Mesanna: good evening all
Mesanna: give us one more moment and we shall begin
Mesanna: good evening
Dara: Howdy
Dara: Just a quick one from me
Dara: Why does Shadow Step not work as consistently as Teleport does, especially within the Lost Lands?
Dara: From the same beginning and end points, a Shadow Step will fail, while a teleport will not.
Mesanna: are you speaking of the special move?
Dara: The spell, from the Ninjitsu book.
Mesanna: right ok just making sure I was following correctly
Mesanna: honestly this is the first we have heard of this not working there
Mesanna: we have not made any changes to it but
Dara: Its uhh been doing it since ninja was introduced.
Mesanna: in the lost lands line of sight is the big key
Dara: Which is expected, but when teleport works, and shadow step doesn’t?
Mesanna: does it work correctly in other spots?
Dara: The spells should be functionally identical
Dara: Its skippy
Dara: hit or miss.
Mesanna: we do not have a specific answer as to the cause
Mesanna: its something we will have to look into
Mesanna: to give correct details on
Dara: That’s all I can hope for
Mesanna: we will look into it
Dara: Fantastic.
Mesanna: if we get an answer check the newsletter
Mesanna: for more details of our findings ok
Dara: Sure thing
Mesanna: sweet thanks
Mesanna: dara can you email me specific locations
Mesanna: Good evening
Ron Fellows: Hello I have 2 questions if I may 🙂 both regarding pvp
Kyronix: Hello!
Ron Fellows: In 2017 you said there would be a VvV update by publish 101. Is there still an update planned or can we just have old factions
Ron Fellows: back?
Kyronix: Well we have no plans to bring factions back
Ron Fellows: Is there still an update coming for VvV?
Kyronix: One of the major loops we are addressing in New Legacy is PvP and VvV
Kyronix: So our focus as it relates to VvV will be with that in the coming months
Ron Fellows: SO no update for regular shards. I understand
Ron Fellows: one more question 🙂
Ron Fellows: In fights, I have seen 5 good pvpers win against 10 equally experienced pvpers just because of their OP Bane Dragons.
Kyronix: not necessarily
Ron Fellows: Do you plan on any adjustments?
Kyronix: We talked about porting features from New Legacy back to the Live Shards
Kyronix: so VvV could be one of them, depends on how things shake out
Ron Fellows: Ahh, Interesting. I look forward to more info as it comes along.
Mesanna: one sec about the bane dragon
Mesanna: why are you saying they are OP now
Ron Fellows: Go watch people pvp on catskills
Ron Fellows: its bane dragon wars
Mesanna: I guess my question is why now
Mesanna: they have been out for a while
Mesanna: I know they have the poison damage
Mesanna: if its being exploited I would love to know
Mesanna: but we really need more details
Ron Fellows: Its not being exploited its just OP. I’ll email you videos
Mesanna: ok
Mesanna: sounds good
Ron Fellows: Thanks!
Mesanna: thank you we will look into it
Ron Fellows: *blows kisses*
Mesanna: *hugs* night
Mesanna: Good evening
Brianna: hello
Brianna: i have many quesitons but i will limit myself to 2
Mesanna: sounds good
Kyronix: Greetings
Brianna: first question i know i have heard it asked before but i am willing to risk the wrath and ask again
Brianna: is it at all possible for the boxes to be placed back in britain to combine the snow and grass tiles
Brianna: i have had friends come back after years of not playing and give me their tiles that dont stack
Mesanna: no there is no reason
Brianna: and it is taking up much space in my house
Brianna: so my choice is throw them away or waste lockdowns to deco others houses when needed
Brianna: i assume the next answer will be a big NO but
Brianna: ter mur reward books take up a lot of space
Brianna: and i know it was asked about a bookshelf that we could place those kind of books in to where they functioned like bod books
Brianna: or powerscroll books
Brianna: is that ever goign to be truly considered for us fluff stuff collectors
Mesanna: lol no we have no plans to do that
Brianna: so my only option there is throw them away risking losing precious treasures or open yet another account for fluff stuff
Mesanna: as far as the tiles we will see about replacing them.
