Void Pool Champs Once more!!!!​

May 14/15, 2016 was the last time we had a battle in the Void Pool and all were sure we were done and over with the Void Pool, a record 255 waves that day. But recently that record was broke with a high of 271, so once more the citizens of Siege took up arms to defend the title of Void Pool Champs (Felucca) Setting a record high of 276 waves January 28th, 2018. And they beat the old time of nine and half hours set in May 2016.

Cheerleader You see: EM Kincaid
EM Cheering us on.jpg

You see: Lord Gramps [GIL] You see: L eawyn II [GIL] You see: Lady Becca [GIL] You see: Ray [GIL] You see: Rufio [TnT1] You see: Kimi Mori You see: Anthony Banks [GIL] You see: Sir AJ You see: Razzputon [GIL] You see: Sarah [L*H] You see: Cherokee You see: Siege Perilous You see: CharGar [GIL] You see: Sir AJ You see: Ian James [GIL] You see: Lara You see: Brutus [GIL] You see: Wormtail You see: Ru [TnT1] You see: Sybyll [Gryf] You see: Queen Mavia [GIL] You see: Lord Hagrid [GIL] You see: Blind Otto [KSS] You see: Hoffs [GIL] You see: Bia Defender of Eodon You see: Lord Creeger [GIL] You see: Izabo [GIL] You see: Blackwood [GIL] You see: Kleman [GIL] You see: Flint [ao] You see: Lady Mercy [TnT1] You see: Lady Maire Cailin [GIL] You see: Leprechaun [GIL] You see: Hesperus [GIL] You see: Nico [GIL] You see: Razzian [GIL] You see: Torin [GIL] You see: Lord Static [GIL] You see: Carrick McGee [GIL] You see: Shayla Keylley [GIL] You see: Aislin [GIL] You see: Ensam Hemma [GIL] You see: Saber-Toothed 21 You see: Misericorde You see: Az [GIL] You see: Ikerous [GIL] You see: Deslem de Berg [GIL] You see: Ter Yaap Art the Bladeweaver You see: Boolean [GIL] [VvV]

[Alliance][Hugibear]: hugi is happy to finally be in the gil alliance

Kimi Mori: For your participation in the Battle for the Void Pool on Felucca, you have received 15236 reward points. Any reward points you have accumulated may be redeemed by visiting Vela in Cove.

During the battle, you helped fight back 276 out of 276 waves of enemy forces. Your final wave was 276. Your total score for the battle was 11819 points.

Void Pool Group Shot With Cheerleader.jpg

I like to point out that the all name check (Roll Call) missed a lot of people, like the Blackoaks, Shakespeare, Hugibear, Malloc, Branwyn of Errol, Rhiannon and other skilled warriors that join this alliance to win the title back for Siege as well as all the crafters that were there to repair items on the spot. I am a firm believer that those Crafters are the real heroes this day, for without the support of these unknown players we would have never made it.