[EM Asiantam]: Hello
[Kyronix ]: Hello!
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[gift]: Good morning
[Bleak]: Morning!
[gift]: Will you be taking the questions today Kyronix? 😀
[Kyronix ]: Running through some technical difficulties
[Kyronix ]: So bear with us, but go ahead and ask a question!
[gift]: I have some questions about the black gate champion spawn
[gift]: Was it intended for them to disappear now?
[Kyronix ]: the Black Gate was a limited edition champion spawn
[gift]: So it’s turned off now correct?
[Kyronix ]: *looks at calendar*
[Kyronix ]: I believe so
[Kyronix ]: Depends onw hen it was launched on each shard
[gift]: Will it be impossible to further obtain Baitlins talisman?
[Kyronix ]: For the moment
[gift]: Would you be able to elaborate on the uses of the mysterious cube? 😀
[Kyronix ]: It’s decorative, some folks are getting creative with building with it
[gift]: Oh so it won’t have a further role in the lore?
[Kyronix ]: If it did I wouldn’t divulge that now
[Kyronix ]: It’d be a a suprise ::D
[gift]: hehe okay. well that’s all from me
[Kyronix ]: Thanks for the questions!
[gift]: thanks a lot, have a great day!
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[EM Asiantam]: Good evening
[EM Asiantam]: About book of lore
[EM Asiantam]: I like it
[EM Asiantam]: but please translate it so we can read it in Japanese
[Kyronix ]: We will keep that in mind for the future
[Kyronix ]: Thank you for the feedback!
[EM Asiantam]: looking forward to it
[EM Asiantam]: thank you!
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[EM Asiantam]: thank you for fixing Treasure of Undead lord on Izumo
[EM Asiantam]: We see a lot of ppl in Deceit now
[EM Asiantam]: It thrills me, exciting and fun
[Kyronix ]: 😀
[EM Asiantam]: so do you have any future plan that makes us so excited same as Treasure of Undesd Lords?
[Kyronix ]: Yes, we have another event coming later this month that we hope you will find as exciting
[EM Asiantam]: We are looking forward to it!
[Tigaya]: I’m looking forward to the New Legacy project! Have a nice day!
[Kyronix ]: Thank you!
[EM Asiantam]: Good evening
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[EM Asiantam]: About EM Event boss
[EM Asiantam]: there are very few loots in their corpse
[EM Asiantam]: I mean very poor
[EM Asiantam]: do you have any plan to improve it?
[EM Asiantam]: we die a lot but earn vry few
[EM Asiantam]: very
[Kyronix ]: We are aware of this and are looking at the best ways to address the feedback
[EM Asiantam]: Hope we get it fixed as soom as possible
[EM Asiantam]: they are almost trash, so at least for the quality of the loot
[EM Asiantam]: thank you
[Bleak]: One moment
[EM Asiantam]: k
[Demeteru]: Good Morning!
[Bleak]: Greetings!
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[EM Asiantam]: About battle chicken lizards
[EM Asiantam]: Can you make colored eggs stackable?
[Kyronix ]: Maybe, we have to see hwo these items are setup
[EM Asiantam]: I have 1800 pcs of them
[EM Asiantam]: thank you
[Demeteru]: thank you
[EM Asiantam]: She said she has 2000 pce normal eggs also lol
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[EM Asiantam]: Good evening
[EM Asiantam]: She needs more pets tamable as mounts
[EM Asiantam]: for example
[EM Asiantam]: Lions, wild tigers
[Kyronix ]: Oh my!
[Kyronix ]: Thank you for the feedback, we had something like this in the last newsletter
[Kyronix ]: Thank you for the suggestion!
[Kyronix ]: 😀
[Crystal] Kyronix says: 😀
[Nano]: Thank you!
[Crystal] Nano says: Thank you!
