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Test Center Release 2 –  09/10/2021

TC Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with equipping the (newly created) Gargish Candied Staff.
  • All pack animals will continue to go wild based on their loyalty.
  • Resolved issue with VvV mounts not properly being released.
  • Pack animals and hirelings will now only stay in the offline auto stable for 24 hours after which they will be removed from the world if not retrieved.
  • Resolved issue with Imp Kin not being removed properly from players.

Test Center Release 1 –  09/07/2021

24th Anniversary Gifts

  • Veteran players at least 30 days old logging in between Publish 111 World Wide Date and October 15, 2021 at 12:01 AM GMT-04:00 will receive an anniversary token
  • The token can be redeemed for opal themed items,
    • Opal Encrusted Mobius
    • Opal Standing Harp
    • Ornamental Opal

All items are labeled as:

Handset by the Jewelers at – Followed by the name of one of the many Jeweler shops across Britannia.






  • Items come in a selection of common and rare varieties – collect them all!
  • Players logging into TC1 should receive gifts for testing

Halloween Jack o’ Lanterns

  • Two common and two rare types have been added to the list of possible Jack o’ Lanterns to collect!
  • Butchers will return to the Graveyards beginning October 1st!
  • Visit the Britain fields, Britain Cemetery, and Moonglow Cemetery on TC1 for testing

Trick or Treat

  • New Trick or Treat items available beginning October 1st!
    • Medusa Head
    • Skull Stack
    • Gargish Lantern






  • Use the moongate on TC1 for testing

Huntmaster’s Challenge

  • New Creatures & Trophies have been added to the challenge!
    • Gorilla
    • Kraken









  • New Rewards!
    • Fish Bushel
    • Crab & Lobster Bushel

Artisan Festival

  • A new batch of Virtue & Vice themed rewards are available in this year’s Artisan Festival!
  • The Artisan Festival will be active between Wednesday, December 1,  2021 and Wednesday, January 5, 2022


  • New tinker crafting recipe available as Krampus loot – The Candied Staff
  • New blacksmith crafting recipe available as Krampus loot – Shield Orb
  • Recipes are available from TC1 dispensers at the Britain Commons

Dynamic Treasures Events

  • Refactored spawn mechanic in Treasures events areas to behave more like champion spawns to decrease mob respawn time
  • Resolved issue where creatures in Treasures events areas could not be provoked


Treasures of Hythloth active on Test Center currently

List of Rewards:




































Dynamic Champion Spawns

  • Adjusted reward distribution for participation and final rewards
  • Players are eligible for multiple participation rewards based on their contribution to the spawn
  • Only players that have participated in building the spawn are eligible for the final boss reward
  • Visit the champion spawn on TC1 by accessing the moongate at the Britain Commons


Participation Rewards:

Each Anti-Virtue has these 4 graphics.  Labeled Daemonic Lord of:

Hythloth, Wrong, Deceit, Destard, Pride, Covetous, Shame, Despise.





4 RARE types; Archfiend of Britannia, Ter Mur, Tokuno, Ilshenar.









The Boss Drop:





Bonded Pet Update

  • Bonded pets (Non-pack animal) can no longer go wild and will no longer respond to commands from their owner until the pet owner feeds the pet
  • Dead bonded pets no longer decay until after 24 hours of in-game time have passed

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Lorebooks will now have more descriptive tooltips to indicate book title, author, and the number of pages contained within.
  • Added additional spawn of Cu Sidhe to the Pixie Forest in Ilshenar
  • Quest NPCs and Reward Givers will now display the time they are set to cleanup during limited-time content
  • Auction safe sale items are no longer eligible as IDOC loot
  • Lorebooks can now be crafted via Inscription
  • Added a provisoner to New Magincia

Ultima Store Items

  • Cu Sidhe Pet Costumes
    • You will be able to purchase a costume credit which will allow you to groom a bonded pet into one of the following alternate styles:
      • Newfoundland
      • Malamute
      • Great Dane
      • Saint Bernard
      • Russian Terrier
      • Rottweiler
    • Costumes are pet-specific and must be applied to the corresponding pet breed and can be applied to any color corresponding pet.
    • This credit is usable ONLY by the purchasing character
    • This credit is stored on the purchasing character and can be applied to your pet at the Pet Groomer
    • Pet Groomers are located at various stables throughout the world
    • Once the credit is applied, the groomer can style your pet with any costumes you have purchased as well as the original body type and hue
    • Costumed pets may not be transferred until they are returned to their original appearance
    • Any existing costume credits will be returned to the pet owner when the pet is transferred or released
  • Pet costumes can be accessed on TC1 by using the “give petcostumes” command

(Images below are in both Classic and Enhanced Clients)














Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that would prevent some castles & keeps from converting to newer styles
  • Resolved issue where a player using the Flaming Shot archery master ability would not be able to use another special move when targeting a mobile
  • Added the phoenix, greater phoenix, turkey, and giant turkey to the bird slayer list
  • The skull longsword, skull gnarled staff, and bake-kitsune hat are now repairable
  • Resolved issue where Artisan Festival bedskirts would not unfold/fold properly
  • Resolved issue where players on a quest could enter into a broken state and no longer access their quest journal
  • Resolved issue where the Runic Atlas could enter into a broken state
  • Resolved issue where party members (and pets) of a bard using resilience do not receive all expected benefits
  • Resolved issue where when Hit Velocity procs, it negates slayer damage bonus of the original hit

Enhanced Client

  • Resolved issue where occasionally mobs will ghost after death
  • Resolved issue where bandages contained within an equipped First Aid Belt could not be used in standard functions

Classic Client

  • Resolved issue where occasionally the “target nearest hostile” macro fails to target viable targets
  • Added option for “large container gumps” to the Soulstone Vessel
  • Resolved Gargoyle equipment clipping issues