Siege Perilous Governor’s Meeting 6-9-18​

There was a lot of active on Siege Perilous yesterday, there was a wedding, (which I missed, sorry), the GIL monthly Auction, some really great deals, and a flaw found with the vendors as a stealthier was purchasing items off the vendor at the house sign before those that won the bid could purchase the items they won. I am sure that the GIL will be looking into ways to prevent this, I suggested they go to using trade windows. The Casher initiates the trade by opening the trade window, then places the items in the trade, the person that won the bid then puts in the gold amount paying for said items.

Siege 6-9-18.jpg

Right after the auction, there was the Monthly Governor’s meeting. Kenzie died inside while entering the Serpents Hold Palace, rest assured murder counts were passed out. ((Kenzie Mori: The Xxxxxxxxx is attacking you!: Kenzie Mori: Xxxxxxxxxx is attacking you!: Being perfectly rested, you shove them out of the way.: You are dead.)) However, the blocking the main entrance, after Kenzie got inside was uncalled for and illegal with the use of several Candelabra.

Siege1 6-9-18.jpg

King Blackthorn praised the planning of the wedding today and made sure to repost the warning of murder in the Palace and then went on to announce the arrival of the Dark Lady Mesanna to Siege this month, the scheduled meeting will be on the 25th at seven bells on the eastern star in the OLD Serpent’s Hold War room. Attendance is not mandatory but if you have questions or request for the Goddess and her Minions I would strongly suggest attending this meeting.

Siege3 6-9-18.jpg

HRM also spoke of the current situation of the orcs and how a special team would be sent to further scout them out. Next, those Governors that were present gave a short speech on their current balance of the city treasury and of course any request/problems they may have/had.

Siege2 6-9-18.jpg

Sadly Blind Otto announced that he was not running for reelection of Minoc. His presence at the meetings was always bright, cheerful and noisy *winks*. Heres to a true patron of the art, *salutes* you will be missed at these meeting, rest assure that HRM will keep his earplugs for your return someday.