2000-07-19: Britannian Games: Day Two

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Lake Superior Edition

Britainnian Games: Day Two

Author: Cheyne Aybara Published: July 19, 2000

A great interlude to the housing commission’sopen placement decrees this week, the Britainnian Games are going strong in theirsecond day of events. We are happy to announce the winner’s from yesterday’sarchery competition, lumberjacking contest, and deer hunting competition.

A large turnout made their way to the Sturdy Bow in Yew for what proved to be agreat archery event. Grizzly Carter and Lady Gwen Tiraste enlisted the help ofLightheart to get the competition under way. Individual athletes lined the wallsof the Sturdy Bow waiting their turn to fire their five arrows into one of thetwo archery buttes, in hopes to be the best of six finalists to compete for thefinal prizes.

After a long grilling final showdown, Pikachu took home the first place spot forthe Trammel facet of Britain with a score of 470 points in his two heats. BassoCravie took home the second place title for the Felucca facet of Yew, while theTrammel facet of Yew was awarded third place in the name of local archerMandirake. Unfortunately due to time restraints, the team archery competitionwas canceled and is up for review for being added to the next session of theBritainnian Games.

The lumberjacking competition and the deer hunting competition took place at thesame time last night. The teams gathered hides and logs arduously for an hourwhile Grizzly tallied their piles for their city’s overall points.

When the wood results were totaled, the lumberjacking points for first placewent to Britain (Trammel), second went to Moonglow (Trammel), and third toVesper (Trammel). A total of 7000 logs were gathered in this event, all of whichwill be donated to the “Build A Better Yew” foundation.

After all the hides were counted, the hunting points for first place wereawarded to Moonglow (Trammel). Second and third place went to Serpent’s Hold(Trammel) and Delucia (Trammel), respectively. The hides that were gathered thisnight will be used in Saturday’s tailoring competition, which will in turn begiven to the needy families of Yew to provide warmth in the coming winter.

As with the previous night, winners walked away with prizes for themselves, aswell as earned points for the city they represented. As of the end of the secondday of competition in the Britainnian Games, the points leaders are as follows:

First - Moonglow (Trammel)
Second - Britain (Trammel)
Third - Yew (Trammel)

Upcoming Events:


The housing commission has declared this a day to place. There will be no gameson this day. Good luck!


All events will take place near the Winery, unless otherwise announced.
7:00 PM CST
Bear Wrestling
Think you’re tough enough to take out a bear? Come find out.
8:00 PM CST
Summoning Race
Mages get ready to compete for glory and fabulous prizes!
9:00 PM CST
Boat Race
Know your way with a sextant? Able to navigate the high seas blindfolded? Showyour skill here. *Please note all contestants must furnish their own boat. Alimited amount of sextants will be provided first come first serve.


The housing commission has declared this a day to place. There will be no gameson this day. Good luck!

See you all at the games!

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