1999-04-28: Paws: Player Tavern

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Pacific Edition

Paws: Player Tavern

Author: Bella Nightshade Published: April 28, 1999

Hail to thee! The other evening I was able to enjoy the new atmosphere of a player run tavern named Paws. It was a quite a glorious change they have now. It was remodeled by a wondrous carpenter who had been given this great project. Working diligently and hard, while the citizens of Paws watched, their town was transformed before their own eyes. They have a new beautiful picnic area right near a lovely social area with benches, flowers, and a small pond all near each other. The inside has a green theme and the owners are friendly as can be. Upon my arrival I felt a great sense of community and friendship and even though this was my first visit, I did not feel a stranger. I am glad to have found my way to the town of Paws. I shall return again soon, in hopes of spare time in between my jobs of course. Thanks to Paws, I now have a great area to come relax and make conversation. If you decide to make your way to this tavern, it is just southwest of Britain near the farm market before the mountain pass heading out of town. If you do decide to, please say hello to Lady Sarai and Lady CJ!

Bella Nightshade


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