[EM Asiantam]: Hi boss
[Mesanna]: hi sorry I am late
[EM Asiantam]: 🙂
[Mesanna]: good morning
[Wasabi]: konnnichiwa
[EM Asiantam]: She needs chance to get bandage belt if possible
[EM Asiantam]: for example
[Mesanna]: the firest aid belt
[EM Asiantam]: resuming Treasure of Khaldun
[EM Asiantam]: right
[Mesanna]: we will re introduce that at a later time
[EM Asiantam]: thank you
[Mesanna]: thank you
[EM Asiantam]: Good evenng
[Mesanna]: Greetings
[EM Asiantam]: about city stone
[EM Asiantam]: election
[EM Asiantam]: Please restrict one account per one shard for voting
[EM Asiantam]: there are many who come from other shards
[EM Asiantam]: thank you for your understanding
[Kyronix ]: Thank you for the feedback
[Kyronix ]: We have no plans to adjust this at this time
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[EM Asiantam]: good evening
[EM Asiantam]: she is asking to change the art of Jewerly box
[EM Asiantam]: she wants to remove the mirror
[Mesanna]: we are not changing the art for existing items
[Mesanna]: can I ask why
[EM Asiantam]: because she place many in her room
[EM Asiantam]: and
[EM Asiantam]: if there are too many mirrors
[EM Asiantam]: that looks not good
[Mesanna]: then you can be the House of Mirrors =)
[Mesanna]: *grins*
[Mesanna]: we are not going to be changing that art sorry
[EM Asiantam]: how about adding new art?
[Mesanna]: you mean a second jewelry box?
[EM Asiantam]: with different art, yes
[EM Asiantam]: with the same function
[Mesanna]: we can add it to the suggestions but there are many other things before that
[Mesanna]: I don’t want to give you false hope it will be added soon
[EM Asiantam]: but please save me from the house of mirrors
[EM Asiantam]: 😀
[Mesanna]: lol
[EM Asiantam]: as soon as possible
[Mesanna]: thats cute
[Mesanna]: thank you for the feedback
[EM Asiantam]: yes cute
[Po]: see you!
[Mesanna]: you also
[Mesanna]: good evening
[EM Asiantam]: about localization of Japanese
[EM Asiantam]: Translation
[EM Asiantam]: Black gate quest
[EM Asiantam]: we understand how to accept and how to carry on with it but there are many other parts are remained in English
[EM Asiantam]: Why they are remained in English?
[Mesanna]: can you be specific
[Mesanna]: I know we have a good translater that plays UO
[EM Asiantam]: well they are not indicated in Sylvester
[EM Asiantam]: I am no longer able to translate it
[EM Asiantam]: if you can put them in Sylvester I can do that
[Mesanna]: what is she talking about
[Mesanna]: is it something specific
[EM Asiantam]: well if you need to translate it please give me text
[Mesanna]: if I had any idea of what she is talking about I would
[EM Asiantam]: if devs give me text, I would
[Mesanna]: stop
[Mesanna]: what text!!
[Mesanna]: what is she talking about
[Mesanna]: specific
[EM Asiantam]: quest text
[Mesanna]: we do our best
[Mesanna]: if something was missed then it was just overlooked
[Mesanna]: we are getting quest text translated
[EM Asiantam]: 8 items that she can get from the quest
[Mesanna]: thank you for your feedback
[EM Asiantam]: and when can we get those text translated?
[Mesanna]: umm no I doubt those will be translated
[EM Asiantam]: and the messages?
[Mesanna]: thank you for the feedback
[EM Asiantam]: when we get quest items
[EM Asiantam]: like Julia’s blood or else
[Mesanna]: probably not the items themselves
[EM Asiantam]: items and messages
[EM Asiantam]: and virtue runes
[EM Asiantam]: all explanations are remained in English
[Mesanna]: Understand
[EM Asiantam]: thank you
[Mesanna]: we can try to make improvements but I can tell you
[Mesanna]: the item names will probably stay in english
[Mesanna]: thank you
[EM Asiantam]: yes she accepts item names
[EM Asiantam]: in English but
[EM Asiantam]: still needs explanatons in Japanese
[EM Asiantam]: for better understandings
[Mesanna]: we will look at improvments
[Mesanna]: no guarantees though
[EM Asiantam]: number of players will be decresed then
[EM Asiantam]: your consideration will be appreciated
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Tired]: Hi
[EM Asiantam]: about imbuing
[EM Asiantam]: please let us imbue or reinforce in the lower layer of the backpack
[EM Asiantam]: like bag in bag
[Mesanna]: Hrm
[Mesanna]: we will look into it
[Mesanna]: see if it breaks other functions to allow this
[EM Asiantam]: looking forward to it
[Tired]: thanks!
