Mesanna: ok shall we begin
Mesanna: Greetings
Karana: Hi
Karana: Are there any plans to return the First Aid Belt to the rewards menu for deceit
Mesanna: no there are not at this time
Mesanna: nope
Karana: ok thanks
Mesanna: and please do not yell at me
Karana: not intentiona
Mesanna: The belt was a mistake
Mesanna: and to fix it the only way was to remove it
Karana: OK thank you
Mesanna: you are most welcome
gift: good evening
Mesanna: greetings Gift
gift: will there be a fix for the deceit rewards so we can place them onto vendors and auction safes?
Mesanna: yes that will come about tomorrow actually after maintenance
gift: sweet 🙂
gift: thanks!
Mesanna: nice timing also on the question
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: Greetings Vixen
Vixen: Greetins
Vixen: Really nothing to ask, just to say thank you for all the hard work
Vixen: on the Black gate having a blast and tons of fun.
Mesanna: oh you are welcome
Mesanna: more to come
Vixen: kool
Mesanna: Greetings Sweet
SweetPeez Meezad: umm meez jus liky clickin tingz
Mesanna: Peez
Mesanna: lol
SweetPeez Meezad: umm question
SweetPeez Meezad: didnt really tink aboot since meez da queen meez dunt tink anymore
Mesanna: Queen SweetPeez?
SweetPeez Meezad: umm did meez hummie zslabe ask yooz aboot addin uh fill fum backpack option on da BOD buukz?
SweetPeez Meezad: ywerg ask artie here meez da queen ob da wurld
EM Artemis: *chuckles*
SweetPeez Meezad: dat wuz uh guud stretch
EM Artemis: By her own declaration.
SweetPeez Meezad: hey yooz rule Brit yooz rule dem all
Mesanna: regarding the bod backpack question
Mesanna: do you want it to fill the bod book or removing all items?
SweetPeez Meezad: fill da buuk wif loose bods
Mesanna: ahh ok
Mesanna: Bleak
SweetPeez Meezad: kinda likez da trade order cratez
SweetPeez Meezad: suckz all up at wun click
Mesanna: hard on the wrist =)
SweetPeez Meezad: yerg!
Mesanna: it is a nice suggestion but
SweetPeez Meezad: meez craftie slabd filed obe 1k dis last 3 dayz
SweetPeez Meezad: herz tired
Mesanna: it is a great suggestion that we will look into
SweetPeez Meezad: girkle
SweetPeez Meezad: last tingie when kan meez git meez crown>?
SweetPeez Meezad: meez tuuk Blackthorniez in to git resized
Mesanna: lol I can say NO to that one
SweetPeez Meezad: still aint in
SweetPeez Meezad: meez tak himz repalcement tooz MUWHAHAH
SweetPeez Meezad: okeiz yooz hab uh guud dayz meez let da minionz talkie
Mesanna: who speaks Goblin?
SweetPeez Meezad: Artie dooz
Mesanna: I need help here
EM Artemis: *chuckles*
Mesanna: Hun I have no idea what you are saying half the time
SweetPeez Meezad: hey Kyronix iz missin – himz uh guud translater
Mesanna: he is not here
Mesanna: off today
EM Artemis: She is saying she took Blackthorns crown (apparently?) and had it resized.
SweetPeez Meezad: justie nooz dat now meez iz yooz Queen
Scarlett: she just said have a good day and time for the other minions to talk
SweetPeez Meezad: *waberz*
Mesanna: bye Sweets
Mesanna: Greetings
Smashido: hi
Smashido: dont know if anyone asked yet
Smashido: but why is fel deceit not open on all shards
Mesanna: because the shards are not busy enough to warrent it
Mesanna: Atlantic was bogging down with the number of people doing the event
Smashido: were aying customers on every shard, not just atlantic
Smashido: paying*
Mesanna: so we have to seperate and put it on Atlantic
Smashido: ls is packed everyday too
Smashido: lake sup
Mesanna: anything else?
