2006-08-15: WAR!

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Global Edition

WAR! / 戦争

Author: Draconi Published: August 15, 2006

Britannia is at war with the Ophidians. Skara Brae, Serpent’s Hold, Vesper, and Papua lay drenched in the dark blood washing across our land. We fight against the blackest sort of evil: an evil which does not discriminate between soldier and innocent. An evil that has confounded our magical protections and abilities, and seized the very heart of cities which once knew only peace and commerce.

The Britannian News Network cannot print it boldly enough: we are at war, and we bear a terrible cost. We urge every citizen to stand vigilant in this dark time, and prepare for the battle that may come soon to your doorsteps.

Communication from Serpent’s Hold has been cut off completely, but we managed to meet with the commander of Skara Brae’s defenses shortly before the Ophidians pushed further into the city, forcing us to flee the isle by ship. Readers will note that there has been no official response from Castle Britannia, and that the militia stands alone except where aided by the citizenry.

Commander Reginald has asked us to print a letter from a field subordinate concerning the invading forces. We hope that any volunteer willing to face the Ophidians will take heed of the intelligence passed on here:

To Commander Reginald, Skara Brae

Sir, we got it. It was just like you thought. We got one of their leaders on the docks, afore they began crossing over. I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll warn you, though, be wary of the Ophidian healers. The snakes can heal fiercely, I saw a nearly dead snake get healed up in seconds. I figure the best thing to do is get your best out there first and hit those first, then let the rear guard fall on their front lines.
Oh. Hedge and Tiggs didn’t make it. I’m sorry, there was nothing we could do. I’ll write the letters, of course, and forward them to you for approval once we get these snakes out of our city.
The mages can’t explain the barrier failures, but they’re working on it. Sergius examined the map we got off the dead Ophidian’s body – there’s a scribed copy enclosed. I marked out more clearly where it looks like they were going to hit. The best I can say is to hit their front line with whatever we’ve got and try to push them back.
Good luck, sir.
Yours respectfully,
Tiberius, Lieutenant

On behalf of the citizens of Britannia, we wish to thank Lieutenant Tiberius for his sacrifice. After receiving the letter Commander Reginald attempted to lead a small force behind enemy lines to reach the lieutenant, but their squad had already been overrun.

We will not surrender, nor give any quarter against our merciless foe. Even as our citizens rail against Britain and question the lack of military response, we know that the people themselves will stand against even the greatest challenge, all to claim that most glorious of victories: peace.






閣下、我々はあるものを手に入れました。それは、あなたが考えたとおりのものでした。前述のとおり奴らは渡航を開始し、我々は波止場で奴らのリーダーの一人を倒しました。その詳細は驚くべきものでした。警告します、Ophidian Healerに用心してください。奴が近くにいるだけで、蛇どもは猛烈な勢いで回復していきます。死にかけた蛇が数秒で回復する光景といったら……。行うべき最善の策は、まず前線で全力を尽くしてOphidian Healerを素早く倒し、それから後衛を叩き伏せることでしょう。








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