Siege Election Results December 15th, 2017

Good Morning People of Siege, the multi Elections held across many cities are over and here are the results from the city stones across our fair lands of Sosaria.

Britain – The capital of Britannia Governor-Elect: Starcon
election results Siege Britain.jpg
Jhelom – City of Valor. Governor-Elect: Pending King’s Choice.
election results Siege Jhelom.jpg
Magincia – Home for Mages Governor: Morgan Ironfist
election results Siege Magincia.jpg
Minoc – City of Sacrifice. Governor-Elect: Blind Otto
election results Siege Minoc.jpg
Moonglow – City of Honesty. Governor-Elect: Talia
election results Siege Moonglow.jpg
Skara Brae – City of Spirituality. Governor-Elect: Saoirse Kilkenny
election results Siege Skara Brae.jpg
Trinsic – City of Honor. Governor-Elect: Sarah
election results Siege Trinsic.jpg
Vesper – City of Canals. Governor-Elect: Possum
election results Siege Vesper.jpg
Yew – City of Justice. Governor: Reuggan
election results Siege Yew.jpg
Note: If you see the word “Elect” after the word Governor it means they have yet to accept the office of Governor, a simple matter of making a visit to the city stone.

Congratulation to all the winners. For all that may not know the city governors will have the ability to negotiate trade deals with NPC Guilds, grant titles to the citizens of the City, and attend council meetings with His Royal Highness King Blackthorn. City Elections begin on the first day of June and December. Please note there is one city listed as “Pending King’s Choice”. The reason is no one ran for that office. If you feel you can be the Governor of that city then all you need do is petition the King. To accept any office of Governorship one must be a citizen of that city and be “ADORED” in the City Loyalty. Either through trade missions runs or donations to the City Trade Minister.