[Mesanna]: Good evening Lake Austin
[Mesanna]: shall we begin
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Hydrake]: helloo
[Hydrake]: Aquarium made from color wood can this be fixed where its not a solid color for the entire Aquarium
[Mesanna]: not without redoing the whole thing
[Hydrake]: I see
[Hydrake]: ok
[Mesanna]: sorry
[Hydrake]: I see a sea of mini bars in the CC, can it be fixed that the MOB are not the same color as summo
[Hydrake]: *summons
[Mesanna]: explain a bit more
[Mesanna]: what you are thinking please
[Hydrake]: well in huge battles
[Hydrake]: I use crt shift to see the mini tag/bars
[Hydrake]: to seek the Mobs
[Bleak]: You mean you summons not being red vs other mobs?
[Hydrake]: yes summoins and mobs are same red
[Hydrake]: hard to see who is who
[Mesanna]: Let us talk about this more
[Hydrake]: ok
[Mesanna]: anything else?
[Hydrake]: no
[Hydrake]: thank you
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: have a good evening
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Sentri]: Hello!
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Sentri]: Two quick things
[Sentri]: Last M&G someone asked about craftable number runes for use for a minesweeper game?
[Sentri]: Craftable numbers would be a wonderful organizational tool for rune and book libraries
[Sentri]: Hovering over shelves and books takes quite a bit of time, especially when there are hundreds in our libraries
[Sentri]: A visual reference would be a huge help.
[Mesanna]: we have the suggestion but we are not going to comment at this time
[Sentri]: *nods*
[Mesanna]: we have other things planned
[Kyronix]: Or you can use other demonstrative items
[Kyronix]: And books
[Kyronix]: with titles
[Sentri]: I have experimented with that. Runestones, scales, etc
[Sentri]: Second thing, also book related
[Kyronix]: Yea
[Sentri]: And on the topic of quality of life and clicking
[Sentri]: How hard would it be to do an ‘apply to all’ function for leafing books in a container
[Sentri]: One leaf on one book certainly isnt hard[Sentri]: But when we’re trying to leaf thousands of books, it becomes a huge task
[Kyronix]: Thousands?
[Sentri]: Yes, thousands
[Sentri]: o’
[Kyronix]: That’s a lot of books!
[Sentri]: I’m trying to copy, leaf, and archive an entire library on my home shard
[Mesanna]: anything else?
[Sentri]: I may have missed your reply, I was asking if it’s possible even to do an ‘apply all’ like that
[Mesanna]: Books are not an easy task
[Mesanna]: we can take it as a suggestion
[Sentri]: Space it out and take breaks is what I’m hearing
[Mesanna]: but that is all I can promise right now
[Sentri]: Thank you
[Sentri]: I understand, thanks!
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Zeke Terra]: good evenina and welcome to LA
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Zeke Terra]: i have 2 questions in regards to Pets and taming
[Zeke Terra]: 1st is will you let tamers ride their pet tigers since the graphics already exist in game?
[Mesanna]: no they are a vet reward
[Zeke Terra]: but so are Cu’s, Unicorns, Ki-rin etc
[Zeke Terra]: Hiryus
[Zeke Terra]: so why are tigers excluded?
[Zeke Terra]: it would make them much more viable pets
[Mesanna]: We won’t be changing it at this time maybe in the future
[Mesanna]: but not right now
[Zeke Terra]: ok
[Kyronix]: weak hips
[Kyronix]: very difficult on them
[Zeke Terra]: 2nd question
[Zeke Terra]: Pets with the magery mastery
[Zeke Terra]: cast Reactive Armor
[Zeke Terra]: and this messes up the resists they we already trained them to
[Mesanna]: how does it mess up the resist?
[Zeke Terra]: i had a dragon cast it while fighting and it raised it’s Physical resist lowering the elemental resist
[Zeke Terra]: the mob it was fighting at the time did 100% Energy damage
[Mesanna]: one moment
[Zeke Terra]: so it lowered the Engery resist i had set and raised the Physical so it took more damage
[Bleak]: We can look at making AI adjustments
[Zeke Terra]: ok, great 🙂
[Zeke Terra]: is there any way we could control what spells our pets cast in the future?
