Governor’s Meeting 11-18-18

Roll Call
Gov of Minoc
Gov of Moonglow
Gov of Vesper
(Note, this will be the last Governor meeting for this period. Election Nominations started 1st of December. With another week of votes to be tally. We may have new or old Governor returning for the next meeting.)

King Blackthorn: Good evening governors! Please have a seat So glad to see you all here tonight I am saddened that some could not make it but it is understandable As usual, let us begin with getting an idea of how each city is doing Cinderella, how goes Minoc?

(Note, for some reason my journal could not show Cinderella reply, I do not understand why.)

Overall her reply was that all is well in the City of Minoc and that they are awaiting the arrival of the Holidays with great expectations.

King Blackthorn: Ahh good to hear! Perhaps they could get Chef O’gok to share his turkey I hear he is going to be in Yew feeding any who wish to partake in thanksgiving dinner there.

Dezerai, How goes Moonglow?

Dezerai: Over all the city is doing well, trade is holding and the Trade deal is +2 Mana Regen. Spooky Skelton is still in the Empty Hall behind the bank. And city workers are to scared to enter that empty hall. And our Guardian, The Void Dragon still sleeps.

Chief Giggey Still Guards the Banner south of the Docks The Lone Gold Hungry Mongbat still sits along side the road leading toward the Cemetery, I believe he awaits a chance to recruit more and more mongbats for his cause.

There are no problems at the Tower of Sorcery. The Dragon Boat south of the Tower still allows travel to and from the Vesper Trappers huts. The Encyclopedia is also good. Recdu allows travel to Papua. Recsu to return. The Teleport pads in the center of the City are all working like a well oil machine.

That is all I have with this report.

King Blackthorn: Seems the spooky skeletons need vanquishing. Could have sworn they were all taken care of. I will make sure Xanthus gets on it.
Thank you for your report.

Dezerai: Sire, indeed
thank you sir

King Blackthorn: Lavendar how goes Vesper?

Lavendar: Vesper is doing well. We are looking forward to the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving, of course. I think we are all looking forward to December and the artisans trees and new gifts. I am planning on inviting Santa to come to Sonoma The other governors here will be welcoming him to Zento Bank I believe the Bank is already decorated for his arrival He will be coming on December 8 to give gifts to all who come to say hello. There will be more news put out as the day gets closer. I understand there are plans by brigands to intercept the trade missions and I do hope that will not completely disrupt our town coffers. We shall see how that works out. So, basically we are just looking forward to a good holiday season.

King Blackthorn: indeed nice Wonderful news oh? thank you for the update As I stated earlier, Chef O’gok will be blessing us with a turkey feast this holiday and all are welcome to join it So be sure to make plans if you don’t already have any and show your support =)

Dezerai you had something you wanted to say?
Dezerai: I have two items to discuss, December 7th there will be a King of Hill Event in Felucca (Delucia) all are welcome to attend this, we have gates being sent up by the PEC.

King Blackthorn: oh? Xanthus’ Order will be handling this I assume?
Dezerai: We have asked PEC Raine and have got a confirm message from her

King Blackthorn: Aye the order of the Mysterious robed ones. did you have something else to say Dezerai?

Dezerai: indeed I have one thing to say and I wish all the best of luck. December the 1st Elections are schedule to start, with one week of Nominations and another week of votes to tally and I hope we have a full council for the first meeting in December.

King Blackthorn: does anyone else? Alright then, if that is all, then we are done!

Outside in the courtyard we had a brief chat with EM Xanthus.

Thus ends this report!