[Mesanna]: good evening everyone
[Mesanna]: shall we begin
[Kyronix ]: Good Evening Origin!
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Victoria]: Hello
[Victoria]: I have a question concerning the Tile quest.
[Victoria]: Is there any way we could exchanges tiles we have extra of for those we are missing?
[Kyronix ]: To which tile quest do you refer?
[Victoria]: Virtue tiles
[Mesanna]: are you asking for a way t ochange out tiles?
[Victoria]: yes
[Victoria]: small shard Sonoma I have three extras
[Victoria]: and only need one more
[Victoria]: for the set
[Mesanna]: we have no plans to put that in at this time
[Victoria]: ok
[Mesanna]: but good luck!
[Victoria]: During the EM events we are blocked at casting gate for others to join the fun, I do
[Victoria]: understand why, but there is a problem with getting pets to the fight.
[Victoria]: several time I have enter a EM gate (ordering me pet to follow)
[Victoria]: only to arrival at the battle site without the pet.
[Victoria]: To get the pet there since the summon balls are blocked I have to log out

[Victoria]: and log back, and there are time this takes forever.
[Victoria]: And I have log in only to be dead and the message your pet cannot join you.
[Victoria]: Can we get the pet ball summon fixed for those events??
[Mesanna]: this is the first we have heard of any issue with em gates
[Mesanna]: and pets
[Mesanna]: we will look into it
[Victoria]: ok
[Victoria]: is the fishing pole considered a weapon? If not, why is it not as it is the fisherman’s
[Victoria]: main weapon? If so why is it the weapon engrave tool will not work on it?
[Mesanna]: the fishing pole is not a weapon
[Mesanna]: since it is not considered a weapon it will not engrave
[Victoria]: but then the wood engraving should work but will not
[Victoria]: why is it the wood engraving tool cannot mark Baskets?
[Victoria]: Are they not also made of wood like material?
[Mesanna]: we will add baskets to the list
[Victoria]: thank you
[Victoria]: thats all I have thank you for your hard work all of you
[Victoria]: *waves*
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Kyronix ]: Hello!
[Uriah Heep]: Hello all
[Uriah Heep]: I was tasked, by a few friends, to ask some questions
[Uriah Heep]: and some were posted on various sky boards around
[Uriah Heep]: Victoria saw a few of them, obviously
[Uriah Heep]: *grins*
[Uriah Heep]: but there were so many
[Uriah Heep]: I wrote a book!
[Uriah Heep]: which I shall leave you
[Mesanna]: then email them =P
[Uriah Heep]: and you can answer them as you wish in posts and letters
[Uriah Heep]: you would rather have an email?
[Mesanna]: you can ask a few but if you have many then email the rest
[Uriah Heep]: I’ll just email then, instead of giving you the book
[Uriah Heep]: refresh my memory, please
[Uriah Heep]: of addy
] [Mesanna]: [email protected]
[Uriah Heep]: ahh
[Uriah Heep]: even I can remember that
[Uriah Heep]: *grins*
[Uriah Heep]: thank you for your time
[Mesanna]: easy
[Mesanna]: welcome
[Mesanna]: well thanks for having us tonight Origin
[Mesanna]: that was the last person
[Kyronix ]: That’s it?
[Mesanna]: no more on the list
[Mesanna]: Have a good evening Origin
[Kyronix ]: Hey there
[Falon Foster]: hello
[Falon Foster]: id like too enquire
[Falon Foster]: into why is it that there is so many bug problems that have gone on for years
[Falon Foster]: and cannot be fixed
[Falon Foster]: i am told it is our duty too report too the bug team?
[Mesanna]: you have to be more specific than that
[Falon Foster]: why should it be our job
[Falon Foster]: glitchy monsters get stuck in walls
[Falon Foster]: monsters run really fast
[Falon Foster]: casting throu walls
[Falon Foster]: things like that
[Falon Foster]: the strange characters that appear above door ways when open / close
[Falon Foster]: and what happend with christmas this year
[Kyronix ]: The door that barks out a ajapanese-esque character?
[Mesanna]: We have talked about this
[Mesanna]: in the newsletter
[Falon Foster]: yes the door glitch
[Falon Foster]: its 1 of 3 gltichs
[Bleak]: I have not seen that one. Can you get it to happen everytime?
[Falon Foster]: the door open / close one?
[Bleak]: correct?
[Falon Foster]: its a gltich so it kind of does it whenever it wants too
[Falon Foster]: others get it as well
[Falon Foster]: things not highlighting properly
[Falon Foster]: with mouse cursor
[Bleak]: The problem with alot of bugs is that there is no way to get it to happen 100% of the time
[Bleak]: I have have seen the house sign issue
[Falon Foster]: its the doors
[Falon Foster]: but have you seen the monsters?
[Falon Foster]: thats been reported multiple times
[Falon Foster]: and is currently going on in ice
[Bleak]: If you can send us the locations you are seeing this issue it would be helpful
[Falon Foster]: ice dungeon
[Falon Foster]: in the water
[Falon Foster]: white wyrms and frost wyms
[Falon Foster]: * ice fiends i mean
[Falon Foster]: see this is what im talking about…
[Kyronix ]: We are aware of the issue
[Falon Foster]: it seems you turn these things into our jobs
[Falon Foster]: we pay too play a game
[Falon Foster]: not fill out reports
[Falon Foster]: many very upset players
[Falon Foster]: 1 last question
[Falon Foster]: before i am dismissed
[Falon Foster]: why is it you allow some duped items but not others?
[Falon Foster]: such as duped glacial spell books. but not duped insane tinker leggings
[Mesanna]: because we have not caught them yet
[Falon Foster]: caught what
[Falon Foster]: the people duping
[Falon Foster]: ?
