Void Pool Celebration​

Recently there was a great battle at the Void Pool I am sure you all heard of it by now, thirty brave souls risked life and limb to defend the Pool from waves after waves after waves of monsters that only sought one thing, to destroy that Pool. For 275 waves these thirty warriors of the land stopped each wave cold, dead in its tracks. But it takes a cost to do so and it was at the 276th wave that the defenders fell back allowing the waves to move in on the pool. But it was to late, a new record had been set, done by 30 individuals, less than nine hours and in Felucca.

Void Pool Celebration.jpg

Today those people were recognized during a grand ceremony at the West Britain Bank. King Blackthorn stood before the crowd, and with a wave began his speech to all present.

Void Pool Celebration1.jpg

King Blackthorn: *Royal Wave* Hail to you all, citizens of Britannia! *beams broadly* Today is a wonderful day. A day for you all to be proud to be Britannians! Today, we gather to recognize an outstanding achievement! A few weeks ago, the foul and scheming sorceress Cora emerged from hiding.

She plotted and schemed, and brought forth an army of foul creatures. This army, you must understand, was massive, mighty, and hungry for conquest. Left unchecked, it would have overrun these lands.

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Every man, woman, and unseen child would have died in a horrible manner. But! A small band of heroes stepped forth! These intrepid heroes charged into the depths of Covetous, without a thought for their own lives or safety! There, they fought long and hard. Warrior. Mage. Mystic. Tamer. Bard. Hour after hour passed, and still, they stood strong!

And then, the good craftsmen and women of our land, hearing of the battle, also made their way there, bringing with them wood, metal, and tools. There, they set up a makeshift camp, and toiled long into the night, keeping the mages, warriors, and beastmasters supplied with all they needed

Void Pool Celebration2.jpg

Nine long hours passed. The floor ran knee-deep with the blood of monsters! And then – it was over. Cora fled into the night, and Britannia was saved!

*smiles regally*

And so, it gives me great pleasure to ensure that their victory is known to all. A moment’s silence, please, while I unveil this commemorative plaque!

*pulls curtain aside with a flourish*

Three cheers for our valiant defenders!

(The crowd goes wild with cheers. After all is quiet again the King speaks)

Would any of our heroic defenders like to say a few words to the crowd? *looks at Hoffs* No? Your humility is an example to us all! *smiles* to achieve such a victory, and then to keep your own counsel – you are a credit to us all

Well, thank you all. But we are not done. There is more! Journey now with me to the doorway of Covetous, where the Void Pool lies. There, we will unveil a second monument, revealing the land’s greatest defender!

*waves and a gate flickers open* *smiles*

Void Pool Celebration3.jpg

We soon found ourself just outside the second level doorway to Covetous’ Void Pool. Marble benches were set for all to sit on.

And so, it gives me great pleasure to reveal our second commemorative plaque, and to announce the noble Az as this land’s greatest defender! *tugs on the rope* So, rejoice, citizens! Party and celebrate in whatever form or fashion you please! You have the undying gratitude of the land, and of the Crown!

*royal salute*

Void Pool Celebration4.jpg

I hope Cora never rises again! But if she does, I know this land is in good hands! Should you wish to be certain all her pets are dead, the Void Pool lies behind me! *smiles*

(Someone gave a shout out for the Lady Hoffs;)

Indeed. I have heard much about Britannia’s great tactician. While she may not wish to address the crowd, your deeds have not gone unnoticed. Well done, Lady Hoffs! Well done indeed!

And well done, of course, to Az, whose strong right arm slew countless monsters! Well, I had expected some of our more… energetic… citizens to arrive, but it seems not.

Perhaps we can call on the cooks and bakers of the land to supply a good party instead?

(Again shouts from the crowd about jinks the event)
Ha! I believe in no Jinxes! You have proven most soundly that you make your own luck!

Void Pool Celebration5.jpg

You may make use of the castle if you wish! There is a portal behind you that returns to the bank or you can stay here and party! The victory is yours, and the choice of venue should be as well!

(With those words the ceremony was complete. Small chat of the crafters, a good lady in Cove and the Governor meeting was all.)

Now, later this night, there will be a Siege Council meeting. You are welcome to attend. Unless you are a governor, in which case you are expected to attend! *smiles* The bards will sing of this victory for generations! In fact, I decree that bards MUST sing of this victory for generations! *signs royal order* *shoves scroll at guardsman* Now, I must return to my royal duties, but I do hear some scuffling in the cave behind me feel free to slay whatever it is thank you all, once again! May this shield stand for eternity! Still, should someone across the void cause that to change… I know you will not let that stand for long!