Brianna: that would be nice
Brianna: thank you for considering that at least
Mesanna: welcome
Brianna: that is all i ask tonight
Mesanna: have a good evening
Mesanna: good evening
Kyronix: Hello
Drakelord: So any dye tub lock down with security settings to anyone cannot be used by EJ accounts.
Drakelord: Can this be fixed allowing them access?
Mesanna: sorry not going to change those rules
Drakelord: ok
Drakelord: Can we get a update to a question asked before
Mesanna: EJ accounts do not have access to houses on purpose
Drakelord: regarding dropping a rune book into a rune atlas and have the runes transfer?
Drakelord: In the PC games of Ultima we had a group healing spell for the party.
Drakelord: Would it be possible to add or maybe change a spell to do just that as well?
Drakelord: A Arch Healing?
Mesanna: hold
Drakelord: ok
Mesanna: ask one question at a time
Mesanna: if you want an answer please
Drakelord: Can we get a update to a question asked before
Drakelord: regarding dropping a rune book into a rune atlas and have the runes transfer?
Mesanna: rune book to a rune atlas we have a few issues that are being considered
Drakelord: ok
Mesanna: and I believe that is one of the changes for a future change
Drakelord: In the PC games of Ultima we had a group healing spell for the party.
Drakelord: Would it be possible to add or maybe change a spell to do just that as well?
Mesanna: now the heal spell you are asking for
Mesanna: we have that its the bard song
Mesanna: then you have mysticism spells
Drakelord: bard song ok
Mesanna: so no we will probably not be adding more
Drakelord: ok thank you
Mesanna: welcome
Orion: hello
Mesanna: Good evening
Kyronix: Greetings
Orion: Its come up before, but why are no steps being taken to limit or prevent scripting?
Orion: Is it because you’re a) benefiting from it, b) are incompetent, or c) don’t care?
Kyronix: Wow
Mesanna: have a nice evening
Mesanna: You want to ask a question wonderful
Mesanna: do not stand there and insult us
Mesanna: Good evening
Jepeth: Hello!
Kyronix: Hello there
Jepeth: I’m a governor on my shard and I’m always struggling to get the word out to the citizens of my city about the events that our EM
Jepeth: mandates we hold each month. I find that Cryer and the bulletin board aren’t very effective
Jepeth: Could some sort of visual notification system be added to the Cryer or the bulletin board denoting an unseen message?
Kyronix: Hrmm
Mesanna: like a hue change for new messages?
Jepeth: Yes
Mesanna: what do you have in mind?
Jepeth: Let’s say, a change in hue to the board or the townstone
Jepeth: Or if once per new message the cryer sayd “Hear ye, hear ye, a message from your governor!”
Jepeth: to a town citizen.
Mesanna: one sec talking
Jepeth: *nods*
Mesanna: do you use the town crier?
Mesanna: for your messages?
Jepeth: I do
Jepeth: That UI has some issues, but that’s a question for another time
Mesanna: right
Kyronix: As far as the town crier is concerned, I guess we would have to figure out how to best get people to remember to look at the
Kyronix: town crier and remember that it exists
Mesanna: this is not a question we can answer right now
Mesanna: Kyronix will have to do some research as to what is possible
Mesanna: and what will work
Mesanna: the best for everyone
Kyronix: We would have to think how to best implement it because the NPC just barking all the time
Kyronix: was just a spam fest before
Kyronix: so we want to avoid that
Jepeth: A little floating silent wisp over the town stone
Jepeth: would be fun.
Kyronix: Heh
Jepeth: The UO version of a message notification
Kyronix: Change the hats!
Jepeth: That’s all then, thank you
Kyronix: *chuckles*
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: have a good evening
Zirinia: Good day
Mesanna: Good evening
Zirinia: I have a question regarding the new shard coming.
Zirinia: More of a concern.
