2000-05-20: A Terrified Ranger

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Lake Superior Edition

A Terrified Ranger

Author: Criden Published: May 20, 2000

What foul creature is this? Not a zombie, not a murderer, not even a beggar. Much, much worse! A fashion designer! Oh yes, this creature, and his mad cohorts, attacked me in Magincia when I stopped to look at the water off the beach. Merciless ‘e was, trashing my drab green tunic and leather armor, and dressing me up in finery that is completely unsuitable for travel.

I wish for ye to warn all thy readers, that if they see this vicious being and his pack of rabid tailors, they should run as fast as possible in the other direction, lest they be stripped down and re-clothed in whatever he sees fit. Beware Georg the Fashion King.

After being defeated by this… man, I decided to seek out his other victims. I came upon a poor healer sitting outside the home of Lady Gwen, a resident of Magincia. He told me a frightful tale. While the Lady prepared for a treasure hunt, it seems Georg struck from within, and rampaged among her guests making new outfits left and right. When the guests left, this wild tailor was loosed on Magincia, and descended upon the poor healer. Even his bandages were color coordinated!

The corpse of an evil mage nearby was garbed in a deep red robe of very fine cut; much more so than those corrupt beings usually wear. While highly skilled, the man is obviously insane, and quite forceful (in a happy sort of way), and should be avoided at all costs. Take heed citizens, for he may strike again.


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