a good time I think

Lavendar: We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a governor in Yew the seat has been vacant for perhaps a year, and if you need any help here you know you can count on myself and all of the others here.

Meche: Is there any other business that needs to be discussed before we adjourn this meeting tonight?

Rayce: I do have a question
Lavendar: yes?
Meche: go ahead
Dezerai: yes sir?
Rayce: did you do an announcement the meeting was starting tonight?
Dezerai: yes
Meche: Any other questions?
Dezerai: no
Meche: Then I am calling for a vote to end this meeting and ask that Dezerai you forward the minutes to our king, all in favor?

meeting over.jpg

Sonya Kristoff: aye
Dezerai: aye
Meche: aye
Lavendar: aye
Meche: opposed?
Cinderella: aye
Meche: ayes have it
Meche: thank you and good night