1998-12-11: Miner’s Home Gets Attacked!

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Chesapeake Edition

Miner’s Home Gets Attacked!

Author: Leora Vale Published: December 11, 1998

A large group of monsters were sighted in the forests above Britain, near the popular mining caves. It seems they were attracted primarily to one dedicated miner named Ramon. As a hobby, he collected various gems and kept them inside his forge near the mountain. Somehow, news of his stash had spread to this evil group of monsters which was headed by an Ogre Lord named Gufzen. He was very interested in the gems and decided to surround his home yesterday in an attempt to getting them. Ramon searched for help and assistance in Britain where he managed to round up a large group of brave fighters and mages to help defend his home from the attacks.

Sure enough, scores of orcs and ogres gathered around the house when Ramon returned with the fighters. A horrible battle ensued and in the midst of the bloodbath, Gufzen himself showed up and took down many a brave fighter. However, with the quick thinking and sheer power of the human force, he was destroyed along with his evil monster minions. I tried to speak with Ramon later that eve and managed to get some quick comments as he packed his things in a hurry.

“I’m going elsewhere to mine! These attacks are ridiculous! Had I known the mountains were so dangerous, I would have became a fighter myself!”

-Leora Vale

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