Mesanna: Good evening everyone
Mesanna: one more moment
Mesanna: waiting on Bleak
Kyronix : Good Evening!
Sylvina Valeria: hi
Mesanna: good evening
Sylvina Valeria: i was wondering if you can make an item to make Rivermoss and the other Eodon resoureces
Sylvina Valeria: like seeds or item generate
Mesanna: its a possibility for the future
Sylvina Valeria: Too hard to get 5 Rivermoss
Mesanna: *nods*
Kyronix : If we revisit some content in Eodon we would take a look then
Kyronix : Rivermossimifier!
Sylvina Valeria: that’s all my question.
Sylvina Valeria: thank you all
Mesanna: ok
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: good evening
Jepeth: Good evening!
Jepeth: Two questions:
Jepeth: The Paladin sword is one of the few weapons that can’t be crafted
Jepeth: But it has great art and animation
Jepeth: Outside the one item from the roof and the Reedemer from over a decade ago
Jepeth: Any chance of getting that added to the list of craftables?
Mesanna: we would like to keep this art for new artifacts
Jepeth: *nods*
Mesanna: to make them a bit more special
Jepeth: Alright, hope a new one is on the horizon then!
Jepeth: Second:
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: you never know
Jepeth: Is there anything on the roadmap coming up for production servers (ie outside New Legacy) that you could highlight as being
Jepeth: specifically to foster roleplayer communities
Jepeth: ?
Kyronix : Such as?
Jepeth: Things that foster roleplaying, to me, are systems outside of game mechanics like combat and crafting
Jepeth: But foster immersion
Mesanna: we are adding several quests and such but it is designed for all types
Jepeth: Books, uses for the tavernsd
Jepeth: Finding natural places to slow the pace and connect
Kyronix : We are gearing up for a new global arc that will cover the first part of the year
Kyronix : I imagine there will be lots to talk about with your chums in the tavern
Jepeth: *Nods*
Jepeth: Thanks
Kyronix : And offer great oppurtunity to expand your roleplay within your communities
Mesanna: Greetings
Tim: hi
Tim: I was wondering if we Could get a carpentry equivalent to the Master Craftsman Apron for cooking? Even with a talisman with 30/30 bonuses you end up wasting a lot of wood trying to get 20 exceptional armoires
Mesanna: sounds like a good addition if we update those rewards
Tim: thanks
Tim: second question. can we get the backpack redraw issue fixed in the EC? Part of the pack does not redraw if you open a chest
Bleak: one sec
Mesanna: we have this issue in our database and will review it to see how we can fix it
Mesanna: for a future publish
Tim: thank you
Mesanna: thank you
Tim: have a nice evening
Mesanna: you also
Mesanna: good evening
Kyronix : Greetings!
CeSarie: evening
CeSarie: i love uo but wonder if we can get a bigger bag in the classic client
Mesanna: bigger bag?
Kyronix : Like a larger gump?
CeSarie: yes
CeSarie: were just the bag gets toggled
Mesanna: we have done several for the classic
Kyronix : Bleak is making noises
CeSarie: not the whole screen
Kyronix : At the thought
Mesanna: not sure the backpack is going to be a easy one to fix
Kyronix : *chuckles*
CeSarie: was dreaming
Mesanna: no promises
CeSarie: 🙂
Mesanna: we can try but no promises
CeSarie: you guys are terrific, keep up the good work
Mesanna: thank you
Kyronix : Thanks for playing!
CeSarie: thank you
CeSarie: thank you for keeping it going
Mesanna: always =)
Mesanna: over here
Dominick Denz: Hail
Mesanna: good evening
Kyronix : Ahoy!
Dominick Denz: In the past there was the speedy slime event
Dominick Denz: Where I chased down slimes to dye different suits to roleplay different undead
Mesanna: yes the Japanese event a few years back
Dominick Denz: But the game has passed those suits by
Dominick Denz: It was here on Pacific =)
Dominick Denz: Is there a way we could get a concoction that would save the hue and destroy the old item
Mesanna: are you asking if they will return?
Dominick Denz: Letting us use it on a relevant item
Mesanna: probably not
Dominick Denz: Bummer
Mesanna: sorry
Dominick Denz: Could put it on the UO store
Dominick Denz: Make some money off it
Dominick Denz: Anyway, thanks for all you do
Dominick Denz: *waves*
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: night
Mesanna: good evening
Quilnn DeMalachi: Two Questions:
Quilnn DeMalachi: I been using the same stink underwear for about 20 years.
Mesanna: ROFL
Quilnn DeMalachi: can you make a new armor slot for underwear? or make a way to dye?
Mesanna: I wish
Mesanna: it is not that easy
Quilnn DeMalachi: well, is brown now
Quilnn DeMalachi: 🙁
Quilnn DeMalachi: 2nd: Can you make an ingame store token that would allow us to change
Mesanna: *snickers*
Quilnn DeMalachi: the skills from
Quilnn DeMalachi: a legendary jewel based on the same skill group?
Mesanna: no we have no plans to do that
Quilnn DeMalachi: ok
Quilnn DeMalachi: last
Quilnn DeMalachi: What you guys going to do about the 5+ Gen Chat website spammers?
