2001-02-27: Ventryn’s Return

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Catskills Edition

Ventryn’s Return

Author: Ferran Azelle Published: February 27, 2001

Within the last several days several developments have occurred regarding the mage Artarion, his apparent ally Ventryn, and others connected to the spreading evil that originated in Yew. For those unfamiliar, Artarion is a capable mage who has been utilizing a mysterious power in an attempt to destroy Yew and those who inhabit the city and the surrounding areas. The definite source of Artarion's power is unknown, but suspicion seems to be that another more powerful individual gave the power to Artarion. Most believe that Artarion is utilizing this power to strike at those chosen by his master.

A few months ago, mysterious crystals were placed at five locations by Artarion himself. These crystals are referred to by most as Conversion crystals and apparently are receiver crystals, receiving energy from a master crystal which is located within the Lair of Ventryn in Felucca. Supposedly the energy can be used to command large armies against the targeted location.

This energy has been witnessed over the past several weeks, although most noticeably just a few days ago. The Shadowmoor Village, the Knights of Yew Aegis, The Purple Guardians of Honor Castle Olympus, Winterfell Keep and the Covenant Manor all are home to the unwelcome crystals. According to reports, Artarion utilized the energy of the master crystal to attack all locations simultaneously. Fire creatures, most unusual creatures that were deemed as blistering wyverns and fire fiends by those witnessing the onslaught, targeted the Shadowmoor Village. Ice creatures attacked the Aegis and witnesses report a type of frost drake assisting in the siege against the defenders. An army of Orcs and Ettins set upon the occupants of Castle Olympus, commanded by Orc Shamans and Ettin Warlords. Winterfell Keep apparently continues their familiarity with the undead, with skeletal sorcerers leading the army against them. The Covenant Manor defended against both giant spiders and scorpions with an especially vile species of spiders taking part in the assault against them.

These assaults took place for over an hour in most locations, according to eyewitness reports. Just as defenders thought that the battle was over, another wave of creatures would set upon them, the Conversion crystal likely responsible for the severity of the assault - although the master crystal does appear to have a limited amount of energy before it must lay dormant and recharge itself. After the crystal appeared to be drained from the assault, Xenthyl the Phantom manifested at each location and organized a gathering within Shadowmoor Village. From there Xenthyl explained that during the assaults he had located Ventryn, who was likely responsible for the construction of the Conversion crystals and the attacks. Xenthyl then directed the defenders to Ventryn's Lair in Felucca. There the defenders hoped to capture Ventryn and take him into custody to await an eventual trial to determine whether he was indeed responsible for the attacks against multiple locations.

Ventryn was indeed found within his Lair, apparently severely beaten and unconscious, slumped over in his throne. Those gathered attempted to rouse him, but to no avail. A few individuals reportedly took the liberty of placing Ventryn's wounded body on horseback to transport him back to the Trammel facet, while others tended to the open wounds along his forehead. Once the group returned to Trammel, Ventryn was apparently conscious and able to discuss his whereabouts. However, Ventryn supposedly remembers little, but seems to recall two individuals who used the power of an unknown staff against him. Other than those few details, Ventryn remembers little else but claims no responsibility for the Conversion crystals or the recent attacks and denies any alliance to Artarion or anyone else. Until the trial, Ventryn will remain captive and heavily guarded within a prison cell in Shadowmoor Village.

Most, including myself, are skeptical that Ventryn is not responsible for the recent attacks. Those who remember Ventryn are well aware of his past as a lich, bent on revenge against those who wronged him long ago. Most believe Ventryn to be one of the most deceiving and manipulative individuals alive, despite the fact that he apparently was redeemed nearly a year ago. Although at this point no definitive judgment can be made until the planned trial. Evidence is still being gathered to prepare a legitimate case against Ventryn. As soon as a date and time are announced for the public trial, I will make immediate mention of it.

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