[Bleak]: I don’t think we will add that level of control
[Zeke Terra]: Cu’s with Chvi like to cast Holy light against a single mob
[Zeke Terra]: well something to think about thanks
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Zeke Terra]: have a good evening and thanks for keeping our game alive 🙂
[Zeke Terra]: enjoy LA 🙂
[Mesanna]: you also and thank you
[Zeke Terra]: stay safe
[Xinith]: Howdy
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Xinith]: Just a couple questions tonight
[Xinith]: Can it be looked into having a dye tub that can dye gargish stone armor?
[Mesanna]: hrm have you tried natural?
[Xinith]: I did
[Mesanna]: we can add it for a future gift suggestion
[Xinith]: Rather tie it into a current tub?
[Mesanna]: stone dye tub =)
[Mesanna]: and your second question?
[Xinith]: But your suggestion does transition into my next question
[Xinith]: I don’t mean to be mean by asking this, but could we get some kinda mentality for choosing where a
[Xinith]: a new item would go, which regards to being on the store, a vet reward, or other in game
[Xinith]: method
[Xinith]: For example, that stone dye tub you mentioned;
[Xinith]: what would drive towards a vet reward as opposed to an ingame store
[Mesanna]: you want an honest answer?
[Xinith]: or even as an item availavble through in game events
[Xinith]: honesty is always nice
[Mesanna]: After all this time we sit down as a team and come up with ideas
[Mesanna]: we read the forums and listen to your ideas
[Xinith]: Makes sense. Time costs money
[Mesanna]: and we pick where they best fit
[Xinith]: I can see that.
[Xinith]: Would it be possible to get some player input into those decisions somehow?
[Xinith]: Or even rough feelings?
[Mesanna]: as to what yes
[Mesanna]: where no
[Xinith]: ok
[Xinith]: Thank you for your time, have a good evening.
[Ri’kadn]: hello!
[Mesanna]: greetings
[Ri’kadn]: a question regarding mannequins
[Ri’kadn]: currently you can swap what you are wearing
[Ri’kadn]: is there a way they can just put what is on them into your bag?
[Mesanna]: that is a simple task
[Ri’kadn]: it would be amazing for when switching to luck suit, but dont always want to carry both
[Mesanna]: you want to be able to undress it into a bag right?
[Ri’kadn]: yes
[Ri’kadn]: even if its just my main bag
[Mesanna]: it is doable
[Mesanna]: per Bleak
[Ri’kadn]: i pray to bleak every night
[Ri’kadn]: =D
[Mesanna]: —>
[Ri’kadn]: another question if i may
[Mesanna]: no
[Mesanna]: not after that last statement
[Mesanna]: lol
[Ri’kadn]: 🙁
[Ri’kadn]: i pray to all our lords
[Ri’kadn]: equally
[Mesanna]: What is your question I was kidding
[Ri’kadn]: would it be possible for
[Ri’kadn]: pet balancing to be looked at in the future
[Ri’kadn]: to give some life to lesser ones
[Ri’kadn]: there isnt much specialization currently
[Ri’kadn]: with cu and triton being pretty much king
[Ri’kadn]: for example if certain types of pets could go slightly higher in resists, or skills
[Ri’kadn]: than a cu or triton
[Mesanna]: That is not a small task
[Ri’kadn]: i agree, im patient =D
[Mesanna]: and I have to be honest it is not one we have time to undertake right now
[Mesanna]: we are working on developing NLS
[Mesanna]: and until we have completed that we will not be taking on large tasks like that
[Ri’kadn]: is there any chance of outsourcing some of the workload to volunteers?
[Mesanna]: no
[Mesanna]: sorry
[Ri’kadn]: last question i promise lol< easy one
[Ri’kadn]: there is a player named 12825861 “Discount” in global chat
[Ri’kadn]: can you smite him before us for spamming that site?
