Mesanna: shall we begin
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: waiting on bleak
Kyronix: Hello Great Lakes!
Mesanna: One sec
Mesanna: Please understand this Meet and Greet is for Production issues
Mesanna: we will not be discussing New Legacy at this time
Mesanna: that is for a different venue =)
Mesanna: now lets begin please
Mesanna: Greetings
Merus: Thank you for taking the time to visit with us
Mesanna: thanks for having us
Merus: I come tonight about an issue we have visited in this forum about a few times
Merus: going back almost a year
Merus: it is the issue of the classic client targeting
Merus: the select nearest hostile is very broken
Merus: has there been any progress on this?
Mesanna: I have two things to comment on this
Mesanna: it might have been reported
Mesanna: but 80% of the time we just do not have the information to reproduce it
Mesanna: if we can not reproduce something we can’t fix it
Merus: i sent you an email with pictures and a detailed description on April 27th
Mesanna: with that being said no progress has been taken on this because we have to reproduce it
Merus: you told me if you needed more information you would let me know
Merus: but i havent heard anything
Mesanna: you doing and us reproducing it is two different things
Mesanna: OS
Mesanna: speed
Mesanna: lag
Mesanna: connection
Mesanna: UI
Mesanna: all these are factors
Mesanna: shoot sometimes
Merus: i understand all of those things
Mesanna: because UO is so special
Merus: i can reporduce it at will
Merus: any day
Merus: any time
Mesanna: sometimes its race
Merus: im happy to help show you
Mesanna: or being a male or female
Mesanna: yes
Mesanna: I was getting there
Mesanna: they are complaining about how loud I am typing
Mesanna: so sorry lost my train of thought
Merus: np
Mesanna: we would love to set up a time
Mesanna: with you and Misk to reproduce this
Mesanna: email me
Mesanna: we will set up a time to go over this bug
Merus: ok, I will do that
Mesanna: wonderful
Merus: thank you all for investigating
Mesanna: most welcome
Mesanna: you have my email so set up a good time ok
Mesanna: Greetings
Candy Spice: Good evening all , i have a few questions but will only ask 1 at a time.
Mesanna: ok
Candy Spice: this recently happened to me on another shard but bidding on an item on an auction safe
Candy Spice: and then the owner banning you from the house
Candy Spice: is there a way to stop this from happening?
Candy Spice: you lose item and the gold
Mesanna: hrm that is an interesting situtation
Mesanna: I don’t think it has come up until now
Mesanna: so let me get this straight
Mesanna: you put in a bid on something
Mesanna: owner banned you from the house
Mesanna: your bid wins
Mesanna: and you can’t get it or your money back?
Candy Spice: correct
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: you didn’t get your money back?
Candy Spice: correct
Mesanna: hrm this came up once before and you should have gotten your money back
Mesanna: please do me a favor
Mesanna: email me with details of when this happened
Mesanna: Bleak feels you should have gotten your money back
Candy Spice: which email is the best to reach you?
Mesanna: we would like to recreate this
Mesanna: [email protected]
Mesanna: but you are correct that is a bug if you did not get your money back
Candy Spice: thank you! i will let others go and ill come back with more fun ones
Mesanna: thank you for bringing this up
Mesanna: greetings
Vixen: Greetings to you all
Vixen: There has been reports of Multi Boxers at a few EM events.
Vixen: Hard nor to see them when you can see the spamming
Vixen: of multi casting of Chiv spells all at the same time
Vixen: flashing across the Screen.
Vixen: Is there any way a GM can monitor the EM events during the combat?
Mesanna: no we do not have enough to take calls and monitor EM events BUT
Mesanna: I have you guys
Vixen: *nods*
Mesanna: the EM’s call when they see it
Vixen: we will try very hard the next time
Mesanna: but you know they have their hands full
Mesanna: doing the event
Vixen: I died during the spamming
Mesanna: sooo
Mesanna: if you guys see someone multiboxing
Mesanna: use a harrassement page and page them
Vixen: *nods*
Mesanna: tell them it is a EM event
Vixen: thank you and also thank you for all the fun you have done with the black gate
Mesanna: I would and I am sure many others would greatly appreciate it
Vixen: *waves*
Mesanna: we are so glad you are enjoying it
Mesanna: Greetings
Kyronix: Hello!
