[EM Echo]: Greetings Kryonix
[Kyronix ]: good evening!
[EM Echo]: Welcome to Baja
[EM Echo]: looking dapper tonight 🙂
[Kyronix ]: Well thank you
[EM Echo]: Greetings Bleak
[Kyronix ]: Mesanna and Misk will not be joining us this evening
[Bleak]: Greetings!
[Kyronix ]: Due to some personal matters they are attending to
[Kyronix ]: With that let’s get this party started
[Das Dreadstink]: aarp
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[Das Dreadstink]: How yoos bees?
[Kyronix ]: Wees bees gooden
[Das Dreadstink]: *grins*
[Das Dreadstink]: mees just wanna know dat little building
[Das Dreadstink]: by da Counsel Hall went a missin
[Das Dreadstink]: Da gobernor of Brit bees lookin eberywhere fer it
[Das Dreadstink]: Mebbe yoos know wat happened?
[EM Echo]: The Old PEC Building Kyronix
[Das Dreadstink]: Yerg tank yoos EM Echo
[Kyronix ]: I have no information as to the whereabouts of said structure
[Das Dreadstink]: oh *sad face
[Das Dreadstink]: Baja bees da only shard dat bees missin it
[Das Dreadstink]: Mees will tell Gobernor Rosy. Tank yoos fer da time
[Kyronix ]: Danke
[Das Dreadstink]: *grins*
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[Elizabeth McLean]: *smiles*
[Elizabeth McLean]: good evening
[Elizabeth McLean]: Sorry to hear Mesanna and Misk could not join us this evening but I’m happy you could both make it
[Elizabeth McLean]: I’d like to submit a request for consideration
[Kyronix ]: Alright
[Elizabeth McLean]: as I’m sure everyone knows, most templates in the game have the ability to carry a variety of weapons
[Elizabeth McLean]: swords, maces, spell books, etc.
[Elizabeth McLean]: In fact wejust got the book carrier (thank you very much)
[Elizabeth McLean]: bows, luck suit to change into, etc.
[Kyronix ]: *nods*
[Elizabeth McLean]: I would like to request that perhaps you consider a type of pet carrier (please let me continue)
[Elizabeth McLean]: NOT to carry your entire stable
[Elizabeth McLean]: but perhaps to preload two, three, four pets. Limited number
[Elizabeth McLean]: with the new taminga abilities, pets cna built just like weapons
[Elizabeth McLean]: specialized for what you fight
[Elizabeth McLean]: but tamers cannot change pets,
[Elizabeth McLean]: and absolutely with glitter!
[Kyronix ]: to be honest
[Elizabeth McLean]: *grins*
[Kyronix ]: That’s probably not gonna happen
[Kyronix ]: I appreciate your perspective
[Elizabeth McLean]: *listens politely*
[Kyronix ]: We would have to discuss it amongst the team
[Kyronix ]: But quick swapping any number of pets, regardless of how limited, in the field
[Kyronix ]: Not something there is an appetite for
[Elizabeth McLean]: may I inquire as to why? if every other “weapon” can be fast swapped?
[Kyronix ]: Pets aren’t weapons
[Elizabeth McLean]: respectfully, and I’m truly not arguing, pets are absolutely a tamer’s weapons, we are useless without them, I would only ask
[Elizabeth McLean]: that you consider it without the prejudice to tamers
[Kyronix ]: There’s benefits and drawbacks to each class
[Elizabeth McLean]: *nods* absolutely
[Kyronix ]: One of them for tamers is that you can’t carry multiple at one time
[Kyronix ]: Well, within the slot limits
[Kyronix ]: The bottom line though, is pets aren’t weapons
[Kyronix ]: Ya you “use” them like weapons
[Kyronix ]: But they aren’t weapons like a sword
[Kyronix ]: So, for those reasons
[Kyronix ]: We are probably not going to go down that road
[Kyronix ]: But we’ll talk about it with the team
[Elizabeth McLean]: *grins* but then why give us the ability to put weaponized moves on them?
[Elizabeth McLean]: thank you
[Elizabeth McLean]: that’s all I ask
[Elizabeth McLean]: is that you consider
[Elizabeth McLean]: and I truly do mean it with all respect
[Kyronix ]: Of course
[Elizabeth McLean]: thank you
[Kyronix ]: Thank you for the question!
[Eric Clapton]: Hello! Happy Monday!
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[Eric Clapton]: At this point in time is LRC/FC/FCR included in your vision for new legacy?
