*You see a dispatch nailed to the tavern door. It’s wrinkled and frayed and has clearly been hastily stuffed away in a pocket a few times.*

“To all who would take up the cause of peace and security of our land, heed this news! Something is afoot in the perilous dungeon of Deceit upon Dagger Island. Now, I’m not one to wander too far from home. I much prefer the western forests of the mainland to the ice-blown plains of that cursed, frigid island. But recent events have prompted I and many of my Ranger brothers and sisters to delve deep into Deceit.

It began this past Tuesday. Some of the hardy folk who reside on the frozen island felt a rumble beneath their feet and quickly went to see if the dungeon had perhaps finally caved in upon itself. Unfortunately the evil structure remains and worse yet they found the complex teeming with far more undead than ever before! Hundreds of mindless horrors!

Mysterious purple armor and weapons were found on some of the foes as they tried to contain the horde. Unfortunately the residents were pushed back out of the dungeon. They sounded the alarm which brought myself and others to Deceit and finally this dispatch to you.

All brave and noble fighters who can help keep the undead at bay are called to Deceit! We must stop this surge before it becomes too much to bear and Dagger Island itself is overrun!

And if you recover any of those mysterious purple weapons and artifacts, see Spenser the Artifact Trader at the entrance. He has some interest in them.

Bereg the Ranger.”