Biscuit Kreuger: Hail Devs and Devettes
Mesanna: lol
Biscuit Kreuger: so I have 3 simple questions
Biscuit Kreuger: feel free to add as much info as willing
Biscuit Kreuger: I didnt notice on the halloween updates as to whether we would be getting new items for trick
Biscuit Kreuger: or treat
Biscuit Kreuger: is that in the cards for us this year?
Mesanna: sorry but there are many other items
Mesanna: just ran out of time for candy
Biscuit Kreuger: alrighty into the harder hitting questions
Mesanna: maybe this year we should give out little dentists
Mesanna: lol
Biscuit Kreuger: with the new transmogrification potion
Biscuit Kreuger: will there be an option in the future to use it on other item slots
Biscuit Kreuger: and will there be an option such as on these parrots
Biscuit Kreuger: to retain the name of the original item
Biscuit Kreuger: ?
Mesanna: other item slots maybe this will be advanced to other items
Mesanna: depends on how it is received by the players
Biscuit Kreuger: 10-4
Mesanna: so I guess your answer is it is possible
Biscuit Kreuger: alrighty
Biscuit Kreuger: last but not least
Biscuit Kreuger: there wasnt a forseeable ending to this black gate that I saw
Biscuit Kreuger: but I have heard rumor of the champion spawn that will accompany it
Biscuit Kreuger: will that be a short window of time for participation?
Biscuit Kreuger: or will it run with the event?
Mesanna: each version runs approx a month
Mesanna: so you will have plenty of time
Biscuit Kreuger: excellent
Biscuit Kreuger: thank you for the time
Mesanna: most welcome
Mesanna: Greetings
Lady Watcher: Good evening!
Watcher: please fix the missing arcane circle on Formosa Trammel facet
Mesanna: sure
Watcher: it is shortchangind us a strength bonus
Mesanna: not it has not
Mesanna: I will fix it
Watcher: thanks
Mesanna: but it still give a bonus
Watcher: also
Mesanna: anything else?
Watcher: one big vote for not to remove the login to retrieve pets fix
Watcher: last week was at ENM event with monsters that shoveyou away from them
from them
Mesanna: we are not touching that
Watcher: pet was shoved into an inaccessible wall area at gargoyle shrine
Watcher: only way was to log in and out to retrieve the pet
Watcher: in ilshenar
Watcher: so thats for leaving that in!
Mesanna: we are not changing login for pets
Watcher: awesome
Watcher: much appreciated
Mesanna: no problem
Watcher: have a great eveing
Watcher: i need a new keyboard
Mesanna: have a great evening
Mesanna: me too
Mesanna: my eyes are blank
Mesanna: typing blind here
Mesanna: good evening Daisy
Kyronix: Hello!
Daisy: Good Evening to you all
Daisy: and just let me start by saying Thank you for all your hard work
Mesanna: Most welcome
Daisy: i have one little request is all
Daisy: please can the ginger stack?
Kyronix: The ingredient?
Daisy: yes
Daisy: you buy from baker
Kyronix: Would have to see how it is currently implemented
Daisy: My cook would be so happy if it can be done
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: we will try
Daisy: thanks again for all you do
Mesanna: check the newsletter maybe we can have an answer for you on this there
Daisy: 22 years and still not bored
Mesanna: me too =)
Daisy: Have a great evening
Mesanna: you also
Kyronix: *waves*
Mesanna: Good evening
Kyronix: Hello!
Duncan: Hello.
Duncan: Good evening. Long ago you mentioned that a certain database error could cause an item to not be able to be put on a vendor — just like if it was duped. Is there a method we can use to tell the difference?
Mesanna: one moment
Mesanna: can you tell me why you are asking this
Duncan: Because you said it some years back and it’s always bothered me that there seemed to be no way for me, as a seller, to tell the difference between a dupe and a database error short of tracing the provenance of the item.
Mesanna: the system no longer flags those items
Mesanna: that are not duped
Duncan: Oh. Ok. THank you.
Duncan: *bows*
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: thank you Great Lakes for having us
Kyronix: Thanks Great Lakes for having us!
Mesanna: keep an eye on the newsletter for upcoming news
EM Malachi: Thank you for coming to our shard!
Bleak: Thanks for coming out!
Mesanna: *hugs*
EM Elizabella: *smiles*