Once more our monthly Council meeting of the Governors with the King, once more only those few attend, I am sorry but I forgot to snap a picture but I did get Varsuvious’.

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Roll Call
King Blackthorn
Governor of Moonglow
Governor of New Magincia
Governor of Vesper

Citizens of the lands
Clym of Clough

King Blackthorn: Good evening everyone. I hope all is well! Governors, please have a seat. I see that our attendance is once again a bit low and we have an audience. Very good! Always nice to see citizens who are willing to attend our meetings. They sometimes have good things to share with us! Welcome to tonight’s governor’s meeting.
Clym of Clough: Thank thee
Sabin: *nods*

King Blackthorn: As we usually do. Let us begin, by getting a report from the governors as to how they are fairing. Sonya, how is New Magincia doing?

Sonya Kristoff: New Magincia fares well today Sire.
King Blackthorn: I trust the White Net Toss events that have been going on in your towns docks have been fruitful?

Sonya Kristoff: We have again been blessed with our treasury and with the recent unrest in the countryside. Very much so Sire

King Blackthorn: Very good
Sonya Kristoff: The citizens have expressed their gratitude
King Blackthorn: your next event should be coming up in the next couple of weeks

Sonya Kristoff: That is all that I have tonight
King Blackthorn: Very well, thank you for your report
Sonya Kristoff: thank you, Sire

King Blackthorn: Dezarai, what have you to report regarding Moonglow?
Dezarai: Sire, Governors, everyone *waves* Overall Moonglow is doing fair, Our guardian the Void Dragon still sleeps. The mage tower stable master has one request, that they send more fish to him ;) that is all I have.
King Blackthorn: aye? I see. Perhaps we can do something about that!
Dezerai: yes Sire

King Blackthorn: Lavendar, what have you to report tonight regarding Vesper?
Lavendar: Hail Your Highness. Vesper is enjoying the last days of summer as we go into fall. Our trade deal is paid up until winter so I would say we are doing well. Thank you. That is all I have to report.

King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report, thank you to all our governors who were able to attend tonight. It has been an interesting month so far especially with the events that lead to the discovery behind Lord Winterisle’s Deception
Dezerai: *nods*

King Blackthorn: I have worries in regards to the coming of Hollows eve next month always strange happens to occur leading up to it
Dezerai: *nods with concerns*
King Blackthorn: and I’ve heard of rumors that strange creatures being sighted around the land. I have sent scouts to investigate further. But nothing concrete yet. I will have the Captain of the guards’ request for assistance, once more concrete info has turned up. In the meantime, I hear the Pet battles have been popular lately, and there is one scheduled next week, I do believe. So the citizens will have something to keep themselves occupied.

Dezerai: Sire is this tied to the cult piggy incident. Many have express concerns about that.
King Blackthorn: I can’t say for certain just yet.
Dezerai: *nods*

King Blackthorn: That’s all I have from my end tonight. I would like to open the floor now to our audience

Sabin: If it would please you, my sire
King Blackthorn: aye Sabin?
Dezerai: *looks on*

Sabin: I was hoping to address Countess Sonya. But would do so here with your permission
Sonya Kristoff: Yes?
King Blackthorn: Aye, please go on.
Dezerai: Wedding, marriage?? no *snap fingers* darn it

Sabin: I Knight of our fair city offer my services to you. Should you Name me Sheriff I would certainly strive to keep Our interests in mind
Sonya Kristoff: Please go on?
Sabin: With that said I am here today representing the Merchants Association. Should you choose a Merchant Trade Deal
Sonya Kristoff: I am interested

Sabin: I would most certainly see to it that Merchants of Grander Trade deliveries will favor our fair city New Magincia. I can’t speak for all of Merchants of Granduer Interest but I do Speak as a Knight of New Magincia. Who hopes we can benefit from a trade deal…. Just so happens From my Boss the Merchants Guild Master – all the better
Sonya Kristoff: Well if you would care to speak after the meeting I would be grateful to get some further information on this

Sabin: That is all Governor
Sonya Kristoff: I am definitely interested
Sabin: Thank you. Also to any Other Governors, should you know that if you choose a Merchant Association trade deal MoG will also favor your cities in trade deliveries
Sonya Kristoff: Thank you, brave Knight. I would like to talk further after the meeting.
King Blackthorn: Sabin, thank you for taking the time to address this tonight.

Clym of Clough: Permission to speak?
King Blackthorn: And feel free to speak with the governors afterward, if they so inclined, please do Clyme.
Clym of Clough: One of my brothers is a citizen of Britain City and he tells me that the trade buff there is not active and the funds are very low
Dezerai: hummm
Clym of Clough: so if anyone has contact with Queen Mum we should let her know about that. This is the first time in our history that I remember that it has not been active and I’m sure it’s just an oversite with her busy life.
King Blackthorn: I will send a message and see if all is ok with her and see if she is planning to get that backup and running Governors if any of you have more direct interaction with her
King Blackthorn: Please relay Clym’s message
Clym of Clough: and the Governor of Skara is not here tonight due to uncontrollable circumstances I understand
Dezerai: *nods*
Clym of Clough: Thank you
King Blackthorn: Oh that’s alright. Thank you for your time Clym
Dezerai: Her last talk with Drakelord was about his OLD vendor house island two weeks ago
King Blackthorn: I will see if I can reach out to her.
Clym of Clough: yes I know she’s a busy lady and understands
Dezerai: I shall ask him to try contacting her as soon as possible
King Blackthorn: but perhaps Drakelord may have a quicker response than I would. Much appreciated. Lady Helen, have you anything for us tonight?
Helen: No Sir
King Blackthorn: Very well
Helen: I’m just Clym’s sister here
King Blackthorn: Ahh!
Helen: and he drug me along
Dezerai: *smiles at a fellow citizen*
King Blackthorn: Well it is a pleasure to meet you.
Helen: Thank ye
King Blackthorn: I want to thank everyone for attending tonight. I wish we had more attending tonight. To get full reports
Dezerai: indeed Sire

King Blackthorn: But I am sure our governors are very busy at the moment. I will go ahead and call tonights meeting to a close unless anyone has something to add. And as usual EM Xanthus will be out by the statue if anyone needs to speak with him though I don’t think he has anything to add tonight.
Sonya Kristoff: It is always a pleasure to meet with you sire
King Blackthorn: You are all dismissed!
Lavendar: Thank you
King Blackthorn: The pleasure is all mine.