[Kyronix ]: LRC def not
[Kyronix ]: FC/FCR still under consideration
[Eric Clapton]: Cool. Will look forward to more updates
[Kyronix ]: Thanks for the interest!
[Bobby]: Hi!
[Kyronix ]: Hello!
[Bobby]: I have a gripe and a question.
[Bobby]: Atlantic is being plagued with lag since the latest patch, are you looking into resolving this?
[Bobby]: and with the rise of higher quality third party clients, will you begin policing the use of them?
[Kyronix ]: Let’s start with the lag
[Bobby]: Client such as Orion, ClassicUO, Enhanced Razor
[Kyronix ]: We’ve gotten some reports of lag and are looking into it
[Kyronix ]: Well Bleak is
[Kyronix ]: Because he’s the lag police
[Bobby]: Yeah but Bleak cant even fix his own lag.
[Bobby]: No offense <3
[Kyronix ]: That’s not a productive comment
[Kyronix ]: *frowns*
[Bobby]: I’m sorry, I meant it in all the best ways
[Kyronix ]: Any additional details you have
[Kyronix ]: Like when you experience the lag, what times, etc
[Kyronix ]: We need details to try and track it down
[Kyronix ]: Does it happen when moving through gates? Traceroutes? all that stuff
[Bobby]: The lag on Atlantic persistently through out the day mostly in felucca dungeons
[Kyronix ]: It’s a generalized issue but we need some deets to track it down
[Kyronix ]: Can you e-mail us as much details as you can
[Kyronix ]: Would be super helpful
[Kyronix ]: [email protected]
[Bobby]: Kk
[Kyronix ]: As far as your CS & client related issues that’s a support concern that we will bring up with Mesanna and she’ll address it
[Kyronix ]: Thank you for the inquiries
[Kyronix ]: *smiles*
[Bobby]: I don’t have any client issues. I’m just curious if you will begin policing third party clients is all
[Kyronix ]: Aye, those client issues
[Bobby]: I’m not certain you understood my question, but okay
[Bobby]: Thanks!
[Kyronix ]: I did
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[Bytor]: good evening
[Bytor]: Since we last talked I asked if you could look into the drop rate
[Bytor]: on the moonstone shards on Myrmidex Warriors in the Pit. Have you ?
[Bytor]: they are far and few in between to get them
[Kyronix ]: I unfortunately have not had an oppurtunity to dig into that
[Bytor]: I run that Pit once a week.
[Kyronix ]: But it is on my list of things to research
[Kyronix ]: I will make a note to make sure we include it in the next newsletter
[Bytor]: thank you.
[Kyronix ]: Great to ssee you enjoying the pits
[Kyronix ]: That was a fun thing to build
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[Galgamesh]: Greetings!
[Bleak]: Greetings!
[Galgamesh]: recently i have had some friends return to uo
[Galgamesh]: and they had some issues with the new pet traininh system
[Galgamesh]: mainly they made mistakes with their pet training
[Galgamesh]: and the main issue is there isnt really a warning in place with some errors that can be done
[Galgamesh]: during the proccess
[Galgamesh]: was wondering if there were any plans to aid with helping tamers with that
[Bleak]: Hmm
[Galgamesh]: warning gumps
[Galgamesh]: or something of the sort
[Bleak]: If you provide us with the sections that they get tripped up at
[Bleak]: we will take a look
[Bleak]: Did they use the planning option?
[Galgamesh]: they did not from what i can tell but
[Galgamesh]: when they trauined their pet for example
[Galgamesh]: they chose both bushido
[Galgamesh]: and then chvalry
[Galgamesh]: cant do both
[Galgamesh]: i myself never tried that
[Galgamesh]: but friend said that there was no warning they saw
[Galgamesh]: if there is a warning as they are saying in chat
[Bleak]: Any other areas?
[Galgamesh]: maybe it isnt noticable
[Galgamesh]: the other issue i was informed was they sometimes confuse the info on the screen. confuse intensity weight
[Galgamesh]: with say stats
[Galgamesh]: ive never made that mistake myself
[Galgamesh]: but they seem to be doing that on multiple pets
[Galgamesh]: careless maybe
[Kyronix ]: The other thing I would suggest is heading to TC1 to play with it
[Galgamesh]: but im just their advocate i guess
[Kyronix ]: Also check out the guides from the UO CAH folks on Animal Training
[Kyronix ]: They are quite detailed
[Kyronix ]: and extensive
[Galgamesh]: ive told them that
[Galgamesh]: well thanks for your time
[Kyronix ]: Thanks for the questions!
