Siege Perilous, Your Election Results​

Greeting Siege Perilous, The Elections are over for another 6 months and here are your results, *Drum Roll* And the winners are!!!! Congrats!!
Siege Election results1.jpg Siege Election results2.jpg Siege Election results3.jpg Siege Election results4.jpg Siege Election results5.jpg Siege Election results6.jpg Siege Election results7.jpg Siege Election results8.jpg Siege Election results9.jpg
Sadly we did have two cities that will not have a newly elected or returning Governor, and if there are any citizen of those cities that wish to serve as the Governor of that city then all you need do is send the King’s representative a message by pony express; (([email protected])) And attend the next Governor’s Meeting at the Governor’s Palace on Serpent’s Hold. Gates are provided on the mainland to get to the Island’s stronghold

Be sure that if you do wish to become the Governor of your city that you meet the following requirements;

Not be on a trial account
Not be a young player
Hold citizenship to the City they wish to nominate themselves
Be at least adored

Governor’s meetings are all held at The Governor’s Palace on Serpent’s Hold and the public is always invited to attend these meetings. Feel free to come, join the fun, but remember this is Siege, travel naked or risk losing all you have to the Bandits of the land.

Again, Congrats to all the winners I know you will bring honor to your city!!!