As soon as we arrived in the Castle Courtyard we could see the golden yellow book sitting on the pedestal. As the setting sun cast a slight ray on the mystery book it gave off a slight eerie glow. While I was still feet away the golden foiled letters shimmered in the sun. The glimmering title became easier to read the closer I got. The Manifesto Of The Human Nation it proudly proclaimed. More than a few quickly gathered around to take a closer look. The pages were filled with such vile writings. I post them here not to give them life, not because I agree with them, but merely for documentation and so you can draw your own conclusion.

The Manifesto of the Human Nation
by Khay’Thall

*A picture of a red gauntlet on a field of white decorates the first page*

This book is dedicated to the human spirit and those of our race that have carried the tourch before us.

The Sections
-The Ways of Nature
– Racial Mixing
– The Philosophe
– The Human Will
– The Goal
– The Racial Scale

There are some truths which are so obvious that for their simplicity they are not seen by most ordinary men. It takes someone to see a need for change in order for change to occur. Thus humanity wanders Sosaria thinking it knows all there is to know of the world when in reality it is blind to the most basic of worldly principles: The survival of the fittest. When the Gods created our world, in their divine wisdom they allowed nature to dictate the course of all life on Sosaria. Thus nature set about to create the perfect being. This is called higher breeding. Nature dictates to us that every animal mates with a member of the same species. The mouse seeks the mouse and never an ettin. If this balance is disrupted then the will of the gods is defied.

In the example of the half-elf it is evident that the union of a superior human and inferior elf creates a racially weak offspring. Not only is it inferior but it is a walking defiance against nature! Thus any breeding between two beings not at the same racial level produces a medium between the two parents. The unfortunate child will be below his racially superior parent but will stand higher on the racial scale in the comparison to the racially weak parent. The minor races use breeding as an instrument to create genocide on the human race!

Thus it should be against the law for non-humans to be married to humans.

The subject of human superiority lies in the Philosophe. A Philosophe is an enlightened human that like the Avatar and Lord British creates the foundation of culture. As the only contributions to culture have been made by humans it is the human that is meant to be the ruler of Sosaria. The Philosophe of today are almost extinct. Society is falling before our eyes and the fall can not be blamed on us the humans, it can be blamed on the Orc! It is the nature of the Orcs to destroy all things intelligent and orderly. If humanity opens its eyes and realizes that the cause of the cultural decline is caused by the minor-races the backlash will usher in a new age for the Philosophe.

The human will is such that it can never be fully crushed. As a race the human is the only being that possesses a soul. The Orc is too vile and sells his soul to a primitive god at the first moment it can utter its primitive tongue that they call orcish the demonic rite that ties them all together.

The elf with its longevity does not have a soul or they sold it for immortality.

All around us exist races that tell us they are superior to us when in fact they are inferior. How many times have you heard an elf brag about its age? Or a dwarf brag about its skill smelting irons? They want us to feel bad about our identity. By falling into this trap we begin to think we are the ones that are inferior! Nay! Never!

This brings me to the goal. The goal starts with educating humans to think for themselves. It starts with humanity’s enlightenment. Once all worthy members of the human race are united under a Philosophe and understand their role as the keepers of the world then the true plan can come into effect. The total and systematic elimination of all minor-races! Only when humanity remains will there be order in Sosaria. We are building the future not only for ourselves but for our children!

Unfortunate is he who is a human and stands with the minor-races, for he is the produce of tricks and brainwashing. We are to feel sorrow for our lost brothers and pray for their return to us.

The Racial Scale
1. Human
2. The Dwarf
3. The Elf (With exception of the Drow)
4. The Drow
5. The Orc

The human occupies the top of the scale because as a race it is most numerous, has no flaws and has created all that is right in Sosaria.

The Dwarf shadows the human because on a positive note they are skilled with metals. They are inferior because they are born with dependency for ale and like the orc are born with an aggressive disorder. Studies Dwarven specimens disprove the theory that dwarves are more resistant to pain than humans.

