Mesanna: good evening Napa
Mesanna: shall we begin
Mesanna: good evening
Merus: Good evening
Merus: thank you all for coming to visit us on Napa
Merus: i am wanting to follow up on an issue we have visited about several times
Merus: the “no hostiles found” on the classic client targeting
Merus: I’ve sent several emails as well
Merus: including a video of playing when it happens multiple times
Merus: its been an issue for several years now
Mesanna: one sec please
Merus: and makes playing a warrior in classic client very tough
Mesanna: refresh our memory, it is a macro issue
Merus: the maco works most of the time
Merus: select nearest
Merus: then select hostile
Merus: bind to a key
Merus: most of the time it works
Merus: but around 5% of the time, at least for me
Merus: im surrounded
Mesanna: its the 10% of the time you have the issue with
Mesanna: ahh ok
Merus: and it says no hostiles can be found
Mesanna: we did see the video just needed to make sure we were all on the same page
Merus: many posts on the UOforums
Merus: so many folks are getting it
Merus: ii might wager a guess
Mesanna: just to be sure
Merus: that it has something to do with the z axis
Merus: line of sight
Mesanna: the hostiles are not grey mobs right?
Mesanna: they are red mobs?
Merus: they are all grey monsters
Merus: think a champs spawn
Merus: lots of mobs surrounding you
Merus: all grey
Merus: all attackable
Mesanna: ok we have to be able to reproduce this
Mesanna: so all the info we can get is helpful
Mesanna: thanks
Merus: i will send another email
Merus: its pretty easy for me to reproduce
Mesanna: if you have details please do
Merus: pretty much happens every spawn
Merus: multiple times
Mesanna: one more question
Merus: sure
Mesanna: does this occur when you have been playing for a while
Mesanna: or can you start fresh and reproduce it
Merus: i can start fresh and reproduce
Mesanna: k
Mesanna: thanks
Merus: I certainly appreciate the team checking into it
Mesanna: email me so I make sure I have your address for any additional questions we might have
Mesanna: please
Merus: I will
Merus: thank you
Mesanna: thanks
Mesanna: most welcome
Mesanna: no other questions tonight
Mesanna: good evening
Ancient One: I know you play UO, but what is your favor client?
Misk: EC
Mesanna: EC is faster but Classic is what i was raised on
Ancient One: *nods*
Ancient One: For me its always been CC. And thanks for the istant dress now in CC.
Ancient One: I love it
Kyronix : EC for playin’ CC for makin’
Ancient One: thanks you
Bleak: EC
Mesanna: thank you =)
Mesanna: good evening
Codi Tool: good evening
Kyronix : Hello!
Codi Tool: i have a question about the new transmation potions
Codi Tool: does the material bonus transfer?
Codi Tool: example be a leather hat into a platemai heml
Codi Tool: would you also get the stam loss bonus?
Mesanna: one sec
Bleak: Transmogrified armor will now maintain the source non-meditation properties
Codi Tool: so if a leather cap was transformed into a plate helm
Codi Tool: the stam loss should be on the new plate helm?
Mesanna: Remember though you can not go from non medable to medable armor
Codi Tool: correct
Bleak: The potion requires both source and destination objects to allow the use of the meditation skill (medable) or both block the
Bleak: meditation skill (non-medable)
Codi Tool: okay understand
Mesanna: did we answer your question
Codi Tool: i think so
Mesanna: sweet
Bleak: So medable armor gets no stamina loss protection
Codi Tool: thanks guys
Codi Tool: but if non med it will get the stam loss
Bim: hi
Mesanna: good evening
Bim: so when a group of people not ion party kill a boss
Bim: when does the luck go into play
Bim: people say its the highest should open it first
Bim: that effecta everyones loot
Bim: or is it all individual
Kyronix : Are you talking about randomly generated magic items?
Bim: i guess does someone elses luck effect other peoples loot ?
Mesanna: one sec making sure we have this right
Kyronix : Specific encounters use luck differently
Kyronix : In ones where we are giving out specific artifact rolls, it’s dependent on the individual
Kyronix : As far as the randomly generated magic loot that you find
Bim: what about loot
Kyronix : It’s a random individual that winds up on the top contributors list
Mesanna: did that answer your question
Bim: sort of
Bim: ty
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: good evening
Kristian: Miss Mesanna, I would appreciate it if you could spare me some time after the meet 🙂
Kristian: about house banners 🙂
Kristian: historical banners
Mesanna: historical?
Mesanna: ok
Kristian: well the ones you tgive out for old homes
Kristian: I have a few houses that are due
Kristian: ty kindly
Mesanna: you should email me the addresses
Kristian: alright 🙂
Kristian: thx
Mesanna: I will be happy to place them
Mesanna: Thank you Napa for having us tonight
Mesanna: If nothing else have a good evening everyone
Kyronix : Thank you everyone for attending!
Kyronix : And the great questions!
Bleak: Thanks for coming out!