Kyronix: Also if you email us about the UI issues with the Town Cryer we can add those to this research @Japeth
Mesanna: we will be having a video meeting this week actually
Mesanna: with more details
Zirinia: I’m hopeful that you’ll at least making steps to address the potential of the ease of illegal programs to be used on the new shard.
Zirinia: If a regular shard was opened today, it would be overrun within the day.
Mesanna: Know we are designing it with that in mind
Zirinia: I’m not really asking for details, just want confirmation that something will be done
Mesanna: anything else?
Zirinia: Can I have a cookie?
Mesanna: lol sure!
Mesanna: we are not stupid to keep up with all the cheaters we would have to hire a full time
Mesanna: hacker to keep up with everyone
Zirinia: True story.
Zirinia: They outnumber you anyway
Mesanna: we are concerned, we do care, and we do what we can
Mesanna: we are not looking in the other direction
Mesanna: even though some of you think we are =P
Zirinia: Only way to fully change would be to commit to a brand new client, and I’m sure that’s outside the scope
Mesanna: 5 people yes outside
Zirinia: It just feels like, based on our perspective, that nothing is being done
Mesanna: lol
Zirinia: Or its limited being done, more of a token effort.
Zirinia: Just stating the public perception, that’s all
Zirinia: Not trying to be offensive, like some people
Mesanna: Understand anything else?
Zirinia: My cookie? :p
Mesanna: gp =)
Mesanna: go too
Mesanna: lol
Zirinia: ok!
Mesanna: good evening
Claudine: Hail
Claudine: And good eve.
Kyronix: Hello!
Claudine: There are growing concerns about the limited communication from the the devs.
Claudine: An example of this is the christmas gift tokens not being given out this past xmas after a long hard year.
Claudine: While I understand you are busy people, how do you think you can improve communication with UO players and increase trust
Mesanna: Stop
Mesanna: We tried something different
Mesanna: some loved it
Mesanna: some loved to do the quest
Mesanna: to get extra stuff
Mesanna: to have things to do
Mesanna: some just want to log in and get a gift
Mesanna: we can not make everyone happy and yes we will always try new things
Claudine: I didnt want to make this abot the gifts
Claudine: was merely an example
Claudine: And I mean no disrespect
Claudine: Communication is key, and I was just wondering if you had any idea on how it could be improved
Claudine: to foster a tighter community
Mesanna: here is the deal
Mesanna: you want to stop this, we will
Mesanna: we try to communicate with you
Mesanna: and you are complaining again because we tried something different
Mesanna: than the norm
Mesanna: so you tell me
Mesanna: what do you suggest that will please everyone
Claudine: I was giving an example. Have a good night.
Mesanna: good evening
Triangle Man: good evening
Kyronix: Hello!
Triangle Man: I wanted to know if your still doing the houseing banners for being placed 10 years
Mesanna: yes I am
Mesanna: when I have free time I place them
Triangle Man: I have sent a few emmails for the past year on it
Mesanna: I am sure I still have it in a folder
Mesanna: I just haven’t placed any in a few months
Triangle Man: sorry typeing with one hand sorry. About the EM i wanted to know if you email back to peopkle that applaed
Triangle Man: and thank you i been going throw alot the past few years and his game helps me stay sane
Mesanna: I am sorry to hear that, I hope all is well.
Mesanna: UO has been alot to many people
Triangle Man: Car crash is all family almost died
Mesanna: and I am sure it will continue to be that
Mesanna: omg!
Mesanna: that is horrible
Triangle Man: long recover road with whats happeing i could talk about it be would take to much time thank you for the time
Mesanna: thank you
Triangle Man: have a good night and i like your franment of mesanna
Mesanna: lol good night
Mesanna: good evening
joyce: hello
Kyronix: Greetings!
joyce: can we get more bag drops from navery dreadhorn medusa and lady m
Mesanna: more or improved?
joyce: more
Mesanna: we have read the thread about this
joyce: we get nothing from them
Mesanna: need to evaluate it better before making that types of changes
joyce: ok
Mesanna: Good evening
Annoying Flyer: Hello and Good evening
Annoying Flyer: Thank You for having this open communication the the player base I have one question
Annoying Flyer: Any plans on updating the EC
Mesanna: updating how?