In the center lies the elf and all families of elf with exception of the drow. The elf’s only gift is also its curse. Elves live for centuries if not more. In that time the elf learns at a slow pace. In face an elf that claims to be 500 years of age would still not know more than an elder human of 70 as humans learn much faster. The weapon of the elf is it’s appearance. With it’s charms and looks it lures humans to create sin against the gods by breeding with the beasts. The elves are the leading cause of human degeneration!

The Drow is far worse than the elf. It is a liar and murderer. Born in darkness it lives to destroy culture and to bring down the Philosophe. It kidnaps human children and kill them to heathen gods of just for the fun of it. These beasts have no good qualities. Where if not for their short numbers they would be the biggest threat.

The Orc is the lowest race. All orcs are born with a damaged frontal lobe in their brain.

*A picture of an orc head with the brain visible and marked. The side view shows a sloped forehead*

This damage causes orcs to be born aggressive. All orcs think like wolves. it is the strongest not the smartest that is the leader and their language is a botched attempt at the human tongue. Over the past years they have grown to a large number, soon they will be beyond control! They live to create chaos!

The revolution we bring is of the mind. This book is meant to open eyes, it is your hand that draws the sword.

Each of us has to make up our own mind what we think of the words contained in such a book. The majority of the crowd assembled seemed to think of it as nothing more than pure trash. Once Lady Amandine arrived she let her opinion on the matter be well known. Seeing as how she found this particular copy tucked snuggly between the pillow and mattress of Charlotte’s bed she was furious to say the least. Not only did she vehemently disagree with the content, she wanted all copies of the book burned so that type of mindset could not spread any further. She told the assembled Knights of the Crux Ansata to seek out the nearby Humanist camp. She wanted any and all humanists interrogated in order to find any and all copies. Once any copies were found her orders were crystal clear.. burn them ALL.

Once we arrived at the camp a rather haggard looking lady seemed upset that The Crux was once again at the camp. Only a few weeks earlier The Crux had put the camp in shambles while hunting another Humanist who was raising Hellhounds and setting them loose to wreak havoc in Yew. As Knights began interrogating her she grew even more defensive. She was refusing to provide any information on any existing books except that she knew there were five more books in addition to the one Charlotte had. This did not set well with some of the more aggressive Knights. Threats rained down on her in all forms. Threats to destroy the camp and leave nobody alive seemed to be a favorite. She tried to walk off from the Knights on more than one occasion, only to have her progress halted quickly and have more threats thrown her way. It was not until some Knights in the ranks began standing good on the threats that she finally gave the information up. Lord Adamu Wellings had one, the daughter of the Governor of Nujel’m had another, another was at Empath Abbey, yet another one in Trinsic and the final one was in the possession of King Blackthorn himself.

At first you could hear a pin drop when she mentioned the King held one, but, that quickly turned to rage and cries of her being a liar. Even as a Knight held a blade to her throat she held to her story and swore it was the truth. Knights began quickly heading to the areas to do as Lady Danica had bid. The Guardians of the books were quickly handled by the swam of Dragons and blades. As the Knights gathered to head back to Blackthorns Castle they found themselves wondering how a mere Knight dares to destroy something personally owned by the King on the orders of someone the King actually commands. Some in the group were perplexed to say the least.

Once they hit the Castle, Knights began running around the castle like ants when you destroy their hill of dirt. Branching off in all directions, seemingly running around in panic while they searched for the offending book. Once word began to circulate it had been found in King Blackthorn’s bed chamber Knights quickly began filling the room. It only took a matter of seconds for the pandemonium to stop. King Blackthorns arrival and his booming voice snapped everyone around to attention. He began to tell the Knights how they were wrong in attempting to burn the books. He read them the riot act for the Humanist lives they had taken. When some Knights began defending themselves by saying, “But, Lady Amandine told us to.” He let them know how wrong they were to blindly follow the orders of a zealot. Yes, that was the King’s exact word, from his own mouth. Most of the Knights in attendance stood with their mouths wide open and a shocked look on their face… myself included.

He quickly let us know we were disbanded for the night and that he would speak further on the issue at the upcoming Conseil du Roi. As we all walked off, most of us still stunned, we could not help but wonder and speculate as to what he would say then. Yes, the term “butt chewing” was mentioned by more than a few.