[Falon Foster]: or the items themselves
[Mesanna]: thank you for your questions but I am not talking about duping with you
[Mesanna]: have a good evening
[Falon Foster]: ohh
[Falon Foster]: of course not
[Falon Foster]: ok
[Falon Foster]: well
[Falon Foster]: nice gear
[Falon Foster]: !!!
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Squint]: good evening
[Squint]: friend has queries about nightmares
[Kyronix ]: Hey there Lord Squint
[Kyronix ]: That sounds terrifying
[Squint]: he has noiced they will cast heals but no change in health bar
[Squint]: they dont regain health
[Mesanna]: we are aware of health bars not updating
[Mesanna]: and will be looking into it
[Squint]: but he sees mana dropping so the bar does update
[Mesanna]: we are aware
[Squint]: thealso he was dismayed by the AI of some of the uses of spells
[Kyronix ]: Which client are you in ?
[Squint]: like healing itslef when the mare is at full health
[Squint]: i am in classic
[Squint]: i believe friend is CC as well
[Mesanna]: we will have to look into this honestly
[Squint]: thank you
[Mesanna]: we don’t have an answer for you
[Mesanna]: but
[Mesanna]: are these pets built in skills?
[Mesanna]: does it have the healing ai built?
[Squint]: take a pet to swoop and watch the mare heal itself there even when full health
[Squint]: yes innate magery
[Mesanna]: a reg nightmare that is not trained?
[Squint]: the swoop on rocks cannot touch or mellee the mare there
[Squint]: yet crazy mare tries
[Squint]: trained
[Mesanna]: we will look into it and try to confirm it
[Squint]: thanks
[Squint]: gnigt
[Kyronix ]: See ya
] [Kyronix ]: *waves*
[Mesanna]: good night
[Squint]: say healthy and safe
[Mesanna]: you also
[Kyronix ]: You as well
[Misk]: healthy and safe
[Kyronix ]: Hello there
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Ocilac Brown]: ‘ello and happy new year
[Kyronix ]: Look at that fancy armor!
[Kyronix ]: Wow!
[Ocilac Brown]: i have 3 questions
[Ocilac Brown]: 1.crafting
[Ocilac Brown]: why cant bone armor be dyed
[Mesanna]: just never put it in
[Ocilac Brown]: ok
[Ocilac Brown]: 2.housing
[Ocilac Brown]: will there ever be a custom castle/keep plot
[Mesanna]: no there will not
[Mesanna]: thus the reason we started the contests
[Ocilac Brown]: that sux lol i love customizing
[Ocilac Brown]: ok last one 3.
[Ocilac Brown]: will UO be arond forever?
[Mesanna]: we hope
[Mesanna]: my crystal ball is not working right now
[Ocilac Brown]: yay cas i invested alot lol
[Mesanna]: lol
[Ocilac Brown]: ok ty g’night yall
[Mesanna]: night
[Kyronix ]: See ya, have fun!
[Mesanna]: good evening
[ShroudedDarkness]: Oh
[Kyronix ]: Hello
[ShroudedDarkness]: head rush lol Good Evening!
[ShroudedDarkness]: A few quick questions..first 2 might tie in together
[ShroudedDarkness]: I know you’re working hard on New Legacy, and I am very excited a bout that!
[Kyronix ]: As are we!
[ShroudedDarkness]: I am glad!
[ShroudedDarkness]: Are there any new updates on how that is going?
[Mesanna]: We are dropping hints in the newsletter every month
[Kyronix ]: *nods*
[Mesanna]: so make sure you keep an eye on that
[Mesanna]: and
[Mesanna]: we are planning another video session
[Mesanna]: for this month
[ShroudedDarkness]: Oh awesome!
[Kyronix ]: There’s a lot to unpack so the videos offer us an easier format to talk about our vision for New Legacy
[Kyronix ]: Instead of blurbs of text here
[Kyronix ]: *grins*
[ShroudedDarkness]: *grins back* Oh I agree!
[ShroudedDarkness]: So with that in the forfront, I am assuming that the year 2021 will see more of the Treasures of events?
[ShroudedDarkness]: and Dynamic Champ spawns?
[ShroudedDarkness]: Or do you have other events/surprises in store for the production shards?
[Mesanna]: We have a few global events for the year but the EM’s are putting on events also
[ShroudedDarkness]: Awesome!
[Kyronix ]: Working on our first batch of dynamic events this week actually
[Kyronix ]: Getting the rollout all scoped out so we can let you all know what vile horrible things are coming to Britannia next
[ShroudedDarkness]: Nice! I have enjoyed them very much.
[Kyronix ]: *chuckles*
[ShroudedDarkness]: Oh lovely! *laughs*
[ShroudedDarkness]: So just a few other things…that I think have been posted on the forums about a doom gauntlet/dark father loot upgrade and
[ShroudedDarkness]: what of the empty cavernous rooms and corridors in this lovely castles Dungeon?
[ShroudedDarkness]: Last I risked a trip down there, my voice echoed!
[Mesanna]: Do you have anything else to ask
[Mesanna]: no plans for the dungeon at this time
[Mesanna]: but we have something evil in our back pocket for the future
[Mesanna]: anything else?
[ShroudedDarkness]: Ohhh to get a peak in your pocket *winks* No that is all, thank you for taking the time here this evening.
[Kyronix ]: *digs in pocket*
[ShroudedDarkness]: Have a wonderful night!
[Kyronix ]: It’s just lint
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Kyronix ]: *shrugs*
[Mesanna]: have a good evening
[ShroudedDarkness]: *laughs* you do the same!
[Mesanna]: good night Origin
[Mesanna]: Sweet dreams
[Kyronix ]: Thanks for attending!
[Bleak]: Thanks for coming out!