Annoying Flyer: Making it more aesthtic
Annoying Flyer: It crashes at times
Annoying Flyer: something with the sounds
Mesanna: crashes of course we want to fix all those
Mesanna: the crash?
Annoying Flyer: Yes
Mesanna: hrm
Mesanna: do you know what sound?
Annoying Flyer: I think it has to do with the ounds
Annoying Flyer: Not really
Annoying Flyer: when it happens I am usually hunting
Mesanna: oh ok are you doing anything specific?
Mesanna: to try to narrow it down
Annoying Flyer: and have to relog in real quick
Mesanna: Pinco’s or default?
Annoying Flyer: Especially fighting Scalis and Medusa
Annoying Flyer: I use Pincos
Mesanna: sorry
Mesanna: use ours and see if you can reproduce it
Annoying Flyer: Okay
Mesanna: we can’t debug his client
Mesanna: err UI
Annoying Flyer: I understand that
Mesanna: thank you
Annoying Flyer: Thank You
Mesanna: email me and let me know
Annoying Flyer: I will
Mesanna: if you can reproduce it with the default
Mesanna: thank you
Annoying Flyer: *bows*
Mesanna: night
You see: Bytor
Mesanna: good evening
Bytor: Good Evening
Kyronix: Hello!
Bytor: I wanted to ask if you find the time could you please look at the Myrmidex Warriors and Drones in the Pit
Kyronix: Those are scary…
Bytor: the drop rate on the Drone Eggs and the Warriors crystals is alomost non-exsistant
Bytor: anymore
Kyronix: We can take a look
Bytor: I run the Pit every week and sometimes go without a single piece
Bytor: Thank you 🙂
Kyronix: Is this new
Kyronix: or something you’ve always been experiencing?
Bytor: well been doing this after the net toss on weds nights now for the last 5yrs
Bytor: and it has slowly gotten worse
Kyronix: Very well
Bytor: to the point now I am asking for you to take a peek
Bytor: that’s all I had thank you
Mesanna: we will look into the drop rate
Mesanna: thank you
Bytor: excellent
Mesanna: good evening
Bastion: hello
Kyronix: Hello!
Bastion: There are some islands in Tokuno, north of the Homare-Jima mainland, where old raffle houses were given out
Bastion: On some shards these nice spots are empty and new houses cannot be placed
Bastion: any plans to open that up to placement or a new raffle, like you did with the SA houses?
Mesanna: no
Bastion: Aww 🙁
Mesanna: those are set like that on purpose
Mesanna: when the land was orignally formed
Mesanna: and we have no plans to change it at this time
Bastion: ok, thank you
You see: Bastion
Mesanna: your welcome
Ochinchin: Hail!
Mesanna: good evening
Kyronix: Greetings!
Ochinchin: I am often paged on by enemies while doing champion spawns. I must stop what I am doing and respond to the gm.
Ochinchin: Im assuming they think I am scripting. Can this be considered harassment after so many false accusations?
Mesanna: Is the same player doing this
Ochinchin: GM’s dont tell you who paged
Mesanna: have you responded each time
Ochinchin: yes
Ochinchin: every time
Mesanna: there is only one thing I can do
Mesanna: and that is to try to research the pages
Mesanna: see for myself if its the same one
Mesanna: and go from there
Ochinchin: Excellent. I’ll send you account names
Mesanna: ok
Ochinchin: Thank you!
Mesanna: sounds good
Mesanna: welcome
You see: Ochinchin
Mesanna: That is everyone
Kyronix: Thank you Sonoma!
Mesanna: Thank you Sonoma for having us
Bleak: Thanks for coming out!
Mesanna: Please watch for news for the upcoming new shard meeting