Making this topic to show what i managed to create after i achieved the point i wanted to. It’s not often used template so hope you will enjoy checking it out.

What’s the idea?

I was kinda bored of Sampires everywhere, so I tried to find another way for warriors to fight Bosses. I decided to create Paladin Warrior. Of course Necromancy does not suit Paladin, same goes for Bushido. So the idea was to use only 120 Chivalry skill.


– Using Chivalry skill only (no Bushido, no Necromancy)
– Casting Divine Fury every 23 seconds
– Using FC and FCR with Protection spell to remove curses (to survive 0 Resisting Spells skill)
– Using Healing skill
– Using Shield and 1H Sword
– Using 5 Metal Armor Pieces for Stamina loss reduction
– Using as many as possible items which have no Durability / are not destructible


Blue item name means it is Artifact from loot, Brown means it’s Blackthorn item. The only crafted items are Weapons and ring. As you can see I got +183 points to stats from bonuses and items, so overall it’s 260+183 = 443 stat points. All skills are set on 120. Resisting Spells is 0 because it’s total waste of space since I can remove Curses using Remove Curse spell / Apples and remove Paralyze by using Trap Box.


As you can see I got 147 Hit Points, 154 Stamina and 119 Mana.


– 2 FC and 6 FCR for fast casting – helps keep running spells Divine Fury, Consecrate Weapon (for non Slayer Encounter) and what’s the most important casting Remove Curse spell during fight
– overcapped Physical Resist for keep running spell Protection – with it Remove Curse spell will never fail during fight
– 28% Kinetic Eater
– 25% Soul Charge on Shield
– Reactive Paralyze – love seeing Blackthorn Captains and other opponents being Paralyze
– 15 Mana Regeneration 11 Hit Point Regeneration, 10 Stamina Regeneration
– 30% HLD on suit
– 12% damage reduction from Paroxysmus’ Swamp Dragon

Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence
– I regenerate Hit Points using 81% HLL Weapon + Bandages at 120 Healing skill and 120 Anatomy skill + 11 HPR
– I regenerate Dexterity using 50% HSL Weapon + Casting Divine Fury every 23 seconds + 10 SR
– I regenerate Mana using 81% HML Weapon (100% HML for non Slayer Encounter) + 15 MR + 25% Soul Charge on Shield

My base Broadsword Damage is 51-67. Mostly I use Special Move Armor Ignore which gives me 201 Damage max. For opponents with lower resists I use Broadsword’s second Special Attack: Crushing Blow or Scimitar’s Double Strike. As area weapon I use Radiant Scimitar with Whirlwind Attack. I got 50% Hit Lighting and 50% Hit Energy Area on it. In future might make an Radiant Scimitar Super Slayers.

Known handicaps
– Not using Bushido but using 120 Chivalry skill only which means I cannot reach damage cap without Super Slayers. I can cover it a bit by using 50 Hit Lighting on weapons and spell Consecrate Weapon (+15% Damage at 120 Chivalry).
– 42% LMC and only 5 Mana Bonus Reduction gives me 15 Mana for AI hit, and 30 for next. 119 Mana, 25% Soul Charge and 15 MR helps chain AI. For Super Slayer 81% HML seem enough and for non Slayer Encounter I need keep running Consecrate Weapon + 100% HML on Broadsword.
– Need to keep high Karma (~22000)

What it can do
Champion spawns and of course some bosses like Stygian Dragon, Slasher of Veils, Medusa, Corgul the Soulbinder, Night Terror etc. For example Navrey can be done like this: stone rain – 4 min of fight – stone rain or 10-11 min from beginning to end without stones. Stygian Dragon can be killed in 15 min, Slasher in 30-40 min. What’s more i can easily solo Blackthorn Captains on this setup. The key is of course HLD on suit and Hit Lighting weapon which leads me to Damage cap. This template can tank Blackthorn Fencer Capitan with 120 Healing and 120 Parrying. Tanking Night Terror with 0 RS is also not a problem because as i said i can spam Remove Curse spell.

Possible upgrades
This template seems very flexible. It’s easy to change some things like increase Stamina, lower Mana for specific situations. What could be done better, in more hi end way:
– Getting more stats for using Longsword instead of Broadsword – need 55 SSI or 180 Stamina

It’s very fun template to play it. I recommend it especially for soloing Bosses or coming to EM events. It is very survivable because of Healing skill. People mostly are amazed how good it can be without Bushido and Necromancy. It is also fun to play because there is much going on: I need use Bandages, cast Remove Curse, keep eye on Divine Fury / Consecrate Weapon and Armor Ignore Special Move. Also fast casting makes Paladin look very spectacular in battle.

Template is being updated all the time, changes are small but i always progress when i get appropriate items. Article is also being updated.

PS. thanks to CorwinXX and other Stratics people for guides which helped me a lot building this and learning about UO.