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: good evening
[EM Asiantam]: Good evening
[EM Asiantam]: about EM event drop
[EM Asiantam]: while I was dieing, I got message that I will get a reward after I get rez,
[EM Asiantam]: but I didn’t get anything
[EM Asiantam]: why this happen?
[EM Asiantam]: I mean how to prevent this?
[Mesanna]: was there room in her pack?
[EM Asiantam]: yes
[EM Asiantam]: almost empty
[Mesanna]: not sure what happened then
[Mesanna]: was it this weekend?
[EM Asiantam]: Balhae in September and Napa in October
[Mesanna]: not sure this is the first we have heard of this honestly
[Mesanna]: we can look into it but this is the first we have heard
[Mesanna]: if it happens again please email me the exact details
[EM Asiantam]: gate travelling during EM event
[Mesanna]: these are all EM questions honestly
[Mesanna]: I do not tell them how to operate their events
[EM Asiantam]: he is talking about server
[EM Asiantam]: it’s very laggy
[Mesanna]: use the teleporters
[Mesanna]: we have new teleporters that will go to random locations
[EM Asiantam]: yes that is, but he is saying this is because of the server
[EM Asiantam]: not about the teleporters, it’s laggy
[EM Asiantam]: so after he go through teleporter, he often finds himself dead
[Mesanna]: not sure there is a clear solution
[EM Asiantam]: he can’t move and he even cant fight
[EM Asiantam]: that is very stressful
[Mesanna]: guess the EM’s should bring the players away from the fight then
[Mesanna]: we can look to see if its something we can fix
[Mesanna]: but lots of people and monsters in one loction will cause alot of lag
[Mesanna]: on the server
[Mesanna]: dividing them up helps
[Mesanna]: but we can look to see if there is something on the server we can fix
[Mesanna]: talk to your EM
[Mesanna]: to see if they can come up with improvements on their part
[EM Asiantam]: not only EM event
[EM Asiantam]: always laggy
[EM Asiantam]: while we are in Dungeons
[EM Asiantam]: we suddenly stop
[Mesanna]: do this
[Mesanna]: send me the locations that you see this the most
[Mesanna]: and we can get Bleak to see if there is anything on our part
[EM Asiantam]: Deceit
[EM Asiantam]: particularly
[Mesanna]: no email
[Mesanna]: not here
[Mesanna]: I need all the locations not just one at a time
[Mesanna]: to see if there is anything we can tie it to
[Mesanna]: they have my email right
[EM Asiantam]: Deceit dungeon is very laggy, no doubt
[EM Asiantam]: all areas
[Mesanna]: anything else?
[Mesanna]: please email me so we can look into the details
[EM Asiantam]: well she is insisting to say this is because of server UO is using
[EM Asiantam]: not the location
[EM Asiantam]: more fundamentally
[Mesanna]: good evening
[EM Asiantam]: about Necromancy
[EM Asiantam]: Curse Weapon is not working properly
[EM Asiantam]: I think they are not working with mana resorption
[Mesanna]: can you give us more information
[EM Asiantam]: they are not working with mana resorption
[Mesanna]: resorptions?
[EM Asiantam]: she doesn’t get mana increse
[Mesanna]: what is that
[EM Asiantam]: increase
[EM Asiantam]: sorry
[Mesanna]: oh ok
[Mesanna]: one sec
[Mesanna]: so you are saying you imbued mana increase on a weapon
[Mesanna]: or is it cursed weapon
[EM Asiantam]: Curse Weapon
[Mesanna]: can you go get the weaon
[Mesanna]: weapon
[EM Asiantam]: using Curse Weapon by Necromancy
[Mesanna]: on so cursed weapon is a casting spell
[EM Asiantam]: right
[EM Asiantam]: it doesn’t work
[EM Asiantam]: seems to
[Mesanna]: and it leeches mana
[Mesanna]: on each hit
[EM Asiantam]: do you think it works?
[EM Asiantam]: she says it doesnt work
[Mesanna]: no clue just trying to make sure we have the details correctly
[Mesanna]: are you using wraith form?
[Mesanna]: ?
