I was watching Youtube not too long ago when I inadvertently stumbled across a UO video. It brought back many memories and had me thinking about UO for a couple of days. I remembered my favorite times during the early years and also remembered all the reasons that caused me to quit. After much deliberation, I decided to make a return. After all, no one ever truly quits UO, they just take a break.

The next thing I had to ponder upon was possibly the most important. What shard should I play on? My home shard of Catskills still has my characters but I was not worried about that. Characters are easy to build as are beginner suits. What was truly important was the location. It would need to interest me and keep my ADHD at bay. Since my fondest memories come from the early days, I decided on Siege. It is about as close to “Vanilla UO” as one can get.

I retrieved my Stratics password and logged in. I started looking over the Siege forums and decided to say hello. I made a new post and asked the basic “I am new to the shard questions” and let them know I would be EJ until I decided if it would be worth while to resub. I received a warm welcome but stumbled across something odd.

Seemingly, Siege is home to numerous stealthers according to a good amount of posts that I read. However, most were advising against it. That made me question their intentions. Were they being honest about it not being necessary and more of a hindrance or were they looking for fresh meat to feast upon? Regardless of their reasoning, it brings me hope that I will once again thrive and enjoy my time in UO on the wonderfully different shard of Siege Perilous.

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