2000-04-05: Horse Races Return To Britain!

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Sonoma Edition

Horse Races Return To Britain!

Author: Garth Ranzz Published: April 5, 2000

ibn al'Asifa of the al'Suq clan of Glacia was recently seen meeting with members of the royal court in Britain. A spokeswoman for the al'Suq confirmed that al'Asifa is in the process of negotiating the return of his popular horse races to the Britain race track.

"Now that Yasmine has been returned to us, and we've begun to rebuild from the attacks our enemies have laid upon us," the spokeswoman stated, "it has been decided that the bonds between your people and ours should be strengthened. What better way to do so than the races? This is a wonderful way to have a festive meeting in a healthy environment."

ibn will hold the races every Wednesday evening at 9 PST at the race track in Britain (west and north from the Stables in western Britain to find it) -- up to 36 participants are welcome each week. And all comers, regardless of skill or affiliation, are welcome to attend.

Each week's prize is 10,000 gold coin.

In addition to horsemanship and speed, the races are a fine event to wear your most elegant attire. Prizes have been given to the best dressed.

See you at the races!

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