Dozens of citizens were murdered by a pack of Lycanthropes on October 14th in the city of Minoc.

The Royal Britannian Guard was called to investigate the attack and assist Countess Van Helsing of Minoc in bringing the pack to justice. The Guard, represented by around two dozen individuals from across the realm, surveyed the carnage with the Countess. They found body parts of the citizenry strewn about the city with large black footprints everywhere.

The Countess explained that while the citizens of Minoc understandably wanted swift retribution brought against the Lycanthropes she did possess the knowledge to cure their affliction. A plan formed to protect the Countess as she gathered the two ingredients necessary to create the Lycanthrope antidote.

The Guard accompanied the Countess to two locations in Ilshenar where the ingredients are known to grow. A fierce battle ensued between the Guard and the Lycanthrope pack at both locations. Recently transformed Lycanthrope John Talbain approached the Guard at the second location south of the Shrine of Humility and requested the cure. The rest of the Lycanthrope pack,however, were too enamored with the power of the beast and attacked Minoc to prevent Countess Van Helsing from developing her cure. Despite their fierce nature the remaining Lycanthropes were defeated.

Upon the return to Minoc Mr. Talbain was provided the cure. The citizens of Minoc and Governor MiLin are now left with recovering from this brutal assault on the city of Sacrifice.