2000-09-19: Meredith The Bard Resumes Tale Night

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Baja Edition

Meredith The Bard Resumes Tale Night

Author: Hank Danger Published: September 19, 2000

Hot on the heels of her performance at the Feast, the well-known wandering minstrel Meredith has resumed yet another tradition, this one much more recent than the venerable Feast of Spirits: Meredith’s own weekly Tale Night.

Relying on but a few kind souls to spread the word about the event, the lady bard was quite surprised by the number of people who kindly attended the performance. Thankfully, the Faire Grounds’ well-appointed stage and bar proved a worthy venue for the showgoers.

The show itself was a little different from what people might expect. Meredith began by reciting a few stories. One, a new tale of adventure she had recently heard. The others, older and deeper in meaning.

She then cordially invited members of the audience to take the stage and share their own tales’ And many did, to the delight of performer and audience alike. Poems, tales, and songs were performed by both famed entertainers and relative newcomers, all gaining a warm round of applause.

Meredith closed the show by playing a round of Story Roulette, a game in which the contestant is given three words at random from the audience, and must compose, on the spot, a story involving each of them. This feat of improvisation seems daunting to many, but as Meredith often says, “It’s easier than it looks!”

That truly is the moral of Meredith’s show: Anyone who wishes can stand in front of the crowd and share their own tale, no matter how skilled they think they are. Oft they will surprise themselves and others.

Story-lovers take note: Meredith’s Tale Night is now a weekly tradition, and will be held each and every Wednesday at 6:30 PM PST, upon the Skara Brae Faire Grounds. All are invited to attend and to participate, so come on down and share a tale or two!

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