[Mesanna]: shall we begin
[Mesanna]: good morning
[Kyronix ]: Hello!
[Cinderella]: i was wanting to know when the next publish will be on TC
[Mesanna]: are you looking for something specific?
[Cinderella]: holiday content
[Mesanna]: it has already been there
[Cinderella]: i like to test stuff
[Mesanna]: probably back in July and forward we released it
[Cinderella]: oh ok
[Cinderella]: looking forward to Treasures of Deceit
[Mesanna]: check out the newsletters for what is being given and when
[Cinderella]: loved testing it
[Cinderella]: thanks for all the hard work you alll do
[Cinderella]: have a great day
[Mesanna]: glad you are enjoying it
[Mesanna]: any other questions?
[Mesanna]: good morning
[A Unicorn]: hello
[A Unicorn]: i know your busy but are we getting a house contest on test this year?
[A Unicorn]: for keeps and castle
[Mesanna]: not at this time, we are working hard on other tasks
[Mesanna]: We will look at starting those back up next year
[A Unicorn]: great
[A Unicorn]: thanks for all your hard work and uo
[Mesanna]: gives you time to practice =)
[A Unicorn]: enjoy
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: Fortunate do you want to sign up
[Mesanna]: and ask a question
[Mesanna]: good morning
[of Snow]: hello!
[of Snow]: when “tresure of deceit”start?
[of Snow]: not today?
[Mesanna]: this week
[of Snow]: oh
[of Snow]: good!
[of Snow]: thank you!
[Mesanna]: welcome
[Mesanna]: morning
[Fortunata]: theelusive mysterious cube is a drop that seems to only go to particapants at start of event
[Mesanna]: we are aware of it
[Mesanna]: this is running a full month so we are looking into it
[Fortunata]: noever got the rebpilcas
[Fortunata]: okay good to know you are inot i!’
[Fortunata]: thank you
[Mesanna]: welcome
[Fortunata]: also for those who lost their shard bound turnin for the presente Juia quest, what can be done for them?
[Fortunata]: they are not able to compleate the qyest ever?
[Mesanna]: we are not going to go thru and replacei tems
[Fortunata]: okay
[Mesanna]: how did you lose it
[Fortunata]: we will have to as a community give some of them a rune
[Fortunata]: thanks
[Fortunata]: good day
[Mesanna]: good day
[Fortunata]: i didn’t
[Mesanna]: ahh
[Fortunata]: others have died and lost te item
[Mesanna]: insureance works on quest items
[Mesanna]: safe way to keep these items until turn in
[Mesanna]: most welcome
[Mesanna]: good morning
[Mesanna]: no we are not putting up gates
[Mesanna]: if it was a short lived event maybe
[Mesanna]: any other questions
[Mesanna]: good morning

{Missed Question}

[Mesanna]: yes
[Care Bears Rulez]: WONDERFUL
[Mesanna]: why are you yelling?
[Care Bears Rulez]: I CAN SEE BETTER
[Mesanna]: ahh
[Mesanna]: we love halloween
[Care Bears Rulez]: AGREE
[Mesanna]: most welcome
[Mesanna]: Ok everyone thank you for having us this morning
[Mesanna]: we have lots of things coming so watch uo.com and the newsletter
[Mesanna]: Have a wonderful day
[Kyronix ]: Thanks for coming!
[Bleak]: Thanks everyone!