2001-01-25: Adventurers Wanted: Inquire Within

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Great Lakes Edition

Adventurers Wanted: Inquire Within

Author: Quill McMartin Published: January 25, 2001

Mages, has your lackluster routine caused your Corp Por to go Ka Put? Tailors, have you woven enough fabric to cover every square foot of road across the realm and gone half-mad from dye exposure? Are you fisherman so tired of smelling fish and just missing that elusive big one until you are ready to plunge headlong into the next deep sea serpent that appears at the other end of your pole? Adventurers, do you long for a bit of conversation in your lonely quest to rid the realm of evil creatures and rascally wrong-doers?

Then saddle up your trustworthy ostard, llama, or steed and join one of these weekly adventures to meet new faces and break free of your tedious routine!

Monday nights

Beginning this Monday, Lady Shannon will lead a pilgrimage each week to one of the shrines of the realm by the light of the Trammel moon. Town criers will be hired to remind interested parties where and when to meet. Expeditions will set out from a town near the shrine. Upon arrival at the shrine, a special guest may deliver a presentation, fellow pilgrims may be asked to speak, or the area around the shrine may be cleared of any evil that seeks to corrupt its goodness.

The first pilgrimage sets out from Empath Abbey for the Chaos Shrine Monday night at 8pm CST. Bring a friend and share the experience.

Tuesday nights

The enchanting Marlo has been hosting treasure hunts for some time now. The weekly adventure has grown into a ritual for many. Marlo provides the maps; all interested parties need bring are their own supplies and a sharing heart. Jollier Fairgrounds, to the east of Skara Brae, Trammel, is where the hunters rally both before and after the hunts. Traditionally, take from the creatures guarding the chest goes to the warriors who defeat them, then the bounty of the chest itself is collected by Marlo and distributed at the end of the evening at the fairgrounds tavern.

The next treasure hunt is scheduled for next Tuesday at 8pm CST.

Wednesday night

Your humble narrator [which would be me, Quill McMartin] invites you to try your hand at journalism. A symposium - "The Basics of News writing" - will be held on Wednesday nights in the Skara Brae Town Hall, Trammel. The series will continue with "Conducting an Interview," "Establishing Contacts," and other topics. Field trips and special guests will add interesting twists to the meetings.

The symposium begins at the Skara Brae Town Hall, Trammel this Wednesday at 7:30pm CST.

On the drawing board

Look for an announcement in the coming weeks concerning a weekly storytelling event. Bards and storytellers may want to dust off their lutes and tomes in preparation as details are fine-tuned by the organizers. A festival will be held to kick off this eagerly anticipated event.

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