Quilnn DeMalachi: is annoying
Mesanna: we ban them and ban them
Mesanna: but they just keep coming back
Quilnn DeMalachi: take EJ accounts out of gen chat
Quilnn DeMalachi: or make like they need to be skilled toons
Quilnn DeMalachi: to post
Quilnn DeMalachi: ty
Mesanna: we have talked about that
Quilnn DeMalachi: 🙂
Quilnn DeMalachi: see
Quilnn DeMalachi: mind alike
Mesanna: we will revisit it
Quilnn DeMalachi: 🙂
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: good evening
Faina: Greetings and good evening
Faina: Is upcoming content no longer going to be published to test center for players to test?
Faina: You know, so we can avoid another tablelegsgate
Mesanna: doubt it
Mesanna: but never say never
Faina: And so feedback can be given by players
Faina: I see.
Faina: Player feedback is valuable, before the fact is usually better than after
Faina: Anyways, have a great night
Mesanna: You also
Mesanna: good evening
Farmer: greetings
Kyronix : Hello
Farmer: couple quetions please
Farmer: is tehre any talk about health bars in 3d and 2d client not updating lately
Farmer: i play both and both seem to be getting worse
Mesanna: That is a known issue that seems to keep popping up its head
Mesanna: but also it helps to close the client after a long period of time
Farmer: yes
Mesanna: not that its perfect but that does help
Farmer: i happend with enhanced alot
Farmer: but not it crept into
Farmer: 2d
You cannot cast spells here.
Farmer: now
Mesanna: yes we are aware of it
Farmer: thank you
Farmer: secondly
Mesanna: thank you
Farmer: block all war on pets
Farmer: and friendlys and such
Farmer: could u add also summoned reds like
Farmer: rcs
Farmer: and vortexes
Farmer: that guidlmates
Farmer: cast
Farmer: so u dont attack them either
Farmer: or get
Farmer: attacked
Farmer: because they attack u
Farmer: if u heal a guildmate
Farmer: jsut healing aguildmate
Farmer: a guildys rc will kill you
Farmer: i mean rotting corpse by rc
Farmer: irising colosus
Bleak: It’s not possible at this time
Farmer: i cant type lol
Mesanna: that would all be really high on a wish list for us
Mesanna: lol its ok I think I have it
Farmer: happens a lot
Mesanna: some of those are really not possible
Farmer: colossuses attack guildys
Farmer: for no reason
Farmer: and vortexes
Mesanna: summoned pets you can not control period
Farmer: but healing a green guildate
Mesanna: that would hever be included
Farmer: should not let it flag on you
Farmer: that is all
Mesanna: so if you heal a guildmate
Farmer: thank you
Farmer: yes if u heal a guildmate
Mesanna: their red summoned pets attacks you?
Farmer: yes
Farmer: they kill you
Mesanna: that we can look into
Mesanna: that part sounds like a bug
Farmer: that includes e red barred summons
Farmer: vortexes
Farmer: and rising colusses
Mesanna: we can look into it
Farmer: thank you very much all of you
Mesanna: welcome
Golden Showers: Good evening Dark Lady!
Mesanna: good evening
Golden Showers: 2020 was a trying year for many of us.
Golden Showers: Just wanted to thank the team for surpurb way you kept us entertained throughout the year!
Golden Showers: Nicely Done!
Kyronix : Glad Britannia could bring you some relief
Mesanna: Thank you from the whole team
Golden Showers: Can i borrow your outfit?
Mesanna: lol
Golden Showers: 🙂
Golden Showers: Thank you
Mesanna: light bulb went out in my house
Mesanna: good evening
Kyronix : Greetings!
Bobert: Greetings! I am the mighty Gargoyle known as…. Bobert
Bobert: Sorry for my color, long in the mines
Bobert: anyways
Bobert: The newsletter indicated new rewards for the Black Market vendor in Bucs, very exciting!
Bobert: Will the older rewards be going away?
Bobert: Or will they remain?
Kyronix : They will remain
Bobert: Will the new rewards have the same currency? Or is it a surprise?
Kyronix : Still doubloons
Kyronix : Just more of them
Kyronix : *grins*
Bobert: Excellent. Thank you!
Bobert: Onwards, to the sea! For glory and honor!
Mesanna: good evening
Vixen: evening
Kyronix : Hello!
Vixen: Can you fix the health bar to be anchored when others join the party, the bars jump
Mesanna: classic right
Vixen: yes
Mesanna: I think this is written up and can have Bleak look at it
Vixen: thank you
Vixen: have a bless day
Mesanna: you also
Mesanna: good evening
Thunder: hello
Kyronix : Hello!
Thunder: why does detect hidden reveal guildmates in fel?
Mesanna: one sec
Thunder: *humms jeopordy melody*
Bleak: We will look at this for non house usage
Thunder: ok
Mesanna: that is everyone
Mesanna: thank you Pacific for coming out and talking with us
Mesanna: Have a great evening
Misk: good night!
Bleak: Thanks for coming out!
Kyronix : Thanks Pacific! Wonderful questions, nice to see everyone!