A Birth of a Legend​

An urgent appeal to the people from a toy maker. His cries for help caught the attention of the People, the RBG and the Governor of Trinsic!

Location: Tinker Guild; Trinsic toymaker.jpg

The local mages of Luna made sure to have a gate ready for all to attend this meeting with Tomas O’Neerlan, the Toy Maker.



Tomas O’Neerlan: Greetings Everyone, How are we doing Tonight?
maints magic: good and you?
Ronan: Good, you?
Sarah: hello :)
Lily: and you?
Dev Cortair: evening!
Tomas O’Neerlan: I have gathered you all here to ask for your help.
Jack Sparrow: how may we help you, citizen?
Tomas O’Neerlan: A couple days ago my Toy Shop was broken into.
Jack Sparrow: were my guards notified
Dawn Sonoma: what was taken, Sir?
Tomas O’Neerlan: I wasn’t aware of any guards at the time
maints magic: toy thieves the worst
Tomas O’Neerlan: I have good suspicion that its Vexx the Mage.
Dawn Sonoma: Vexx? hummm
Jack Sparrow: the city guards are always available
Tomas O’Neerlan: He is an enemy and Jealous toymaker
Dawn Sonoma: do you know where he has his shop?
Tomas O’Neerlan: Don’t be fooled he is not a good mage for he uses his magic in evil ways.
toymaker4.jpg toymaker4a.jpg
Tomas O’Neerlan: He came here to steal my toys for evil purposes.
Dawn Sonoma: *takes notes*
Tomas O’Neerlan: I believe he will be casting magic spells on the toys to bring them to life. Not sure his plans with these toys, but he needs to be stopped.
Dawn Sonoma: yes I asked what was taken can you tell us??
Tomas O’Neerlan: Hey stole Wooden Horses, Soldiers, Marionettes and my prized Unicorn
Dawn Sonoma: ahhh
Tomas O’Neerlan: Some of my fellow shopkeepers have spotted Wooden Toys running around a cave up North.
Dawn Sonoma: all Mech I assume toys?
maints magic: sounds like our next stop then
Tomas O’Neerlan: Will you investigate this area for me? as I cannot do this task on my own.
Talina: aye
Dawn Sonoma: yes be happy to
Tomas O’Neerlan: Much Appreciated
Tomas O’Neerlan: I will gate you to the cave where the toys have been spotted.
Dawn Sonoma: Governor * Looks at Jack
Jack Sparrow: we shall do our best
Dawn Sonoma: you know this area far better then most here
Tomas O’Neerlan: Please follow me outside. And Good Luck to you all.

With those words Tomas led us outside on the street where he opens a gate to Vexx’s cave.

At first, there was nothing to see, an empty shop inside the cave, A broken crate, scrolls, books all around. Suddenly Toys appeared as if they had grown from tiny to HUGE, attacking all there. All present fought back and were hard-pressed to defend them self.

Then this Mage appeared, a look of bewilderment on his face??
Vexx the Mage: What are you doing here? My Precious Toys!!! My Precious Toys!!!

Upset he was, no amount of reason would he listen when pointed out that he had stolen these Toys he was, even more, angrier with us then. The guard had no choice but to take him and the giant Toys down.

Tomas O’Neerlan: Thank you, everyone, for your help in stopping Vexx the Mage.

All there said, “You are Welcome”.

This event was the groundbreaking event for Atlantic’s new EM. Thus he was born on Legends!

Tonight’s drop: toymaker6.jpg