[Mesanna]: lol
[Ri’kadn]: it would give us all so much joy
[Mesanna]: I can’t do that but nice try =)
[Ri’kadn]: you cant publicly execute a criminal?
[Ri’kadn]: is there a higher court in the land?
[Mesanna]: nope I am it here
[Mesanna]: but we have rules and guidelines also
[Mesanna]: besides
[Mesanna]: just because you have power does not mean you need to use it
[Ri’kadn]: is there any chance of being able to purchase game time from the store for gold?
[Ri’kadn]: as a gold sink?
[Mesanna]: no
[Ri’kadn]: okay 🙂 thank you for your time!
[Mesanna]: for in game gold no sorry
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: have a good evening’
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Mylene]: Hail, dread ones
[Kyronix]: Hello!
[Mesanna]: *evil grin*
[Mylene]: I have a question that relates to both NL and yearly events.
[Mylene]: could you look at, in doing NL, with a different transport mechanism for the Skara ferry that isn’t blocked by travel restrictio
[Mylene]: like what occurs with the KRampus event
[Mylene]: I currently leave
[Mylene]: my brit boat as a bridge expedient but not every shard has that luxury
[Mylene]: if it worked on NL you could port it to prod shards later
[Kyronix]: As we talked about in the last hangout transportation in NLS is going to work differently
[Kyronix]: Are you talking about trade deal runs?
[Mylene]: trade deal runs and how they interfere with skara ferry ops
[Mylene]: you have to cross by real boat
[Kyronix]: Right
[Kyronix]: that’s the intent
[Kyronix]: the ferry is technically magical
[Kyronix]: despite the fact it’s themed as a boat
[Kyronix]: it’s not a boat
[Kyronix]: it’s a teleporter
[Mylene]: which is why as a convenience for my friends I park a brit boat at the ferry
[Kyronix]: Tally ho!
[Mylene]: you can cross using the one ship without it moving
[Mylene]: I am a considerate governor for my citizens doing trade runs there
[Mesanna]: anything else?
[Mylene]: That should be it.
[Mylene]: Have a good evening
[Mesanna]: you also
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Dude II]: Greetings
[Dude II]: Could you disclose to us the order in the items for the next few months will be released in the uo store?
[Dude II]: (that was an terrible sentence)
[Mesanna]: we do not usually release what the items are until we are able to put them on tc1
[Dude II]: I mean when the pet castle will come out and the helm transmog
[Mesanna]: the newsletter has alot of them
[Mesanna]: have you looked at it
[Dude II]: Last one yes
[Mesanna]: we can not say yes we will have this on this month
[Dude II]: Or when the next black market items will be released (the shield and orchids)
[Mesanna]: and then we need to change up
[Mesanna]: if you had already stated x was going to be in a certain month we could not change
[Mesanna]: so no we give a few months advanced notice
[Mesanna]: but not further out than that for that reason
[Dude II]: Have a good evening
[Mesanna]: You also
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Gwyn]: greetings
[Gwyn]: I am really into deco and I enjoy the range of flowers
[Gwyn]: you have made available to us with the wheelbarrows.
[Gwyn]: The problem is the only dyes we can use are the natural dyes
[Gwyn]: Unfortunately, the natural dyes tend to look washed out, particularly the red
[Gwyn]: Is there any way we could enhance the hues that are available to us?
[Gwyn]: Or get some more vibrant colors
[Mesanna]: we can look at it for a future task
[Mesanna]: but right now I can not promise when
[Gwyn]: I understand
[Mesanna]: but they are a soft pastel color
[Gwyn]: It would be nice if we could use some of the dyes already in game
[Mesanna]: anything else
[Gwyn]: red flowers in nature tend to be vibrandt
[Gwyn]: No, that is it
[Gwyn]: thank you
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: have a great evening
[Mesanna]: thank you for having us tonight Lake Austin
[Kyronix]: Thank you Lake Austin!
[Mesanna]: Have a great evening