Citizens from across the lands were called together after several Miners and Blacksmiths complained about being attacked.

Miner Hearst met them and explained the situation.

*Welcome brave warriors! Thank you for answering my call. We do not have much time.*

*The Ore Elementals are furious and have waged war on all Miners and Blacksmith! They have started stealing  our mining/smithing materials. Not only that, but they have also been taking back their babies! Unknown to us, their ore and ingots are their babies!*

*Scouts have noticed massive amounts of Ore Elementals hanging out in a cave south of Haven*

And with that, a gate opened and they all traveled to the Miners cave in Haven.

They were immediately confronted by foot soldiers and guardians!

As they made their way through the passageway to the cave entrance, miners corpses were seen littering the ground.

Once inside, they were viciously attacked by more elementals!

After clearing the outer area of the guardians and foot soldiers, they made their way to the inner chamber…a sight to behold as they took in their surroundings.  A small cemetery was erected on honor of their lost *children*

Once the inner chamber was cleared, they realized that the materials that were being stolen were, in fact, the elementals children.  While the citizens were taking in the scene, a large elemental appeared and attacked, it appeared to be the master of them all.

Once the Master had been dispatched, the group looked around at the carnage, saddened at the thought of what had been done.  All Miners and Blacksmiths are doing is their job, mining ore and smelting ingots to make weapons and armor for the troops, not realizing that they were killing another races children.

In memory of all the elementals lives that were lost…