[Galgamesh]: i dont want to take much more
[Galgamesh]: thanks for being here
[Kyronix ]: Hello!
[Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[Sausage Fingers]: Hello
[Bleak]: Hello
[Sausage Fingers]: 6 years ago mesanna said she was going to update harrower loot, is this still in the works?
[Kyronix ]: Not at this time
[Sausage Fingers]: Alright then thats my only question
[Kyronix ]: Thanks!
[Frank Castle]: Hello!
[Kyronix ]: Hello!
[Bleak]: Hello
[Frank Castle]: I have a question about Soulless Seduction. On the forums you said the quest would be available for the duration of the event
[Frank Castle]: Do you have any hard dates on when you plan to turn that off?
[Kyronix ]: Probably sometime in the Fall when we move to our next event cycle
[Kyronix ]: But not hard dates right now
[Kyronix ]: So all I can say is play away
[Kyronix ]: *grins*
[Frank Castle]: Ok, so at least not going away when The Alchemist’s Abomination comes out
[Frank Castle]: Wasn’t sure just how fast I needed to grind that quest!
[Kyronix ]: No, definitely not
[Kyronix ]: When I mentioned event cycle
[Kyronix ]: I meant everything through to Treasures of Wildfire
[Kyronix ]: The events we teased out in teh Newsletter a few months back
[Frank Castle]: Ok, thank you for clarifying
[Kyronix ]: Most welcome
[Frank Castle]: Have a good evening!
[Kyronix ]: Plenty of time to collect allllll the earrings
[Kyronix ]: Hello
[Rosy Roundbottom]: aarp
[Rosy Roundbottom]: grr cant turn
[Rosy Roundbottom]: so is dere a issue wif lanterns and gravestones in da game?
[Kyronix ]: Need to be more specific
[Rosy Roundbottom]: is dere an issue wiff sticking a lantern up as deco ina town by da EM or Messana?
[Rosy Roundbottom]: is something broked wiff dat graphic?
[Kyronix ]: Not to our knowledge
[Kyronix ]: Although
[Kyronix ]: I’m not sure what you are referring to
[Rosy Roundbottom]: Okies da memorial fer Ozoag Gianfart – along wiff many tings JUST on Baja seem to be
[Rosy Roundbottom]: being taken away.
[Rosy Roundbottom]: as yoos know cause yoos was on Chessy –
[Kyronix ]: I remember Ozog well
[Rosy Roundbottom]: Ozag was a pretty big significant player
[Rosy Roundbottom]: mees wanna know why da memorial to him was removed.
[Rosy Roundbottom]: (on Baja)
[Kyronix ]: I have no information on that
[Rosy Roundbottom]: ees was told dat
[Rosy Roundbottom]: silly crap story about lanterns
[Rosy Roundbottom]: can wee habs da Ozog Gianfart memorial put back?
[Kyronix ]: You’ll have to address that with Mesanna
[Rosy Roundbottom]: wees did
[Kyronix ]: She handles those sorts of issues
[Rosy Roundbottom]: she no likes answering ppl on Baja
[Rosy Roundbottom]: and is missing now
[Rosy Roundbottom]: (asked about the PEC house too for months)
[Rosy Roundbottom]: (we are the ONLY shard with it gone)
[Rosy Roundbottom]: wees being punished fer something?
[Kyronix ]: We will follow up with her, but unfortunately I don’t have any information for you ont hat
[Rosy Roundbottom]: which
[Rosy Roundbottom]: Ozog or da house dat ONLY was taken away from Baja?
[Kyronix ]: Either
[Rosy Roundbottom]: Both?
[Kyronix ]: It’s in our meeting notes
[Kyronix ]: To follow up
[Kyronix ]: But I can’t tell you anything more than that right now
[Rosy Roundbottom]: *nakes note in green crayon*
[Kyronix ]: Because it’s not something either me or Bleak handle
[Rosy Roundbottom]: iffin herz
[Rosy Roundbottom]: can show up to ersae eberyting
[Rosy Roundbottom]: den herz should be able to pop back and put it back, right?
[Kyronix ]: I have no additional information on this issue
[Kyronix ]: Since my previous response
[Rosy Roundbottom]: mmhhmm
[Rosy Roundbottom]: tank yoos
[Kyronix ]: Thank you
[Kyronix ]: Well that wraps it up
[Kyronix ]: Thank you Baja!
[Bleak]: Thanks everyone for coming out!
[Kyronix ]: *waves*