[EM Asiantam]: sorry
[EM Asiantam]: I did mistake
[EM Asiantam]: it is about Pet’s Curse Weapon
[Mesanna]: so confused here
[EM Asiantam]: that they use
[EM Asiantam]: Pet
[EM Asiantam]: not players
[EM Asiantam]: sorry
[Mesanna]: umm
[Mesanna]: this is very confusing
[Mesanna]: we can look at it but have them send us an email with details
[Mesanna]: this has gotten confusing
[Mesanna]: so we can look into this and get a valid answer for her
[EM Asiantam]: She is insisting Pet’s mana doesnt increase at all
[Mesanna]: ok
[EM Asiantam]: not the matter of details
[EM Asiantam]: she says
[Mesanna]: ok we do not have an answer until we see all the details
[Mesanna]: and would like to have all the details of what she did and what she did it on
[EM Asiantam]: so
[EM Asiantam]: she is saying
[EM Asiantam]: while hwe pet is using Curse Weapon, there is a sound effect
[EM Asiantam]: and she see pet’s mana
[Mesanna]: Tam email
[EM Asiantam]: but nothing seems to have changed or incresed
[Mesanna]: we do not have an answer
[Mesanna]: and we need specifics
[Mesanna]: this is not helping
[EM Asiantam]: she won’t email but she is requesting you to look into it, she says you will find it not working if you use it
[Mesanna]: lol ok
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: have a good evening
[Mesanna]: good evening
[EM Asiantam]: aboutBlack gate spawns
[EM Asiantam]: why you didn’t tell us when it ends
[EM Asiantam]: so it completely ends up now?
[Kyronix ]: It is a limited edition event
[EM Asiantam]: Yamato and Sakura ends up now
[Mesanna]: all these events are limited editions
[EM Asiantam]: well they are saying they needed announcement at least
[EM Asiantam]: that’s all
[Mesanna]: Greetings
[Mob of Bob]: greetings!
[EM Asiantam]: about Ultima Store mounts
[EM Asiantam]: all they are animals you know
[EM Asiantam]: but she needs something mechanic
[EM Asiantam]: robots maybe
[Mesanna]: hrm
[Mob of Bob]: Shadow!
[Mesanna]: like a steampuke type mount?
[Mob of Bob]: yes!
[Mob of Bob]: and
[Mob of Bob]: Shadow!
[Mesanna]: LOL punk not puke
[Mesanna]: sorry
[Mob of Bob]: I want riding “shadow”
[Mesanna]: omg
[EM Asiantam]: lol
[Mesanna]: hrm
[Mesanna]: shadow pet
[Mob of Bob]: like shadow fiend
[Mesanna]: and a steam punk type pet?
[Mob of Bob]: yes!
[EM Asiantam]: kk
[Mesanna]: interesting ideas
[EM Asiantam]: cool
[Mob of Bob]: 😀
[Mesanna]: we will look into it maybe for a future pet
[Mob of Bob]: yeahhhhh!
[Mesanna]: lol
[Mob of Bob]: I eating cake
[Mob of Bob]: today
[Mob of Bob]: thank you
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Yoshida Tutorial]: good evening
[EM Asiantam]: about something like jewerly box
[EM Asiantam]: I need it for soul stones
[Mesanna]: lol
[EM Asiantam]: what do you think?
[Mesanna]: hrm most people like to display the soul stones
[Mesanna]: are you talking just the full stones?
[EM Asiantam]: big one
[EM Asiantam]: yes
[Mesanna]: right
[Yoshida Tutorial]: please
[Mesanna]: we will think about it
[Yoshida Tutorial]: Evil Soul Eater
[Yoshida Tutorial]: thank you
[Mesanna]: bad name
[EM Asiantam]: and he wants Evil thems
[EM Asiantam]: lol
[EM Asiantam]: theme
[EM Asiantam]: thank you
[Yoshida Tutorial]: thank you
[Mesanna]: makes me think of a trash can for soul stones
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: Thank you Izumo
[Mesanna]: for havingt us this evening
[EM Asiantam]: thank you for coming devs
[EM Asiantam]: 🙂
[Mesanna]: Sweet dreams all!
[Bleak]: Thanks for coming out!
[EM Asiantam]: 😀
[Kyronix ]: Thanks for having us!
[Kyronix ]: Until next time
[Kyronix ]: *waves*