Smashido: hundreds of us have posted on the forums about this al lthis week
Mesanna: I understand
Smashido: doesnt seem very fair to the rest of us on other shards
Mesanna: Maybe next time after we evaluate the number of people doing the event
Mesanna: at that time we will figure out if the shard warrents both facets
Smashido: when are you gonna check
Mesanna: when this one is over
Smashido: we got like 50-60 people non stop i nthere now
Mesanna: which is only a few more weeks
Smashido: s owere screwed fo r this event
Mesanna: do you have another question
Smashido: such great service for our money, unbelieveable
Mesanna: Greetings
Delivery Boy: hello
Delivery Boy: just wanted to touch base on some old questions
Delivery Boy: that have been hanging around
Delivery Boy: like
Delivery Boy: will legible journal, ever be where it doesn’t apply whole acct? and just that one char that chose it
Delivery Boy: that didnt make sense…
Delivery Boy: if we do legible journal, can it apply only to the char that shsose it
Mesanna: looks to Bleak
Mesanna: one moment ok
Delivery Boy: ok
Delivery Boy: yeah nice option for packs as well…
Bleak: We can look into making adjustments in the long term but we don’t have any current plans to update this
Delivery Boy: okay
Delivery Boy: any chance for a “drop all” button on runebooks and atlas’s?
Delivery Boy: dont run off Bleak
Delivery Boy: *grins*
Mesanna: interesting
Mesanna: to empty it all at once?
Delivery Boy: aye
Delivery Boy: and reaching way back
Mesanna: do you often remove all the runes from the Atlas and runebook?
Delivery Boy: how about cascading permissions on lock down containers?
Delivery Boy: well actually, would rather have the option to relocate them within the book
Mesanna: not going to touch house lockdowns
Delivery Boy: but if you need to re-arrange the order
Delivery Boy: its a PITA to manually remove 48 runes
Delivery Boy: not asking for more lockdowns, at all
Delivery Boy: just if i lock a chest down set to anyone
Delivery Boy: let everything in it have those permissions automaticlly
Mesanna: hrm you want to be able to sort runebooks?
Delivery Boy: that would be nice
Mesanna: we can look at the dropping but relocating not sure we can do that
Delivery Boy: *nods*
Mesanna: but we will look into the option to drop all runes
Delivery Boy: okay
Delivery Boy: last one
Mesanna: ok
Delivery Boy: how about making “block war on friendly” block war on summons as well?
Delivery Boy: atg least in trammel rulesets
Mesanna: hrm
Mesanna: talking about it one sec
Delivery Boy: k
Mesanna: so what you are asking
Mesanna: is you want to be able to disable being in war in Tram right?
Delivery Boy: no
Delivery Boy: if you and i are do a spawn in trammel ruleset
Mesanna: what are you asking them
Delivery Boy: or anything like that
Delivery Boy: my target nearest macro will target your ev and rcs
Delivery Boy: very annoying
Delivery Boy: to me, and the summonses
Delivery Boy: *grins*
Mesanna: there is no way to stop that
Delivery Boy: in trammel, the summons should be considered friendly
Delivery Boy: since they can[‘t attack me
Mesanna: but if you do a aoe and hit it the summons will attack
Delivery Boy: no
Delivery Boy: chain lightning, etc
Delivery Boy: dont attack the summons
Delivery Boy: just the target nearest
Delivery Boy: on the archer and swordsman
Mesanna: talking
Mesanna: you want the client to not be able to attack a summoned pet?
Delivery Boy: right
Delivery Boy: in trammel only, of course
Mesanna: ok I am telling you not possible
Delivery Boy: in fel we need to
Mesanna: its a client issue
Delivery Boy: thank you for your time, I wont hog anymore of it
Delivery Boy: others are waiting
Mesanna: sorry
Mesanna: have a good evening
Mesanna: Greetings
Specialist: hellos
Mesanna: hi
Specialist: i was wondering is there anyway we can get some more of the tamables ridable
Specialist: :O i scared her away
Mesanna: maybe in the future
Mesanna: all good things come to those that wait =)
Specialist: is there anyway to make like the rams or frostmites ridable
Mesanna: ram is a good possibility
Specialist: the frost mite doesnt seem too different then a regular blue beetle
Mesanna: we will look at them
Specialist: ok thx u much
Specialist: thats all for me
Mesanna: I can’t say yes because artist have to look at the bones first =)
Mesanna: thank you and have a good evening
Specialist: they are blue i swears
Mesanna: Thank you Chessy for having us this evening
Mesanna: last one
Mesanna: Greetings Sticky
sticky keys: hello , id love to see a pet dye option added to game via thru store or ingame acheivment, even if its 3 simple colors plz
Mesanna: no no no to pet dyes
Mesanna: omg we went thru this and almost got skinned alive
sticky keys: i didnt know lol sorry
sticky keys: it would make alot of people happy if you could please rethink it in the future
Mesanna: that is why in the hued tameables
sticky keys: thank you for your time
Mesanna: thank you
Artemis: Thanks
sticky keys: 🙂
Mesanna: Good night Chessy
EM Artemis: *smiles and waves*
EM Thrixx: *waves*
Bleak: Thanks for coming out!