2000-07-12: Britannian Games To Commence!

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Lake Superior Edition

Britainnian Games To Commence!

Author: Cheyne Aybara Published: July 12, 2000

As many of you have heard, there has been talk of an amazing event fast approaching that's been said will brighten up all of our days. A grand world wide competition between people from all walks of life and all areas of Britannia. The games I speak of are the Britannian Games and they are being brought to the public by a grand fellow who goes by the name of Calum Carter.

I recently had the chance to speak with Calum at a brainstorming session that was held at the Yew Winery for the public to attend and provide input into the events. The transcript of the interview follows.

BNN: Greetings Calum, may I have a moment of your time?

Grizzly (with a gruff laugh): Most certainly fella, though you can call me Grizzly, seems its become a rather popular way to address me.

BNN: Good then Grizzly, you've really struck a chord with these Games of yours. The public has picked up on it enthusiastically, would you mind telling our readers about the games and what you have planned?

Grizzly: Well to set one thing straight, the games are by far not mine. The games are a celebration that I have spent many a days contemplating while admiring the greatness of this new land we've found. I often travel back to the lands of Felucca but my stay is short, I really miss the trees and the wildlife. I left Yew some years back and returned when I heard of the troubles with Keoneean. The Yew in Felucca is not Yew, we would be deluding ourselves if we felt that way. None of the cities in Felucca are of their former glory. So what am I rambling about? The lands we have found here are a rediscovery of the greatness of our world. This is the land that I fell in love with as a child and I believe that many citizens feel the same way! That is what we are celebrating with these games!

BNN: So, in essence, these games are a celebration, not a competition?

Grizzly (starts with a laugh): No, not to misunderstand, these games will be the essence of competition. Many of the games will be rigorous exercises meant for only the greatest of athletes and the most experienced of people. The events we have decided on will cover a great variety of of abilities across the realm.

BNN: What are the events that we'll see during these games?

Grizzly: Well, as I said, we will have a large variety of events. We'll have horse races, three man hand-off races, boat races, hunting competitions, tailoring competitions, magical competitions, lumberjacking competitions, wrestling matches, team and solo archery competitions, bardic contests, and even a grand scavenger hunt. Winners of each of these events will be granted points based on their place and their event. At the end of the games, the totals will be given and the winners' will be given a trophy to display for all to see!

BNN: Indeed! Who all will allowed to compete in these competitions?

Grizzly: Anyone and everyone that can find their way to the events! Of course there is always a catch.

BNN: What do you mean?

Grizzly: Well because these games are centered around the world as we know it, we have decided to make these games team based. The most logical teams for these games are broken up into cities. So that will be the basis of our competition.

BNN: So each city will be represented in the games?

Grizzly: I suppose that will be up to each city. I have spoken with the High Council two days past and they have provided me with a listing of all the cities in this registry*. Any town or city that is within these registries are allowed to form a team to compete in these games. I hope to see each and every city represented in these games. I would like nothing more than to see Britain's reknowned horsemen race within the games against the well ridden paladins of Trinsic.

BNN: How will you organize all of these people?

Grizzly: We have a number of resident experts on running large games like these at our beckoned call. Many members of the community have volunteered their time to help these events go well. We encourage the cities' teams to design and color uniforms to wear during the events to show their team pride.

BNN: So will towns outside of those ruled by Lord British be allowed to compete?

Grizzly: Oh certainly! We have already heard from towns such as Destiny and Tel'ruid who have expressed intent in competing in the games. As I said, the registry provided by the High Council was well encompassing it seemed.

We will be taking athlete registrations for events directly before each event starts, but only cities who participate in the opening ceremonies will be allowed to compete.

BNN: What if someone shows up to the competition and isn't really involved with their city, but wish to compete for the team anyway?

Grizzly (while rubbing his beard): Ah, I see your point. So long as someone has registered the team during the opening ceremonies, then all they have to do is show up at the event. If there is a team to compete under, then they can compete for them. If someone wishes to register the city of Britain under the games, then they will have done so. Anyone who comes up to register Britain after that will be told that the team has been registered and that they should just announce their team affiliation after the events. It might help if athletes have their guild titles branded on their unifroms during the event to show their team affiliation as well. Don't worry though, so long as you have a city to represent, then expect to be able to compete. To be extra sure that your city is being represented, showing up at the opening ceremonies will be the best way.

BNN: When will these opening ceremonies take place?

Grizzly: The Opening Ceremonies will begin with a grand Torch Run across Britannia, through all of the virtue cities. They will begin on this upcoming Sunday at 5pm as the Eastern bird flies. We will be choosing torch runners from the athletes who show up for the torch race as well as from well known members of the community.

BNN: And you will be registering teams prior to the Torch Run?

Grizzly: Yes, the first event will mark the opening of the games. These games will take place over the entire course of a week with the closing ceremonies taking place on the following Saturday.

BNN: Will these games occur more than once? Or will the team who wins get to keep the 'trophy' forever?

Grizzly: Well, the greatness of a champion is that they can defend their title!

BNN: Do you have any closing remarks for our readers?

Grizzly: Certainly. We all know how great our community is, but its rare that we get to show it with everyone there. Gather your friends, your family, and all your neighbors and bond together to compete and show who has the best community out there!

So there you have it, straight from Grizzly himself. Gather your teams and be ready on Sunday! These will be games we'll never forget!

  • Grizzly provided me with a copy of the High Council's registry, the cities listed are as follows:

Felucca facet:

Britannian Towns: Britain, Cove, Jhelom, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Serpent's Hold, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, Yew
Other Towns: Buccaneer's Den, Delucia, Nujel'm, Occlo, Papua
Settlements: Alliance Village, Destiny, City of Dragons, Evermore, New Fawn, Forest Keep, Rivendell, Shadowmire, Village of Tel'Ruid, Unity

Trammel facet:

Britannian Towns: Britain, Cove, Jhelom, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Serpent's Hold, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, Yew
Other Towns: Buccaneer's Den, Delucia, Haven, Nujel'm, Papua

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